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It’s a Scribble Eye

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Novel Summary

“Big brother, big brother, why are there three commas in your eyes?”

“No, it’s not a comma, it’s a gouyu!”

“Gouyu?! Cool! Could this be the legend…”

The little girl’s eyes shone with hope in her longing.

“Yes, this is the legendary…”

Xiao Yang raised his head slightly, triumphantly.

“Evil King’s True Eyes!”

The little girl answered firmly.

“Who told you that this is the real eye of the evil king!”


“Big brother, are you really not the real eye of the evil king?”

“God is such an evil king! I am a Naruto!”

In short, this is the story of Xiao Yang’s journey through the Hokage system…

PS: The original title of this book is “I’m Really Naruto”, the system and time travel can be understood even if you haven’t seen Naruto.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:ISE
Alternate Title:这真是写轮眼
Author:Yamashita bamboo raccoon
Weekly Rank:#7397
Monthly Rank:#7622
All Time Rank:#6169
Tags:Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Fantasy, Male Protagonist, Naruto, System, Transmigration,
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21 Comments on “It’s a Scribble Eye
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  1. Apakah MC tidak sadar kalo orang yang berubah jadi putih dan punya mokuton itu jetsu putih versi lanjut?😂 Padahal di awal MC seolah olah tahu banget tentang anime naruto!

  2. Kenapa harus Jepang coba yang jadi villain?,bukan nya gw mau rasis tapi knp penulis China sangat membenci orang Jepang tapi mereka menggunakan karya mereka untuk di jadikan bahan ceritanya?, bukankah gak tau malu?

  3. At first I thought it would be funny to read, I was wrong. The story started by MC awakening Sharingen and enrolling to the school. School teacher examine him sloopily and give him the worst rank. He then join one association of super power children.And ofcourse there are alot of misunderstanding, showing off, pretending to be pig, pretending to be big deal, pretenfing to be pretender kind of mentally challenged troupes. Two other school faction were just there to give mc free wins and give him chance to pretend. No other motives or aim. Principal and school teachers are there just to be comedic relief. Author try way too hard to be funny and cool at the same time. Imo, he failed.

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