"Wake up?"

"Yeah, yeah." Liu Yingxin's face was flushed, thinking of the crazy incident that happened last night, she couldn't help but banged the deer, avoided her direct gaze, and buried her in her arms.

Shan Yujin looked at her a little funny, and said softly: "What's shy, it's not that it hasn't happened!" I have been an old husband and wife for ten years. After every time, Liu Yingxin's complexion is flushed and she looks charming and charming. Beauty gesture.

Liu Yingxin curled her lips and snorted softly: "If you didn't like me who is shy and shy, I wouldn't be ashamed to show you, who do you think I am for?"

Shan Yujin couldn't help being laughed. She was obviously shy, but she would still make excuses, which was really helpless. However, she likes her like this, cute and charming.

Ten years have passed. After rebirth, Liu Yingxin and Shan Yujin lived happily. They stayed together like glue and paint and didn't feel tired. Although they sometimes quarrel, they can recover after a short while. The relationship is on the contrary. better.

The place where Liu Yingxin and Shan Yujin were reborn was the modern cultivation world. They became children of a family of cultivation, and their parents had a good relationship. Ten years ago, after they returned to reality, apart from practicing, they were playing, seeing scenery around the world, and sometimes traveling to other worlds to see their babies, or go to the realm of comprehension to get insights. Anyway, every day. Feeling very busy.

Of course, it’s going to be tiring one day to keep adventurous, so they went home three years ago, cheated with their parents, and lived in a small villa. They would work like ordinary people during the day and work like ordinary people at night. Perform double repairs. After such a long time, their parents naturally agreed with them. After all, their strength was too high for the family to manage.

And in order to make the relationship between the two families closer, the family also helped them hold a wedding, and the wedding time was last night, and the two brides walked into the bridal chamber together.

"Yujin, you said my body can't be infertile, right?" Liu Yingxin nestled in her arms, drawing circles on her belly with her little hand, and said with a dull face, "I have been in my belly for so many years. There was no movement at all, I wanted to have a cute baby!"

"Shuangxiu can't get pregnant, so don't worry, your belly will definitely get bigger in a few months." Shan Yujin looked confident, as if there really is something like that.

"Don't lie to me!" Liu Yingxin curled her lips, "I'm really looking forward to it. If I don't have me, I will ignore you!"

"This is a bit too much!" Shan Yujin was depressed, "Hundred Secrets are always sparse. Who knows what will happen in the future!"

"Hundreds of secrets will eventually be sparse!" Liu Yingxin's face was hot, and she quickly got up and rushed to her side, humming, "In order not to sparse the 100s, let's continue."

Shan Yujin was a little bit dumbfounded, but how could she not have the Chinese cabbage delivered to her door? Until she made her drowsy, she let her go, pulled her up, gently changed her clothes, and came to the hall holding her still flushed.

At this time, the two mothers in the hall are here, making lunch for them! Looking at Shan Yujin, who was holding Liu Yingxin out indifferently, she quickly asked, "What's the matter, are you sick?"

Liu Yingxin's face turned even more red, and she wanted to get into the ground and escape, but she didn't have the strength to bite Shan Yujin's shoulder hard and let her hug herself back. Shan Yujin was actually a bit embarrassed, she didn't expect her mother. They hadn't left yet, so they could only reply: "Well, I have a little fever." After speaking, they took Liu Yingxin back to the room, while they went out to get food.

The two mothers paused slightly, and suddenly their faces blushed, feeling that the young people are good, they are alive and well, but it is a pity that they are all girls and it is impossible to give birth to a baby.

Shan Yujin moved the food to the room and found that Liu Yingxin was stuffed in the quilt. Only a pair of round and white calves were exposed. She put the food on the bedside table, grabbed her two calves with both hands, and warned: "Don't you Come out, I'm going to scratch the soles of your feet!"

Liu Yingxin shook her body, showing her head fearfully, and said grievously: "What attitude do you have? People are bullying people like this!"

Seeing Liu Yingxin's pear raining expression, Shan Yujin also felt a little pain, and quickly helped her up, a little guilty: "I'm sorry, I don't know the mothers are still outside!"

Liu Yingxin bulged her cheeks, her face was dull and she pulled her to the bed, and said with a flat mouth: "This way, how do you let me face them in the future!" When she thought of her mothers looking at her with playful eyes, her body began to tremble. I dare not face it. You know, moms in this world are that kind of strange existence, and they are all black when cut out.

Liu Yingxin was a little scared.

"Don't worry, when you give birth to a cute baby, they will naturally turn their attention to the baby." Shan Yujin clipped her processed crabmeat, but who knew Liu Yingxin didn't open her mouth and hummed:" Don’t eat! I don’t want to eat! Anyway, I am a cultivator, and it doesn’t really matter if I don’t eat for ten and a half months!"

"That won't work!" Shan Yujin became serious, "Since you are living the life of an ordinary person, you have to eat, and you are pregnant with a baby, so you can definitely not only rely on aura to sustain your life!"

