However, after the male protagonist found out that he was not dead but gained a more powerful ability, he was very happy, and he began to show off in front of everyone with pride. He raised his hands and transported the hot fireball, and instantly, everyone was excited.

"Okay, awesome!"

"Yes, it's amazing!"

Zi Xuan frowned slightly and said, "Awesome is amazing... But can flames of this level really kill zombies? You know, zombies have only one weakness in their heads, so even if the zombies are burned, they can still move. When it comes time to carry flames and pounce on people, that will be the most terrifying."

Indeed, what she said was the truth. Even if the zombies suffer more damage, such as flames, etc., they can still walk around looking for prey. Even if the body is gone, it still has the desire to eat and can live for a period of time.

It can be said that the horror is abnormal.

At this time, the male protagonist's face suddenly flushed red, and he didn't know whether it was man-made influence or he was uncontrollable. His condition was not very good, and he seemed to be on the verge of exploding. Suddenly, he lost control, and the terrifying heat spread from his center, blasting all the people around him, and the flames began to spread, burning everything in the house, and at the same time, there were horrified shouts in the room.

Liu Yingxin was talking about a good life with Shan Yujin in the house, but she suddenly felt a strong heat overflow, she was so frightened that she quickly released her abilities and let the power of ice and snow flow. This relieved a fire.

She rushed outside angrily, and found that the male lead had become a **** coal again, and the people around her were more or less harmed. There was no way, she could only reprimand the male lead and entered the rescue state. But the male protagonist knew that he had done something wrong, and helped them organize the scene, so he began to ask them how to control the supernatural powers.

Liu Yingxin rolled her eyes and led him to fight the zombies outside, letting him fight with the zombies with real swords and guns. This is the best way to control the abilities. Sure enough, a week later, the hero's combat effectiveness has really improved dramatically. In the past few days, she and Shan Yujin have been outside to save people, wave after wave, and now the team has reached more than 500 people. Among them, there are still many supernatural beings.

Not only that, Liu Yingxin also blasted the heads of many zombies, took out the crystal cores from the zombies, and gifted them to the team to help them grow. Until now, unless it is those who are afraid of death and dare not go out to fight, they have already had a good combat effectiveness. Especially the second daughter Zixuan and the male lead Chen Zihao, Liu Yingxin found that they were really scary, and if given time, they might be able to surpass them.

Of course, in order not to be surpassed, Liu Yingxin also began to use crystal cores, leaving fewer and fewer teams, because the team can now fight zombies and obtain energy by themselves.

How to put it, it is said that the more people there are, the more difficult it will be to discipline. This is not to say that it is fake. The forest is big and all birds are in it. Some people still want to challenge the authority of Liu Yingxin and Shan Yujin, secretly. Prescribe medicine. Fortunately, Xuan Yu found an abnormality.

So in order to establish authority, Liu Yingxin directly led those people out and killed them forcefully in front of everyone, letting them know that Liu Yingxin is not kind and only saves people, and she will kill people too. For a while, everyone was silent. Some people think that these people are guilty of death. After all, even the savior wants to have evil intentions, and they really don't deserve to live in the world. Of course, some people are also scared. Originally thought Liu Yingxin and Shan Yujin looked like two women, harmless to humans and animals, and wanted to be active, but when they saw this gesture of killing people without blinking, they understood in their hearts. This is really the end of the world, not a joke.

Liu Yingxin gave them a safe place to live, and they had to work, such as collecting supplies, cleaning up zombies, etc., and layered management down, and in a blink of an eye, their organization became more and more planned. But the trouble finally started.

It turns out that it was the villain in the original story that organized the trouble, that is, the organization that caught the heroine and the female partner. They do all evil, relying on the ability of the supernaturalists to oppress the cowardly common people. The men have to do all kinds of hard work, and the women are for the enjoyment of the supernaturalists.

In the original book, the heroine and the female partner were arrested and insulted to live, until one day they awakened their abilities, and then secretly planned the people at the bottom to rebel. After the success, she became the leader of the b city, and also with the male The lord worked against it until the male lord died with the zombie king.

Now the plot is completely different from the original book. In the original book, only one power in city b has become dominant, the so-called durian organization. But now because of Liu Yingxin and Shan Yujin's formation of forces, there are now two organizations, and they have been fighting each other. Because Liu Yingxin and Shan Yujin are well-versed in the plot, they will not be disturbed by the enemy's rhetoric at all. In the evening, they directly led a large number of people to attack the durian organization, and finally succeeded in liberation under a tragic fight. People who are suffering.

The next day, the organization began to accept this group of people.

From that time on, Liu Yingxin's organization was established, and its scale became larger and larger. Although the zombies are also terrifying, they have not yet reached the level of siege. Perhaps in the future, zombies in other cities will come over, but this is not a problem.

Because their organization is also very strong.

Of course, this is only the beginning of the end times.

