Sister Yujin?

Hearing this intimate address, everyone was stunned, especially the one targeting Liu Yingxin, who had begun to sweat. She only noticed that when Shan Yujin called Liu Yingxin, she also used "Xiner". This kind of intimate name, both parties are intimate names, which also means that their relationship is very close. The scary thing is that they didn't notice it just now. Now it's all right, and they didn't care to offend people.

"Xin'er, if we stay here, we are likely to encounter even more terrible things." Shan Yujin has something in her words. What she wants to tell Liu Yingxin is the change of the plot. I believe that the smart Liu Yingxin will not fail to understand this truth.

When I said this, everyone was shocked. Because they have understood that Liu Yingxin's words are very important to Shan Yujin, otherwise Shan Yujin would not be able to seek advice in this way. For a while, the girl who made Youran panicked, and nervously grabbed the corner of the second female Zixuan's clothes.

Ignoring the strange reactions of the people around, Liu Yingxin sat on the sofa in a behaving manner, but her tone was firm and strong: "I know! But our current lineup is really not suitable for random walks." She deliberately swept her eyes. Looking at Xuanyu in the house, Shan Yujin knew what she was thinking.

Of course, Shan Yujin could also notice where her gaze was pointing, and after a little thought, she knew that Xuanyu's question must be very important, and they had to think about it long-term. He said in a deep voice, "I see, we won't leave city b for the time being, and we'll talk about it in a few days."

Liu Yingxin nodded.

"Captain, don't we really leave city b?" Hearing Shan Yujin agreed to Liu Yingxin's proposal, the man with glasses and axe got tangled. This was completely different from what he understood.

"Yes, Captain, our city b is not a big city. There is no army here, so it will be swallowed by zombies sooner or later. Have you not seen those things outside?" You Ran heard someone coming up and tried the suggestion. .

Shan Yujin glanced at a man and a woman slightly, and said with an indifferent expression: "If you don't want to go by yourself, then persuade Xin'er. If you can persuade her, I will move out." At this point, everyone knows. Yes, in this team, Shan Yujin is not alone in the final say, but also Liu Yingxin.

Although she didn't understand why she listened to Liu Yingxin's words, but it was all about it, dissatisfied with dissatisfaction, but no one dared to win her face, and could only discuss the matter. Among them, the man with glasses said: "Miss Xin'er, it is not the first choice for us to stay in this city. Because no one will come to rescue us, we can only look for shelters, and we can only rely on ourselves. I don’t know if you have any. I have read some apocalyptic novels. In most cases, the protagonists leave their cities and leave."

Liu Yingxin showed a harmless expression of humans and animals, and she knew in her heart that her posture was nothing more than an ordinary young mother to anyone, and most people would not trust her. She could understand their mentality. After all, she disdains it. What article. But it is undeniable that these people really don't know how to be human, especially in the last days, when they dare to do this kind of thing at this time, but fortunately, it was her who met.

She is actually very gentle and kind, and she has a very broad mind. Generally, it doesn't matter if she doesn't touch her inner scales.

However, Zi Xuan is very good, worthy of being a military teacher in the original book. He was very good at the beginning of the end of the world. He didn't feel any discomfort. He was very gentle, and he was so polite to everyone.

"The protagonist leaves the city... Then I ask you, why does the protagonist leave his own city and live in other cities?" Faced with this man with glasses poisoned by the novel, Liu Yingxin felt it was necessary to give him a lecture, at least Convinced him. This is what must be done as the leader of the squad. After all, if you can't even suppress the people in the team, then what kind of leader do you have. And the most important way to be a leader is to make them trust you, trust you, and feel safe following you.

In this regard, not only strength, but also personality charm.

The man with glasses stroked his thoughts and said: "The protagonist left his city, of course, because his city was not saved, or the world was in danger, he could only leave to find a chance to survive, because there would be no one staying in the city. Come to save you!"

Listening to the words of the man with glasses, Liu Yingxin couldn't help but secretly contempt: "I tell you Zhou Wenshu, we are staying in city b, not waiting for the army to come and rescue us, please remember this! I will again Let me tell you that there are three reasons why the protagonist leaves the city. One is to hope that the outside world has a good living environment, the other is to rescue his friends and relatives, and the third is that his city is no longer saved. Now! However, the outside world is actually the same as ours, there is no difference! Rather than relying on others, it is better to grow up on your own! Of course, if you have relatives in other places, we can't stop it, but Yujin and I Sister, won't leave here!"

The man with glasses was said to be stunned for a moment. To be honest, he didn’t study it carefully. He just felt that the novel makes sense. He never expected that Liu Yingxin would know a lot better than him. She is indeed a social person. Children are different from students like them!

