Liu Yingxin raised her hand to caress the delicate beauty of the beauty, and raised her lips slightly and said: "Since you brought it to the door by yourself, then I'm not welcome." Tonight was originally a day of celebration, and everyone was happy. Relax, so she has time to do certain bad things, plus Xuan Yu went to Zixuan by accident, so it can be said that it is really a good opportunity given by God.

"Huh!" Shan Yujin slept soundly, and seemed completely unaware of the fact that she was going to be eaten.

"Come and come, you have to take a shower first!" Liu Yingxin got up and went to the bathroom to put the supernatural water in the bathroom. Then she came back and hooked her large white legs, and a princess hugged it into the bathroom. In order to enjoy the beauty, she has to wash her well, at least make it fragrant.

In this way, she did earth-shattering things in the bathroom, and then directly omitted thousands of words, then took her back to the big bed and began to taste it slowly. Originally, she thought she could attack all the time, but Shan Yujin woke up soon after returning to the room.

At this time, Shan Yujin's charming eyes are like silky charm, her cheeks are flush and charming, and her long and snowy legs are laid out helplessly. The slender hands grasping her delicate arms make people unable to move like pliers. Suddenly she With just a handful of petite Liu Yingxin, she pulled it into her arms, then gently squeezed out a faint fragrance, and smiled softly: "Little villain, since you dare to take advantage of others!"

Liu Yingxin blinked her big eyes: "You, how did you wake up?" She was a little nervous and scared. Shan Yujin in this posture seemed a bit scary, and she would definitely be eaten by her later. This is not okay, she has to attack.

"What do you mean?" Shan Yujin looked at her with lovely eyes, "People are sleeping well, but you are tossing here, why don't you wake them up?"

"I just took a shower for you. I didn't do anything." Liu Yingxin raised her small hand and swears, but her gaze has been staring at her, swallowing hard, her eyes are full of alluring dark eyes. The drunk Shan Yujin was more charming than expected, and Liu Yingxin couldn't hold it.

"Really, then I will help you too!" Shan Yujin slightly raised the corners of her lips, and pressed her under her body forcefully, and came to a private Xiaoxian base to omit the description of thousands of words. In short, the wind and rain are very strong.


The base is the most important place in the end times. After the third month of the end of the world, Liu Yingxin’s hope base was finally successfully constructed, and the number of people has reached more than 200,000. This base was rebuilt in the original city b. Although the city walls are not solid, they are rich in material, and there are many powerful abilities. More importantly, the zombies in the base have been cleared and cleaned. Said it is very safe.

No, it was announced yesterday that the base was successfully established. Today, before dawn, a lot of vehicles were coming. It should be from the city or village closest to the hope base, and more and more.

Therefore, the guards who performed the night shift began to get busy. They obviously didn't attend the celebration banquet last night, and now they have to continue working all night. It can be said to be really hard work. Compared with the little guards, Liu Yingxin and Shan Yujin, who are the leaders, are different. They have just slept.

The next day, people were busy.

In Zixuan's room, the little girl Xuan Yu was wearing shoes, sorting her schoolbags and planning to go home. She raised her little hand and shouted at Zi Xuan who was applying makeup, "Sister Zi Xuan, I'm going back!"

As the female partner in the original work, Zi Xuan's appearance is certainly not bad, coupled with the evolution after the awakening ability, looks more beautiful and dazzling, so her makeup does not need to be too troublesome, and it is simply over. Suddenly, when the little girl said she was going home, she was so scared that she yelled, "No!"

The little girl was suddenly stopped, showing a dazed expression: "Why? Not seeing my mother early in the morning will make my mother worry."

Zi Xuan squatted beside her, holding her two cute little hands, with a gentle smile on his face, said: "Your mother has woken up a long time ago. If you look for something she can't see, she has already gone to work! "

"Then I will go home and put my backpack!"

"Leave the backpack here for my sister first, and we have to study tomorrow night." Zi Xuan gently unbuttoned her backpack, touched her little head and smiled, "Wait for me, let's go out for breakfast together."

"Well, sister." The little girl didn't doubt it.

However, Xuanyu followed Zixuan to eat, and saw that many people did not wake up, especially her mothers, so she believed that the mothers had woken up and started to work in the dark. She felt distressed and wanted to keep the chicken legs for them, but Zi Xuan fooled her to eat them.

