"The success rate of being bitten by a zombie is indeed there, but it is not too high. If you are bitten, it is still very dangerous, but I have a way to improve my strength without any risk." Liu Yingxin paused. He said, "There is a special kind of stone in the head of a zombie. This kind of stone has a kind of energy. As long as you use that kind of stone, you will gain a special kind of power. This kind of power will not put you in any danger, but it also It's not a powerful ability, but it can only strengthen your physique, but this is enough to make you stronger. In short, it's up to you to decide which kind of... you want to use."

"Is the kind of thing you mentioned, is it the zombie crystal nucleus that is common in the novel? After using it, humans can increase their strength and speed. Is this?" The person who spoke was Zhou Wenshu, a man with glasses, and it seemed to be about this. He is very clear about the knowledge.

Liu Yingxin nodded slightly and said: "Yes, just like in the novel, there is such a thing in the mind of zombies, but it's not something that ordinary zombies can have."

When I said this, everyone was happy. After all, no one would be willing to take the risk, let the zombie injure oneself and then awaken the ability, this is not what ordinary people's courage can do. Now, who can gain strength easily and without injury, without life-threatening, who doesn't like it? In this way, they don't have to hold back or be disgusted.

Liu Yingxin knew their psychology, nodded slightly, and said, "Don't worry, we will find those crystal nuclei for you, not only for you but also for the strength of the team." After she finished speaking, the team meeting ended temporarily.

Soon after, the male lead finally woke up. He looked around a little blankly, and then looked at himself as black as a coal fire. He couldn't help being shocked, thinking that he had become black. Fortunately, after the two men who took care of him explained, he figured out the situation, went to the bathroom and came out, and his dark appearance finally recovered. Now, he is wearing a simple piece of sportswear, looking sunny and handsome, and the women are shining in their eyes when they look at him.

Handsome guy!

However, Liu Yingxin and Shan Yujin didn't care about it. The two of them were in the room now, discussing about Xuanyu. No one can enter the house. In the room, only the sleeping zombie Wang Xuanyu. Liu Yingxin sat next to her, stroking her little head.

Shan Yujin casually found a chair to sit down and looked at her gentle movement. A little surprise flashed in her eyes. Although she knew Liu Yingxin would like this little girl one day, she never expected her to be so fast. I just focused, watching her actions, as if she was treating a real daughter.

"I just apologize for refuting your decision in front of so many people." Liu Yingxin whispered, "But there is no other way! If we leave here with Xuanyu, the plot will definitely change, which will make the main story even more dramatic. We can’t be the same as the heroine of the original, after all, Xuan Yu is the king of zombie.”

Shan Yujin said: "I know, but even if we stay in this city, it will be no different from the original road, because all the zombies will gather here, and the level of danger is not worse than the plot of the original. , We both have to face all kinds of strange characters in the original book, which is very troublesome."

Liu Yingxin said: "But we are going to teach Xiao Xuan Yu? If we travel everywhere, it will be very difficult to teach Xuan Yu. It is not easy to make her a real human being. You have to know that we only have three Stay here for years. Isn't it... this time you want to leave the copy? Even if you leave the copy, I feel that we can't get along."

Now they both knew each other, and if they left a copy, it would look very strange and a bit embarrassing. So in this world, they can leave Xuanyu without a copy. Before Xuanyu can survive on her own, they have to transform Xuanyu into a real human within three years and choose a suitable person to take care of her. .

Shan Yujin was silent, she understood this truth.

Liu Yingxin continued: "Today, when Xuanyu and I were looking for clothes, we were suddenly attacked by a black cat and a strange animal, and almost died. Fortunately, Xuanyu saved me. If it weren't for her, I would have to say goodbye to you now. . So, I said nothing can let Xuan Yu be harmed like the original, I want to protect her, because I am her mother." Liu Yingxin began to know what she knew about Xuan Yu-data Tell her.

Shan Yujin secretly frowned when she heard that, looking at her beautiful dress, she didn't find any wounds, and couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. After all, she also came here for Liu Yingxin, and if something happens to Liu Yingxin, she will not live alone.

Now, when I heard that Xuanyu saved Liu Yingxin, she naturally loved Xuanyu even more. She originally liked the zombie king of the original book. Now that this kind of thing happened, of course she liked it even more. Immediately agreed with Liu Yingxin's decision to stay in city b, intending to develop power to make Xuanyu more humane by the way, and then find someone who can trust her to take care of her.

The idea in her mind is actually not much different from Liu Yingxin, but the method is different.

Liu Yingxin was so happy when she heard Shan Yujin's approval, she almost jumped wildly, but then she felt guilty. She whispered: "I'm sorry, I didn't know your mission, so I made this decision. Now it should be contrary to your mission! If this is the case, then I am willing to use points as compensation. "

Shan Yujin was amused, and looked at her and said: "My main mission is to protect you from beginning to end. It doesn't really matter whether the other side missions are or not. In addition, besides this mission, I have to push you. Tasks like kissing you, of course, if you want to make up for the loss of my task, you can let me eat and fill my stomach."

