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Copywriting one:
Sake rescued a young girl from the stable. This young girl was a stubborn temper and must follow them. Sake stayed with her and watched her grow day by day, and finally found that the rock was not stone, but jade.
Sake: I got a seed today, buried it in the soil, watered it day and night, and took good care of it. Will it bloom beautiful flowers next year?

Yu’er was pulled in despair. The arrival of sake was the first light projected towards her in the darkness, and she has stayed beside her since then, even if she is a flower in a mirror and a moon in the water, as long as she can get closer, it is good.
Yu’er: I stayed in my heart for a round of bright moon today. I kept running day and night, chasing after her. Can I be closer to her next year?

Copywriter 2:
Suddenly a group of people appeared on the rivers and lakes, named Beidou, both righteous and evil, mysterious and unpredictable. Only seven people took possession of the cottage of thousands of brothers who occupied the natural dangers and gained fame from then on.
People in the arena said that these seven people:
Si Ming Xing Jun Bu Dao Zi
Blood is not stained, light scout
Both acupuncture and medicine are unparalleled
Bu Wuyi Hexagram Knows Machines and Divine Calculations
Merry gifted person treading snow without trace
Qingtian Iron Pestle Angry King Kong
‘Tiger Beard’
The famous saying in the arena says: “The ten Yamas of Ning play the prefecture, don’t provoke the Seven Star Monarchs of the human world.”
The owner of Yanyulou Shao said: “If you don’t come out, you will be over, if you don’t come out, you will be higher than the sky. If you don’t sound, you will end up.”

Main cp: black-bellied fox × iceberg of stubborn cattle
Usage guide
1. Slow feelings! ! ! ! ! !
2. The protagonist grows slowly, his temper is soft and then cold
3. Overhead
4. There is abuse, he
5. Bib ID: Eight Crows (Wan Nian Diving)

Content tag: jianghu grievances special fondness for encounters by fate The proud son of heaven
Search keywords: protagonist: Jun Ruoyu, sake ┃ Supporting role: disgusted, don’t ask, Hualien, Tang Linzhi, Qi Tianzhu ┃ Others: Which one is strong in demolition technology?

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Short Title:JDT
Alternate Title:江湖拆迁队
Author:Sun Bacteria
Weekly Rank:#8845
Monthly Rank:#9674
All Time Rank:#9969
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  1. :d can anyone simplify the synopsis? I understand (?) The first part, but don't understand the second part. Sorry English isn't my first language

  2. (Qingjiu is Sake in MTL) Text one.   Qing Jiu saved a young girl in the stable, who was stubborn and determined to follow them. She kept her and watched her grow day by day, eventually discovering that the stubborn stone was not stone, but jade.   Qing Jiu: If you get a seed today, bury it in the soil, water it day and night, and take good care of it, it will bloom into a beautiful flower next year.   Yu'er was pulled out of despair. The arrival of Qing Jiu is the first light cast towards her in the darkness, since then stay by her side, even if she is a flower in the mirror, the moon in the water, as long as you can get a little closer, it is also good.   Yu'er: today a round of bright moon moved into my heart. Non-stop, day and night, to catch up with her, the next year can I be closer to her. Text two. Suddenly there is a group of people in the jianghu, called themselves the Hokuto, and they are both good and evil, mysterious and unpredictable. Only seven people, ended up occupying the heavenly danger, thousands of brothers of the mountain fortress, from then on the fame. Jiang Hu people call these seven people: The Star of Destiny, Buddha Daozi The blood does not stain the clothes light scout Needle medicine two excellent medical matchless divination and fortune-teller The genius of the wind and the snow The mortar and pestle of the sky Jianghu quotations: "I would rather play the ten hells, not to mess with the seven stars of the human world." The young master of the Smoke and Rain Tower criticized: "Unless they don't fly, once they fly they will direct into the sky. Unless they don't show, once they show they will shock everyone."

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