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Journey To the West: Help Styx Strengthen the Abi Sword at the Start

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Ye Fan traveled through the prehistoric world, activated the infinite strengthening system, and started the infinite nightmare of the power of the heavens.

Tathagata: “Go west? Will there be any strengthening coming to the west?”

Master Tongtian: “This seat holds a +12 Immortal Sword Formation. I think Dao Ancestor today dare not trap me!”

Jade Emperor: “Come on, I can continue to strengthen!”

The heavenly celestial immortals: “Your Majesty, this is the High Heaven Palace, so I can’t use it! Three Realms Power: I promise, this is the last time! As long as you issue a +6, I will stop immediately!”

Dao Zu Hongjun: “Betting on dogs…

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Alternate Title:西游:开局帮冥河强化阿鼻剑
Author:Uphill but not downhill
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Monthly Rank:#5301
All Time Rank:#5772
Tags:Cultivation, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Male Protagonist, Store Owner, System,
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18 Comments on “Journey To the West: Help Styx Strengthen the Abi Sword at the Start
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  1. I laugh so hard when someone rated this 5 star and said, "super unique" lol. He/she clearly didn't read the title very well lol. It was a fanfic of journey to the west for fck's sake hahahaahahahah I say this is just a mashup jumbled stirred shit idea that comes from multiple novels out there lol

  2. https://m.soshuwu.org/XiYouKaiJuBangMingHeQiangHuaABiJian/ if have any prblem with translation you can read from this,though it is chinese written if you have a trandlator then there eill be no problem

  3. So journey to the west is after hong huang period(prehistoric), Story starts with people receiving invitations to strengthen their weapons / items. So the user of item must sacrifice their cultivation years to strengthen the items and then they make a comeback in the prehistoric world, that’s the storyline basically. People upgrade weapon then fight others, MC benefits and repeat. Hmm don’t think I’ve seen a better prehistoric novel after spiritual attainment of minghe 😓

  4. I was facing tribulation few days ago And i failed.. this is why maybe i am very not understand ing this novel especially the shit novel

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