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Kiss Husband: Sweet Wife Is a Little Crisp

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“Husband, your wife has lost, worth tens of billions, do you still want it?”

“Don’t want… didn’t you say that you will support me? So I transferred all the assets to your name.”

Before she was born again, she ‘a blind toss away’, and was killed by her praising agent; after rebirth, she deeply realized that the biggest advantage of being blind was: being able to tease the arrogant husband at any time and any place, plus a sign for Mengbao Express.

Monk baby havoc! ! !

In the past life, she loved others, was tempted, and wanted to have a divorce agreement with him.

This world… “Sorry, the national husband is mine, the money is mine, the monk baby is mine, you want us to divorce? Go ask my mother-in-law for the answer.”

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Short Title:
Alternate Title:吻安老公:甜妻有点酥
Weekly Rank:#1109
Monthly Rank:#3711
All Time Rank:#1250
Tags:Arranged Marriage, Blind Protagonist, Childcare, Cold Love Interests, Cute Children, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Modern Day, Second Chance, Showbiz,
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15 Comments on “Kiss Husband: Sweet Wife Is a Little Crisp
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  1. Whats traslate name FL is coffin O.o I think he should try harder with the translation for a little and not call it corpse it is uncomfortable to read more in spanish

  2. Yeah, the ending... Ugh... I really want to know more about what happens to side characters and lingbi child. Like can't they just make a 'time skip' chapter when the baby born, or the story about her sister pregnancy, or any other side character, and don't forget lingbi father who say will comeback after a year... :((

  3. Wow I'm not gonna continue to read this after I saw ur comment. I really hate it if the protagonist having amnesia ... U will know why after reading a bunch of those sadomasochistic novels.

  4. You can say that again! Amnesia is the worst and it freaking sucks when the MC or ML marry /get together with other people after losing their memories. I really can't read a book with amnesia.

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