From the perspective of a man with glasses, Liu Yingxin told him about the relationship of interest. After looking at the three women, she found that there were no objections. The woman named You Ran lowered her head. Although she did not want to admit it, Liu Yingxin did say something. reason. It's just... it's hard to imagine that people like them want to form a big power! I feel that Liu Yingxin is exaggerating, but she can't leave independently, she can only agree with it.

At this moment, suddenly heard a low growl, and then the two big men yelled.

It turned out that it was the two men who looked at the male lead. They seemed to be very tired. They kept squatting beside the male lead, listening to their discussion and watching the slowly changing male lead. They seemed extraordinarily dedicated or obedient. . It can be seen that the consciousness of the two of them is still great.

Liu Yingxin heard the voice and immediately followed Shan Yujin to look at it, and found that the male protagonist's face was distorted and was screaming crazily, while the other two men looked terrified. Liu Yingxin found that the male lead's state seemed to be wrong, as if she couldn't make it by herself, she opened her little hand and threw a cold breath, instantly cooling the male lead's almost burning body.

Seeing her action, everyone was shocked. She was not saying that she was a fake, but a real supernatural person. This made everyone a little bit unacceptable, because she looked too soft. . However, if they can't accept it, they can't accept it, but they also have to accept it. For a while, everyone is in awe, but they are also looking forward to the future.

Only the girl named Youran was a little scared, but seeing Liu Yingxin smiling at her without holding grudges at all, her frightened heart finally settled down, and she admired Liu Yingxin even more.

Sure enough, it deserves to be that even Shan Yujin listens to opinions. With a broad mind, all aspects of behavior are also very powerful. If you know that Shan Yujin is very strong, they all know.

Liu Yingxin is very satisfied with their performance, because she herself also understands that instead of getting rid of those who are dissatisfied with herself, it is better to convince those people with herself. When they all know that they are unable to climb, of course. Will be more obedient. Among them, some people will be more grateful after receiving his favor, leading to resignation.

Liu Yingxin's grasp of people's hearts is actually very strong.

"He should be fine, don't worry." Shan Yujin breathed a sigh of relief as the male lead slowly settled down.

"He is a fire type ability. He almost mutated just now and became a fire type ability zombie or directly ***." Liu Yingxin cast her eyebrows at the black male protagonist who seemed to crawl out of the coals, thankfully he didn't. Like them, there is a lot of filth when evolving, and it won't be so smelly.

But what makes her care about the male protagonist's situation, because it is the same as her, and requires outsiders help when mutating, otherwise... she will definitely not be able to overcome the difficulties of evolution. If this is the case, then she will meet someone who will mutate in the future. , Can only take care of it by the side.

In any case, one more person has more strength, and only in this way can a base be established.

"That's great, if he is a fire type superpower, then we have three superpowers. Maybe we can really grow the power slowly and become the existence of a dominant overlord." Seeing this, the spectacle man was particularly happy.

"Yeah, there are three supernaturalists." Everyone around them all spoke up, but Zi Xuan was the only one who wanted to talk, but couldn't speak.

Of course Liu Yingxin noticed her emotions and understood that she was a talented person. She had always wanted to be promoted but she just had no chance. She was about to say that when she saw this scene, but Shan Yujin was one step faster than her. She said: "Miss Zixuan, you have What do you want to say?"

Zi Xuan was still thinking about whether she should help analyze the situation. After all, there is no right for her to speak. If she insisted, the result might be miserable, but if she didn’t say it, it would be really difficult for this team to run. It has always been like this. Conceited. And she won't have the chance to be noticed. Therefore, as soon as she heard Shan Yujin's prompt, she was overjoyed, because it was not she volunteered to cause dissatisfaction, but the boss gave her a chance, even if she said it wrong, she would not be hurt.

She was really happy, almost speechless with excitement. Fortunately, she had also met people in the world to calm her mind, and said calmly: "I personally think that even three supernatural beings are not enough to set up a big base. , It’s only enough for us to lay a solid foundation. In our team, there are also us who are useless. Although I don’t want to admit it, this is the fact.” She said, most people bowed their heads.

Zi Xuan continued: "So I think we have to work hard, even if we can't get to the front line, then we can do logistics. Of course, I personally will not enter the logistics. I want to try being injured by a zombie. See if you can awaken the power."

Everyone, dumbfounded.

Zi Xuan stared at Liu Yingxin and asked, "Sister Liu Yingxin, I want to ask, do you have any way to awaken the ability without injury, or if there is a high chance of awakening the ability, if there is such a way, I think...I can try it." She is serious.

Liu Yingxin was also surprised, admiring her courage, her observation power, and her courage even more. Although it seemed a bit impulsive, what he said was really good. In a blink of an eye, it helped them calm down.

Liu Yingxin looked at the silent crowd around her.