Time flies by, and in a blink of an eye it is ten thirty in the morning. At this time, even the kitchen has already prepared lunch, but Liu Yingxin is still asleep, and the room is beautiful.

With a slight movement, Shan Yujin opened her eyes first. The first thing she saw was the ceiling, followed by the strange smell and the intoxicating floral scent. She knew that the floral scent came from the beauty beside her, which was intoxicating. The taste, the kind of taste she likes very much.

Liu Yingxin thinks she is very beautiful...actually otherwise, she personally thinks that Liu Yingxin is more beautiful and cute than her. She is obviously a mother-level character, but she is still lively and cute like a girl. She is often naughty and seduces her, which makes her bite her teeth hatefully. No one knows how uncomfortable the feeling of wanting to eat but not being able to eat. So, when this kind of discomfort broke out, that was the most terrifying. It can be said that she was full last night.

Following the fragrance, Shan Yujin's eyes fell on the petite and exquisite girl next to her. She was covered with a quilt, covering most of her snow-white skin. Only a snow-white lotus root arm and graceful fragrant shoulder were exposed. That one was beautiful. Her long hair was scattered on the pillow, tangled with her own hair.

The distance between them is not too far, and you can put her upstairs in your arms as soon as you reach out.

Just do what you want, Shan Yujin immediately knotted against her back, hugged her waist, buried her face in her hair, and inhaled her unique body scent and intoxicating scent.

【Ding Dong】

[Hidden task executed successfully]

[The host has reached the perfect task]

Suddenly, the system's prompt sound rang in her mind, and when she listened, she suddenly shed tears, tears of joy and joy, which could not be stopped and made her cry.


[Congratulations to the host for completing the hidden task "Tear Down Liu Yingxin", scoring SS level, and rewarding 80 million points. 】

[Congratulations to the host for completing the hidden mission "Temptation", scoring SS level and rewarding 80 million points. 】

[Congratulations to the host for completing the hidden task "Satisfy Liu Yingxin", scoring SS level and rewarding 80 million points. 】

[The host hides the task evaluation s level, and the reward points are 50 million. 】

[2.44 billion + 290 million, the host gets a total of 2.73 billion points, and the remaining 730 million points can be gifted to the other party's system to help upgrade, and the host can leave the mission world and live a happy life. Are points awarded? 】

"Gift, give her points."

[The opponent's host has 1.42 billion points, with a total of 100 million+ points remaining. Please wait for the opponent's system to upgrade before you can leave this mission world. 】

Shan Yujin was ecstatic, but she quickly became puzzled, and silently exchanged thoughts: "Leave this world? But our main mission has not been completed. Once we leave, what should this world do?"

[After the overlord leaves, the new overlord will inherit your mission, pretending to be you, for the sake of everything in this world, and then forced to attack the other side until the other side likes the overlord. 】

"This, this?" Shan Yujin was dumbfounded when she heard it.

Sure enough, the Lily God system was really terrifying, and even using this method to forcibly perform system tasks, he began to silently mourn for the new host. In fact, back then, she also passed by like this, following the system's task strategy to be cute. Fortunately, her strategy mission started from the world of CEOs. I don't know what kind of person the host behind is.

Perhaps knowing what she was thinking, the system began to answer her: "The next host is a lovely and lively natural dull girl, just like you, a poor child from the world in the book... She will reincarnate without any memory. Rebirth and follow me to collect the soul fragments of her goddess. Her task is very difficult. Except for this world that takes over from you, other worlds have to travel to various worlds without the help of my system to capture their own goddess. , And live happily together. She will travel to become the heroine, and think that she is reborn, and then rush to the busy Raiders to be happy."

Shan Yujin was a little confused and asked, "Why is her task difficult?"

"Her goddess is stunned, so the task will of course be difficult." The system paused slightly, "but this world that replaces you is very simple, because the single dog will cooperate with me to help the soul fragment."

"This way!" Shan Yujin sighed, feeling very happy, at least carrying his memories to travel through, unlike Liu Yingxin or the new host, the memories are gone. However, she was silent just thinking about this.

In fact, doing tasks without memory crossing is more uncomfortable than having memory crossing tasks. At least they will not remember the past. Although sometimes it feels good, but the lover does not know what it feels like, how painful it is to imagine.

