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It’s About Versailles, See If I’m Angry [through the Book]

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Novel Summary

Yuan Xin was forced to wear a book by a black-hearted system, but she was still dressed as a “Versailles” female supporting role in a novel, and she could not collapse the character design.
In the book, the heroine is elegant, generous and hard-working.
As the contrast of the heroine, this female supporting role is best at cheating and showing off her wealth in a high-profile manner. Unfortunately, this wealth is also fake.
When the heroine got an offer from a Fortune 500 company through her own efforts.
The female supporting actress said: I envy you for finding such a good job by yourself. Unlike me, I was arranged for a job by my family before I graduated, and I didn’t even have a chance to regret it…
When the heroine finally earns millions a year.
The female supporting actress said, holding back her jealousy, “You work so hard. Although I have five suites and three villas in the city center, and I can afford food and clothing just by collecting rent, I have no sense of accomplishment and am not happy at all… …
When the female protagonist found a tall, rich and handsome male protagonist.
The female supporting actress said with a slight twist: It’s nice to have a regular boyfriend, so that you don’t have to watch the suitors lining up to fight…
When the hero gave her a Ferrari on her birthday.
The female assistant said with red eyes: This Ferrari is my favorite model, but unfortunately the garage at home can’t fit it…
Everyone around can’t get used to this annoying and annoying female supporting actress, and I just want to send her a haha!
After Yuan Xin passed through, he maintained the Versailles character on the surface, but made crazy money behind the scenes.
Until one day, people saw a familiar face on the news of the richest man in the city, and the man still said: In fact, my original intention is not to make so much money, I am very envious of the life of ordinary people …
The heroine (fan girl face): The core is really amazing.
Crowd: Digging! It’s my fault! Rich lady hug me! !

【Eating Guide】:
1. The heroine has no cp and no ambiguity. She lives in harmony with the original heroine, does not dismantle the original official match, and only focuses on slaps in the face.
2. The author is very stubborn in writing articles, does not accept writing instructions, does not like to point crosses, and does not need to be informed.
3. An overhead world, in which many bugs are set up privately.

Content tags: Women’s Matching System Wearing Books Shuangwen
Search keywords: Protagonist: Yuan Xin ┃ Supporting role: Pre-received “Peach Demon NPC Picked Up a Human” for collection~ ┃ Others: There are many finished articles in the column, you can be healthy~
One-sentence introduction: The cow you blow down will come back even when you kneel!
Purpose: Of course girls have to be self-improvement~

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Short Title:IAVSIIAB
Alternate Title:就要凡尔赛,瞅我来气不[穿书]
Author:most fierce assistant
Weekly Rank:#8494
Monthly Rank:#7361
All Time Rank:#8560
Tags:Female Protagonist, Poor to Rich, System, Transmigration, Wealthy Characters,
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  1. Me siento triste, Originalmente viendo el tono de la novela pense que alguien comentaria de esa manera para que esta seccion sea más divertida, en fin, la novela es muy divertida y fresca para mi, estoy saturado con las mujeres fuertes y despiadadas de las estrategias rápidas que siempre son serias o las chicas suaves que esperan a su presidente dominante o paranoico, incluso las novelas de niñas de 3 años y medio que cambian su destino , es bueno tener novelas asi, espero MTL traiga mas de este tipo, son muy divertidas :D

  2. Once you get past the fact that our MC’s role is basically to brag about everything - it’s kind of a sweet story. MC Yuan Xin works hard at earning money so she won’t feel bad about bragging so much. All her loved ones and employees end well while those who plot against her get what they deserve.The ending with her parents seemed a little rushed , though. And quite frankly - where’s the “ yuri” tag?

  3. Love the plot! Although it has no romance, the favorite person of yuan xin is the original fl. She just keeps spoiling the fl at the very end.

  4. I'm kinda a bit offended of her saying if u want to find a maid, find a Filipino one... I'm still proud though of the Overseas Filipino workers around the world, although many of them are maids they can be your own friend or family anytime.

  5. I Just read that part, I think she was praising them more than being offensive, after all she is talking about good quality of the maids (at least that's what i understood)

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