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Li Wei traveled to another world with the title attribute panel and became the son of a country farmer.

“My dream is to plant the most fertile fields, live in the most luxurious manor, and have the most prosperous territory!”

“…By the way, push down that tower again.”

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Short Title:KDTT
Alternate Title:推掉那座塔
Author:Charge Flaming Pig
Weekly Rank:#307
Monthly Rank:#399
All Time Rank:#494
Tags:Accelerated Growth, Adventurers, Calm Protagonist, Cheat, Clan Building, Clever Protagonist, eastern fantasy, Elemental Magic, Extraordinary, Familial Love, Family, Fantasy Creatures, Fantasy Magic, Fantasy World, Farming, Fast Cultivation, Kingdom Building, Kingdoms Knights, Knights, Level System, Loyal Subordinates, Magic, Male Protagonist, Monster Tamer, Nobles, Politics, Time Skip, Transmigration, Weak to Strong, Western Fantasy,
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93 Comments on “Knock Down That Tower
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  1. I think the ending is too shortttt i mean it is great but when he became 10quarter thats it i though there will be more another worlder that will invade them i think the ending is just u know one story and thats its rrally great tho its a pity that it ended too fast 9.8/10

  2. I really do like this story but the MC is not doing his best to take advantage of his system. When he is stuck on intermediate great knight, it is the best time to level up his fire mage ability to at least 3-quarters. It should not be too difficult since it relies on intelligence stat. And by leveling it up, he can get extra attribute points for intelligence to help his knight rank up, but he just wastes an entire year of doing nothing. He also keeps on partnering hanged man with the knight which uses two different stats with constitution for the hanged man and intelligence for the knight. It is much more eaiser to partner two different classes that relies on the same stats such as mage and knight but authors keeps on ignoring it.

  3. This 4-5/10 for me with 10 being a perfect novel. The premise is quite novel and interesting (the title system). The MC is kinda retarded but the author is to blame as he is the retarded one. You can't write a smarter character than the author is. The author never bothered to Google for 5 minutes anything "smart" he tried to bring up. For example rabies don't work like how the author mentioned. No, no amount of lotion will help you against them. Rabies infected animals are pretty easy to distinguish. Infected wounds don't work like that. The infection you spot is basically dead or rotting or both cells. It can't magically return to normal just because you slapped some lotion on it. You have to at least cut the infected flesh and cauterize the wound. For some reason author brought up anti aging factors at how to grow a certain medicinal plant. What do anti factors have to do with the plant growing or not. If he kept the rest of the method he used and just didn't mention the whole anti aging factors it would be fine. It is quite alarming how the MC doesn't try to capitalize on his system. Your system rewards you for trying out various professions. You better do so. I recently saw him participating on a naval battle and I must say the author failed again. Although the MC has 4 times the eyesight of a normal human , his capabilities are kinda exaggerated. To give you some perspective if a normal human can spot a ship 2 miles away then the MC can spot it 8 miles away. That is spotting, meaning recognizing there is a ship somewhere over there. The whole being able to see the ship in details before a junior squire can spot a ship is quite bullshit. Moreover ships don't move like cars. The pirate leaders decision to turn around was dumb. He should have just sped by the MC. From what I saw there were no cannons involved. Old classic boarding the other to fight. If he just sped by , they could have escaped. To better understand this velocity on a 2d scale , always comes in two parts. You never have only one velocity. You have one velocity on the horizontal axis and one on the vertical axis. This is the reason why trying to turn a ship fast is impossible on traditional boats. On those boats your one velocity is usually way greater than the other (the one parallel to your ship). Unless the wind is to your side or if you are using paddles and you are almost immobile you ain't gonna turn fast. You are also gonna lose speed fast. So it is better to breeze by and make a slower turn without losing that much speed. It is like the author is a medieval peasant who learned of some buzz words and their very basic meaning and tried to write a novel. Totally a let down.

  4. I've only read until chapter 50, and I feel attracted to the story of this novel. I think this novel is almost the same as the game The Guild because it is very thick clan building elements. I will comment again when I read this novel until it's finished and give some reviews

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