Main task: Separation of male and female masters

Completion: 100%

Side task: make the hero regret

Completion: 100%

Side mission: beating the male protagonist wildly

Completion: 100%


Congratulations to the host for completing the task, evaluating the SS level, and obtaining the title of Ultimate Vicious Female Matchmaker. Points +5 million. Now the total points are about 23 million. Please continue your efforts.

In the sealed space, a group of dark shadows moved slightly and said, "The next world, prepare."

System: The world is being screened. The world you will travel through is "Overbearing President". Please prevent the male and female protagonists of this world from developing romantic relationships, and successfully prevent you from getting 1 million points. Points can be exchanged back to the body of the human world.


Liu Yingxin staggered a few steps, leaning on her temple, and standing beside the luxury car. Nearby, there was a handsome man who seemed to have a headache. He raised his eyebrows slightly and said with concern: "Yingxin, what's the matter with you?"

"I'm fine." Liu Yingxin smiled.

The handsome man opened the door of the car and invited her to a seat very gentlemanly. He slowly said, "Come in. You will have to attend Zi Hao's birthday dinner later, but it will be delayed!"

Liu Yingxin gave a hum and sat in the passenger cabin. As soon as she was seated, she heard a loud crash, and Liu Yingxin in the cab could clearly feel the vibration of the car.

She held her head, still absorbing memory, outside, she was arguing. It turned out that a donkey without eyesight hit the car. It was a pure and beautiful girl who was apologizing wildly.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" The innocent girl cried and kept saying sorry.

Liu Yingxin opened her eyes suddenly, opened the door, got out of the car, and asked the handsome man: "Xingyu, what happened?"

The handsome man cried and said, "My car was hit by this guy, and it made a few marks."

Liu Yingxin regained her clarity in her eyes, looked at the girl and said, "What's your name?"

"Shan, Shan Yujin." The girl was tearful, crying pears with rain, and her appearance was not bad, but I saw the pity, no pedestrians looked at me without pity.

As expected, Liu Yingxin smiled, and quickly helped her up the car, and then adjusted her clothes: "Alright, don't cry, leave here quickly, I will pay for the loss you hit."

"Really, really?"

"Of course, but you have to leave here quickly, I still have important things to do." Liu Yingxin has a gentle, noble lady-like posture.

"Thank you! Thank you!" The girl was overjoyed and quickly disappeared on her donkey. However, as soon as the girl left the sight of Liu Yingxin and others, she curled her lips and said, "You should have crossed too!"

Liu Yingxin's graceful and generous gesture can surprise Xiong Xingyu next to him, thinking that she is dazzled... Is she so considerate? Shouldn't she stand up and help him scold him?

"Okay, hurry up, I'll make up for your loss." As soon as the voice fell, Liu Yingxin entered the passenger cabin and hurriedly urged Xiong Xingyu to leave.

Not long after they left, a man walked out of the company. For a while, reporters surrounded the boy and asked questions.

It turns out that the girl who crashed just now is the heroine of this world named Shan Yujin. In this book, the story is probably the story of the president and Cinderella. During this period, vicious female partners, hateful mother-in-laws and other connections appeared on the scene, with the purpose of preventing male and female masters from falling in love.

The little clip just now is actually a small scene where the heroine and the heroine meet again, which can be regarded as one of the plots of dog blood routines. In the original book, it is probably the story of the heroine accidentally crashing into a luxury car, and then the vicious female partner refuses to forgive, and the hero suddenly appears to help the heroine resolve the incident and meet again.

And because of this, the vicious female partner began to be jealous.

It turned out that the male lead and the female lead had attended a noble school. At that time, the female lead was a super academic bully, on the contrary, the male lead was a school bull, and the standard scumbag matched up.

In the beginning, the male protagonist often bullied the female lead, which can make the female lead miserable. However, over time, the male protagonist actually bullied his feelings, but before he could develop his feelings, he was stabbed twice in an accident.

It turned out that one of the students in the school who was often bullied by the male lead finally couldn't bear it. He took a fruit knife and squatted at the school gate, doing something illegal. Not to mention how the student was in jail, but the male lead. After being stabbed twice, he almost died.

At that time, it happened to be seen by the heroine and reported to the police. The hero was alive. However, the blood of the hero was indeed very little panda blood. At that time, the blood bank was urgent and the hero's family had no choice. finally. The hero’s family found that the heroine’s sick brother Yangzi was also panda blood, so he used his power to buy the heroine’s gambler father and forced his brother to have a blood transfusion, causing the heroine’s brother to die.

The hostess also broke down and died as a result.

Needless to say, this must be one of the foreshadowings in the article, the purpose is to make the plot more sadomasochistic.


Finally, time flies, ten years have passed, and the heroes and women have begun to enter society. Over the past ten years, the male protagonist has escaped from the arrogance of his school days and has become the president of the Qiao Group. However, the female protagonist has been unsuccessful. She was fired because of her boss's molestation and angry resistance.