"I don't want it!"

Shan Yujin looked at her holding her breasts, a little helpless. She feels that Liu Yingxin is getting younger and younger, and she has been around for nearly a hundred years in terms of age, but her body is young and beautiful! But now, I still play a child's temper, which is really loving and helpless. She immediately stood up and said, "If you don't eat, then I'm not welcome. When I finish eating, I will continue."

Liu Yingxin's face blushed, and she stared at her in shame: "Dare you!"

"Of course I dare not!" Shan Yujin looked at her with a puffed face, warm in her heart, and quickly rushed to apologize with comfort, "I'm sorry, I was wrong! During this time, you will stay in the house and have a good rest. Rest, wait until you feel almost done, then come out again."

Liu Yingxin's face eased a little, but she was still a little suspicious: "Stay in the house, is it convenient for you to do strange things?"

"I don't know about that!" Shan Yujin said solemnly, "If you want to be pregnant, there are some things you must do."

Liu Yingxin's small face is pink and pink, knowing that she is doomed to escape, and she curled her lips and said, "Hurry up and feed me!"

"Yes, my princess." Shan Yujin asked with a respectful look, "Your Majesty, obviously we have so many babies. Now it's good for them to spend a honeymoon together, but why do we have to give birth? "

"That's different!" Liu Yingxin's eyes softened, "Although the two are nice together again, relaxed and happy, but with a child, I believe that our relationship will be better, after all, it is the crystallization of our love." Living the life of an ordinary person, Liu Yingxin will of course follow the route of an ordinary person, conceiving and having a baby. In fact, if you can’t give birth, it doesn’t matter. If you really like a child, you should adopt one. That is also your own baby. But since Shan Yujin has the ability to make her pregnant, of course she doesn’t need to have a baby. .

"I think even if we don't have a baby, the relationship won't change. It's good to be like this all the time." Shan Yujin felt sorry for her when she was pregnant. She was still fresh in her memory when she was the president of the world.

Liu Yingxin ate her food and said in a muffled voice: "Actually, I only wanted to get pregnant again after seeing us happy in other worlds and lead an ordinary life." Liu Yingxin's eyes were full of longing, and she was once in the world. When doing tasks, she has such a desire to live happily and happily in her family. So when she was playing in those worlds, she remembered her own wish, so she wanted to implement it, and for this wish, it didn't matter if she suffered a little bit.

After listening to her explanation, Shan Yujin understood her true intentions, and was moved in her heart so that she could rush her again.

Sure enough, Liu Yingxin was really pregnant shortly afterwards, which made the whole family happy. Although she didn't understand what happened, she understood the reason after Shan Yujin's nonsense explanation. In short, Liu Yingxin's belly is getting bigger, and it is inconvenient to do anything. But fortunately, Shan Yujin has been taking care of her and pampering her.

A few months later, Liu Yingxin successfully gave birth to a pair of lovely twin sisters, named Yuxin and Jinying. Since then, the daily life of raising children has come.

Liu Yingxin and Shan Yujin decided that when their children grow up, they will leave the modern world and go to Xiuzhenli to play and practice. When they are tired, they will live in seclusion and become ordinary people. If they are still in the mood at that time, they will give birth to a baby again. , And this time Shan Yujin decided to make herself pregnant because they discovered that pregnancy is actually related to cultivation. The higher the level, the help of physique is unnecessary.

So Shan Yujin can also be pregnant.

However, Liu Yingxin refused. Because pregnancy was uncomfortable, she had experience and it was good, but Shan Yujin did not, so she was reluctant to let Shan Yujin suffer. If she really needed it, she could only do it herself.

What she wants now is for Shan Yujin to be nice to her, or to lie down obediently and let her attack once, it's that simple.

When ordinary people naturally have the benefits of ordinary people, when Liu Yingxin wakes up, she sees Shan Yujin and two sleeping babies with warm smiles on her lips. She goes out to cook and waits for their awakening. , Go to school to work.

The long lifespan allows them to see a lot of things, and therefore, for the sake of their emotions, they are also trying to maintain the taste of first love, and their relationship is getting better and better. Sometimes they leave the original world and use the space-time shuttle to play in various book worlds. No, they have come to a world with advanced technology. Mechas and holography have been successfully completed. In addition to going to the interstellar to see the universe, they will also play the so-called holography.

No, Liu Yingxin is addicted to online games.

She registered an account, named Baby Xiner, and became a super cute girl. She played with Shan Yujin, who was also addicted to games, and kept her childlike innocence until one day they met a cold boy named Xiangning. Girl, and there are systems on her body.

Although it is not the Lily God system, there seems to be a connection, and they are also asked if they want to restart the mission. Now many worlds are in crisis, it can introduce the system. The two refused without thinking, because they are now very happy, or addicted to online games, maybe one day they will do something when they are bored!

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