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It’s Hard For a Good Wife and Mother

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Mo Dai thought that her blind eyes would never function again in this life,
But God seemed to give her a chance to see the light again, and arranged for her to wear it on the night of her 28th birthday——
She should thank God, really—
——thanks to him for letting her find herself hanging on a tree branch in the middle of the cliff as soon as she opened her eyes,
In the next second, the body fell freely, landed sideways, and smashed straight into the rock;
——Thanks to him for allowing her to transmigrate into the world of a female breadwinner,
To become the “wife head” of a peasant family who is so poor that they can’t get any poorer;
——thanks to him for letting her, an older young woman with little love experience in her previous life, already have a husband,
Thrilling realism of three children (one is three years old, one is two years old, and one is still in the womb);
——thanks to him for letting her know how delicate her popularity is, the relatives are not close, the neighbors are not harmonious,
Husbands, one seems to be a good match, one is timid and cowardly, and the other looks down on her at all.
There is always a goal in life, and the surprise of rebirth is soon broken by the embarrassing reality——
What does she live for? How is she going to live? the
When a timid, soft, waxy kitten-like child’s voice came into her ears——
“Mother.” She looked at the two skinny and obviously sick little carrot heads standing in front of her,
The apex of her heart trembled, although the core in this body was changed,
But the blood relationship is indelible, she has to admit that she has resigned to her fate at this moment——
Ignore her husband’s outrageousness first, and she will work hard to live well for the sake of the children.
She wants to support this poor family for the children. She doesn’t want to be rich, but at least she has to feed the children well. the
Using the little experience and wisdom of the previous life, and occasionally using the cheating abilities,
Be persevering and low-key, act neither humble nor overbearing, earnestly earn money to support your family.
Looking at the children’s gradually rounded bodies and the family’s increasingly stretched eyebrows, she felt a sense of satisfaction from the bottom of her heart. the
She hoped that life would go on so smoothly, but the ideal is beautiful, but the reality is bloody.
She ignored the “little romance” that God has always favored,
The emotional problems that she had tried to get rid of from the moment after time-traveling were gradually revealed.

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Short Title:IHFGWM
Alternate Title:贤妻良母难为
Author:bamboo dew
Weekly Rank:#1695
Monthly Rank:#1654
All Time Rank:#6485
Tags:Ancient China, Childcare, Cooking, Cute Children, Farming, Female Protagonist, Hard-Working Protagonist, Harem, Marriage, Matriarchy, Mpreg, Polyandry, Poor to Rich, Reincarnation, Transmigration,
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14 Comments on “It’s Hard For a Good Wife and Mother
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  1. Can someone explain this novel I'm so confused, y the hell her husband pregnant and she ha??? I don't think l understand the story😩😩

  2. It’s reverse gender role world where women impregnated men. It was men who give birth. And women earn money for family. Men belong to kitchen/housechores and take care of child. Mc is modern transmigrated and she have to take care of thing that original host mess up such a gambling, beating up husbands and drunk. Honestly I didn’t like original host husbands because they are very dislikable. They kept blamed thing that original host did to mc. I do understand their feeling since they have been abuse by original host. But what I don’t like is when mc transmigrated and became nice to them, they still blamed her and accused her and believing remour over her when she overwork or work hard to earn money for them. I was hopping the learn mc isn’t original host. Honestly mc character is very great and responsibility. Unfortunately she transmigrated into scum gambling violence girl who have three husbands and three children.

  3. Well more I learn thing original host did, I feel pity for three husbands and children. But mc is innocent, she have be get blamed because of original host. Story is well written. Her husbands will slowly warm to mc when mc become more soft and pamper on them.

  4. Also warning this is not for male readers. They will feel uncomfortable if they read it since men give birth and their wife will have lot of husbands and concubines husbands.😂😂.

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