Therefore, she was envious of coming back.

In short, she has to get it back on her body.


When Liu Yingxin woke up, she was lying in someone's arms, feeling warm, soft and delicate, really comfortable. She resounded suddenly like that of last night, and her face flushed suddenly. Shan Yujin behind him is still making trouble, which makes people love and hate. She couldn't help but puffed up her small face and said dullly: "Early in the morning, do you hate you!"

Shan Yujin hugged her petite and soft body, showing a face of contentment and said: "Because Xin'er is so cute, I like it so much." She hugged her tightly.

Liu Yingxin's face blushed suddenly, and she struggled for a few times but it was useless: "You think I am cute, but I don't think you are cute, you let me go quickly, don't think that we happen, you can do whatever you want!"

"Someone is really talking about it, but secretly." Shan Yujin started tickling her. "You did something like that to me last night, and I have to hold you accountable!"

Upon hearing this, Liu Yingxin was almost depressed to death, but there was no way to refute it. After all, she was the first to post it, and it was indeed to blame her, there was no way. She was depressed, and finally started to make small moves. The detailed screenshots of the base were secret, and she was pressed under her body.

"You, what are you doing, early in the morning!" Liu Yingxin looked at her nervously.

"What do you mean?" Liu Yingxin curled her lips slightly, and began to omit hundreds of words for a while. Just after the end, Liu Yingxin heard the system's prompt, and at the same time, countless emotions began to drown her.


[Vicious female matching system successfully upgraded and evolved into the primary system of Lily God. All the tasks of the host are completed, the emotions of all the worlds are restored, and the memories of the martial arts world and the world of Mary Su are also returned. The host points are 2.1 billion in total, and you can buy the perfect The body returns to reality, please discuss with the cp, which type of world you want to go to, and which gold finger to get. 】

[World classification includes: 21st century, 20th century, future interstellar century, various ancient worlds, apocalyptic worlds, repair □□, modern repair □□, fantasy world, western fantasy world, prehistoric world, medieval fairy world...]

[Cheat classification: Combine the required display of the world. 】

[Question: Is it necessary to have the ability to give birth to women? 】

As soon as the system's voice fell, Liu Yingxin's tears flowed out unconsciously. She looked at Shan Yujin, who was holding her to comfort her, and smiled with tears. Then she rushed over and planned to counterattack, but there was no result. It succeeded, but their souls were completely blended together.

After another storm, Liu Yingxin lay in her arms and asked dullly: "Sister Yujin, what kind of world do you want to go to?"

Shan Yujin hugged her and groaned: "I originally wanted to return to the world of martial arts, but I don't want to return to the system after death to continue doing tasks or leave you forever, so I want to repair □ or modern repair □, I want to always Hug you."

"In that way, we can go to the world like the prehistoric, it must be fun." Liu Yingxin said.

Shan Yujin said: "However, the demand for gold fingers in the prehistoric world should be very high, and the characters are too powerful, so we still repair...It is safer, and we can go to higher plane worlds in the future, such as God Realm or Immortal world."

"That's good too. Let's go there." Liu Yingxin paused and said, "But I'm going to stay here for a month and a half and take good care of Xuanyu. What do you think?"

"Well, it's okay." Shan Yujin suddenly remembered something and suggested, "Xin'er, do we want to buy a space shuttle gold finger? When we are free, we can go to the world we used to visit and visit the people there. By the way Memories of Zeng Jin."

"Yes, but will it be too expensive?"

"It's not too expensive, just a little bit."

"Then we are like this."


After half a month, Liu Yingxin finally left.

[Choose the world: modern comprehension]

[Gold Finger: Quickly restore physical fitness, top female and female double cultivation techniques, top combined attack skills, mind reading, excalibur, aegis, time and space shuttle. 】

[Body: Perfect level! 】

[Age: 18 years old! 】

[The item is successfully redeemed and is being integrated, please wait! 】

[Successful integration, returning to reality...]

When Liu Yingxin opened her eyes, she saw the white ceiling. She got up and sat on the bed and looked at her hands. She found that she was very beautiful as long and delicate as green onions. She looked at the big bed next to her, and she was almost the same as her. Beauty in posture. Although they looked different, their eyes were exactly the same, and they looked at each other, and the two of them couldn't help laughing.

Their future is still very long.

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