September 19, 2013, the traditional Chinese festival Mid-Autumn Festival, was also the day when the b base was successfully established. On the same day, people from all over the city cheered collectively, and the broadcast also began to broadcast news that the base was successfully established and people from other cities were invited to take refuge. Liu Yingxin also had a busy day before entering the room to rest.

As one of the chiefs of City B, Liu Yingxin's home is not bad. Although an independent villa is not as good as the scenery before the end of the world, the facilities inside are also good. And for safety, Liu Yingxin brought the hero, Zixuan and some trusted subordinates here, which can be said to be the villa where the strong stayed.

Liu Yingxin's room lives on the second floor, opposite Shan Yujin, and Xuanyu lives with her in it. Back in the room, she was too lazy to drink Shan Yujin with the host and others downstairs, took a comfortable bath, and walked out of the bathroom.

"Yu'er, where are you going?" Liu Yingxin had just walked out of the bathroom wrapped in a bath towel when she suddenly found Xiao Xuanyu who was wearing shoes, looking like she was going to other places.

Xuanyu raised her little head and stared at her with pitch-black eyes: "Sister Zi Xuan said that she wants to teach me to study, and I want to go there."

Liu Yingxin stepped on her cute fluffy slippers and walked to her, squatted down gently to tie her shoelaces, then hugged her and kissed her cheeks, her beautiful eyes were gentle and watery: "Don't cause trouble to Sister Zixuan ,do you know?"

"Well, good mother!" The little girl smiled sweetly, and said again, "Yes, mother, Xuanyu won't be back tonight, and I want to sleep with my sister."

Liu Yingxin furrowed her eyebrows, but she stretched out soon. If Xuan Yu followed Zi Xuan a little closer, it was in line with her idea. Now Zi Xuan wants to teach the little girl to learn, that would be better. She also saved a lot of trouble.

In the nine months since the end of the world, she has spent every day straining her nerves. For this reason, the relationship with Shan Yujin has not progressed, and she hasn't even kissed. But the better thing is that their relationship is very close, and it can be said that no one is indispensable.

Another point worth mentioning is that Xuan Yu's emotional problems have now almost returned to normal people's conditions, and she has become a cute and cute little girl. The only difference is the color of the blood, and then the ability to control the zombies.

Because of her existence, the threat from zombies to them is not as strong as that of humans. It can be said that they completely misled their initial thoughts. In the early stage, they thought that the Zombie King would attract the zombies to approach, but in fact, the Zombie King was around, and the zombies would be easily resolved, and they could even use the zombies against the enemies. It can be said that she is a cute and able-bodied little girl with great effect.

"Of course!" Liu Yingxin kissed her white forehead with a soft smile, "See you baby tomorrow!"

"Mom who knows!" The little girl nodded her head and left with her backpack on her back.

Looking at her little figure, Liu Yingxin felt that it was time to reopen the elementary school. Anyway, at least let the children know how to read and write, otherwise the social regression may become more and more serious. Then look at the situation to restore to middle school and above, and slowly bring this lifeless city back to life.

As soon as the little girl left, the room became empty.

A bed, a bedside table, a closet, light-colored walls and ceilings, and a cool and clean floor. Apart from that, there are no other facilities in the room. Well, there is a radio. It can be said that this thing really seems empty to this big room.

Liu Yingxin was sitting on the side of the bed with her little feet in furry slippers, exposing large areas of white skin, especially her thighs and plump white shoulders, which were really alluring. She picked up a pencil that had fallen from the little girl and put it on the table. Then she found her pajamas and put it on, turned off the light to save energy, and lay down to sleep.

In the last days, Liu Yingxin has developed the habit of sleeping with her eyes closed, so even if it is only around eight o'clock now, she can already sleep a lot. In this way, she didn't know how much time had passed, she was suddenly awakened by a movement without a dream, and she got up on guard with fright. As a result, what was found was a drunk beauty lying beside her.

I saw the beauty with her beautiful long hair draped over her shoulders, her eyes closed tightly, her long and beautiful eyelashes looked much better than usual, and her beautiful face was so delicate that she could not even see her pores, and then she went down. Look, Linglong Ana is neither fat nor thin, her thighs are tightly wrapped around her by the quilt, and she has not even taken off her boots.

Liu Yingxin's anger rose sharply, and she pushed her and shouted, "Shan Yujin, get me up. This is not your room. If you want to sleep, go to your own room!"

However, the call to her was completely ignored, and she fell asleep quietly beside her with a lifeless look. Liu Yingxin looked at it and was suddenly stunned. Fang's heart began to bang and bang, her big eyes did not blink, she kept sweeping her whole body in the dark, and then she couldn't help swallowing her saliva.

Her eyes are very powerful now, so even in the dark, they are as good as the day, let Shan Yujin's figure fall into her eyes completely.

She couldn't help but smiled at the corner of her lips: "It looks like a good opportunity given by God!"

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