Hearing this, Liu Yingxin's cheeks suddenly reddened. This Shan Yujin really drove regardless of the occasion. She deserves to be the host of the Baihe Shen system family. This way of molesting people... is it really good? Looking at the corners of her slightly raised lips and the smiley expression, Liu Yingxin's small face couldn't help but puffed up, and she snorted and said, "Tell you, I can promise you anything, but I can't. The thing is to be eaten by you, because this is my bottom line."

That being said, what Liu Yingxin actually thinks now is how she should attack Shan Yujin instead of letting Shan Yujin attack herself or find a way to force her. Anyway... because Shan Yujin likes her, it is impossible to force her to push her unless she is forced to do so, and here, Liu Yingxin has to make good sense.

Yes, Liu Yingxin didn't hate Shan Yujin, or her heart had begun to fall. She knew that she would be slapped off by Shan Yujin one day, which was the same as in the previous worlds. So instead of being passive all the time, it is better to attack and counterattack. She had to take advantage of Shan Yujin's psychology and use the means of trying to get rid of it, so that she also understands how powerful she is. She understands that she is not only screaming, she has to take revenge on the humiliating experience of the CEO World. Here, she must be good. plan.

Anyway, she is not in a hurry.

In addition, if it is really good to be with Shan Yujin, she will consume points and ask the system to find the world that Lily host Shan Yujin wants to go to, so that they can continue their lead. This is her latest plan. Only before that, she had to overcome the difficulties of this world.

Seeing Liu Yingxin’s deliberately mischievous snort, Shan Yujin’s heart rose with a hot flame, her eyes fell on her beautiful snow-white jade shoulders, and the two lovely white rabbits that kept standing up to her. Move to the deep gully in the twin peaks. She didn't know if Liu Yingxin did it on purpose. In short, she was uncomfortable now. It was the feeling that she obviously liked each other but couldn't hug it. It was as if there were a bunch of ants crawling on her body, uncomfortable and aggrieved.

But she had no choice but to say indifferently: "If you don't eat it, you won't eat it."

Seeing Shan Yujin's depressed expression, Liu Yingxin couldn't help covering her mouth and secretly smile. She turned her big eyes, and suddenly closed her tightly. She curled her lips and said, "You can't eat it, but it's okay to kiss. , If you like it, you can give it a try. It can be considered to make up for your task!" Liu Yingxin felt that she had to be given some benefits and rewarded her.

Shan Yujin was stunned, looking at the cute girl who was sitting on the big bed obediently with her hands around her chest. She saw her small face bulging red, her beautiful eyes closed tightly, and her long, beautiful eyelashes twinkled. Shan, can see the tension in her heart clearly. His eyes moved to her little pink lips again, and in an instant, almost trying to suffocate, the heart began to pound.

Although I don't know what kind of tactics Liu Yingxin is playing, it is all clear. Isn't she inferior to animals if she doesn't move? After hesitating for a while, he came to her side, suddenly stretched out his hand and pulled it into his arms, then lowered his head and kissed it.

Liu Yingxin was a little caught off guard. She originally thought Shan Yujin would kiss her tenderly, sweet and sweet. After all, she did it all, but in the end she was hugged by her and kissed wildly with a strong home court advantage. For a moment, Liu Yingxin panicked. She wanted to struggle but somehow wanted more. She closed her eyes tightly to cater to her celibacy for an unknown length of kiss. In addition to being occupied, I forgot to resist her offensive and let her touch her body.

The love deepened, both of them forgot about love.

"Mom, what are you doing?" A sudden suspicion, like a bolt from the blue sky, awakened both of the blurred people. Liu Yingxin's brain went blank for a moment, she was so scared that she pushed Shan Yujin away, so strong that Shan Yujin rolled directly under the bed. She hurriedly sorted out her clothes, faced Xuan Yu with a red face, and smiled calmly: "It's nothing, I'm playing a kiss game."

"Kiss game, I want it too!" The little girl's hollow eyes showed a little more expression.

Liu Yingxin kissed her cute little cheek, and then asked her to kiss her own face, and then said: "Kissing can only be a game that adults can play. Xuanyu is still young, so you can only kiss her face."

"Is it like this?" The little girl kissed her face.


Shan Yujin's face was flushed and her eyes were murmured, lying on the ground motionless and staring at the ceiling, as if she was about to see through the ceiling. At this time, her clothes were a bit messy, she was just made by Liu Yingxin. It was obvious that the girl's mouth and psychological thoughts were completely different, and she wanted to take action against her. Sure enough, she had just sorted out her clothes to hide the spring light on her chest, and she received a fierce look from someone, as if she was going to cut her off, and she was even more depressed for a while. She is actually very innocent, OK?

Liu Yingxin glanced at her slightly, turned her head and snorted softly: "I will settle accounts with you when I have the opportunity!"

Shan Yujin: "..."

Although she was helpless, Shan Yujin couldn't help it. Who told her to show her love so clearly that she succeeded? But looking at her humming cute expression, I have to say it is really super cute! There is also the sound of the kiss just now, which sounds very satisfying. When I move on, I start to reminisce about the feeling of just kissing.

Kisses are actually very beautiful things.

Especially when the hearts of both parties are in the other's.

The author has something to say: When this world is over, it is over

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