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I’ve Possessed the Demon Sovereign’s Body

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Novel Summary

Chen Luoyang felt that something was wrong with his transmigration. After transmigrating, he possessed the body of the highest expert in the world, the Master of the Demon Cult, addressed respectfully as the Demon Sovereign.

Generally, aren’t supreme experts the ones that leave behind a wisp of their soul behind and occupy a new body of some miserable low-level youngster then they go on a journey of revenge and make a comeback?!

Or perhaps it would be transmigrating into a miserable youngster’s body and obtaining a cheat slowly walking the road to becoming a God?

But why did his transmigration seem wrong?

Now my environment is full of big shots and I feel like I’m going to be exposed!

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Short Title:
Original Title:我夺舍了魔皇
Author:August Eagle
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Martial Arts, Xianxia
Weekly Rank:#1956
Monthly Rank:#2184
All Time Rank:#2145
Tags:Alchemy, Artifact Crafting, Artifacts, Body Tempering, Buddhism, Calm Protagonist, Cultivation, Cunning Protagonist, Dao Comprehension, Demon Lord, Demons, Famous Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Loyal Subordinates, Lucky Protagonist, Magic Formations, Male Protagonist, Manipulative Characters, Misunderstandings, Overpowered Protagonist, Parody, Politics, Proactive Protagonist, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Schemes And Conspiracies, Strong to Stronger, Transmigration, Unique Weapons, Wars, Wealthy Characters,

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