According to the original plot, the female protagonist came to apply for the job today, and it turned out that her secret lover (male second) had a girlfriend. She ran into the vicious female partner in despair, not only damaged the vicious female partner’s clothes, but also got it. Hurt the car.

The vicious female partner was originally going to attend the male lead’s birthday dinner. She was dressed beautifully, but now she is broken, no matter where she is angry, catching the female lead is just cursing. Then the male protagonist appeared, helped the female protagonist to get out of the siege, and scolded the female protagonist.

This is the scene when the heroine and the heroine meet again after ten years of separation. The heroine finally realizes that the heroine of the year has grown up.

The heroine didn't know that her brother died because of the hero. The hero in memory is still the guy who was arrogant and stabbed twice. He is now the president, or her boss.

As for the male protagonist, he found out that the female protagonist was the girl he had a crush on when he was a child. Of course, he subconsciously stood next to the female protagonist and reprimanded the vicious female partner. Can make the vicious female partner face scandal.

The male lead felt guilty for the female lead bullied in his school days, apart from liking. Therefore, he has been helping the female lead, and after a long time, the feeling deepened.


When Liu Yingxin first crossed this world, she changed the initial setting and changed the crash. Although Liu Yingxin is also a vicious female partner, she cannot use the standard practice of a vicious female partner because it is easy to lose.

For Liu Yingxin, it is not difficult to play a vicious female partner. The difficulty lies in whether she can successfully defeat the male and female lead and separate them. This is the most important thing. Therefore, just after crossing, before she has completely digested the plot, she will not let the male and female masters have the opportunity to contact for the time being.


Today is the birthday of the hero, and it is also the day Liu Yingxin travels for the first time. At the business party, savvy people from all walks of life came to visit one after another, making it extraordinarily hilarious. As a vicious female partner, Liu Yingxin, who is also the fiancée of the male lead, of course also came to participate, including her friend, the male three Xiong Xingyu.

As a fiancee, Liu Yingxin's treatment is of course not low. Although the male lead does not like her, the male lead's mother loves her very much. She touches her hand and sits down, feeling cold and warm.

Liu Yingxin is wearing an expensive low-cut long one-piece dress tonight, a beautiful long brown hair shawl, and beautiful crystal earrings. I don't know if it's tight clothes or good figure. Her thin waist is perfectly outlined. The plump snow peaks are exposed, revealing deep grooves, as if they are about to emerge, which is particularly eye-catching.

Under the skirt, a pair of graceful and slender jade legs are all imaginative, and a pair of crystal high heels are also stepping on her, which makes her height increase a lot and her figure is more perfect. As the face of the book, Liu Yingxin attracted countless eyes when she appeared, and countless men looked at the hero with envy.

However, the male protagonist just smiled, because he didn't like Liu Yingxin at all. Although she was really beautiful, her heart was extremely vicious.

He likes heroines.

"Xin'er, I am discussing with your mother today to get engaged as soon as possible." The hero's mother Wang Li really held Liu Yingxin's slender hand and asked tentatively.

Liu Yingxin lowered her head, pretending to be shy, and before she said, her face was really red, she lowered her head and replied shyly: "Xin'er is all up to her aunt."

"Good, good!" Wang Li really patted her hand, especially happy, "Your mother and I, I just look forward to one day, waiting for a long time to hug my grandson! You were abroad some time ago, now you are back, I see Ah, the engagement will be better next month!"

"Listen to Auntie!" Liu Yingxin lowered her head, her cheeks were flushed, her acting skills were absolutely actor-level. How should I put it, marriage is a guise. Even if she wanted to marry, the hero would never marry her.

Just when the vicious mother-in-law Xihan asked warmly, a familiar figure appeared. She was dragging a tray in her hand and dressed as a waiter. She was happy to see Liu Yingxin, but did not answer.

Liu Yingxin looked up and found that it was the heroine, and she knew in her heart. During the time when the hostess was unemployed, it was a variety of part-time jobs. This time I mixed into the dinner party...According to the original information, it should be a good friend to replace myself.

According to the original plot, the heroine should make a mistake to drop the red wine after a while, okay, if the red wine is spilled on the vicious female pair, it will cause the vicious female pair to blow up the hair, and the hero will find the heroine again and help the heroine solve it. The question, and it’s not surprising, why the heroine with such good academic performance would do this kind of thing after she finishes her studies.

As for the vicious female partner, she discovered that the heroine did something wrong again, and the hero didn't help herself, and became jealous, and began to secretly investigate the heroine's life experience.

In other words, this is the second meeting between the male lead and the female lead, a very important part of the plot development.

In this way, Liu Yingxin waited for the heroine to splash herself, but after a banquet, the heroine did not have what the plot required. Under the attention of Liu Yingxin and the hero, she did her job perfectly. Liu Yingxin was full of confusion.

This plot seems wrong!

What made Liu Yingxin more puzzled was that this heroine was a little different from the white lotus heroines she had encountered in the world before. As for the differences, she couldn't tell.

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