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Is There Something Wrong with You, Lord?

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The world is destroyed, the era is restarted, and the survival qualification called the lord is issued to everyone.

Territories, heroes, arms, treasures, resources, all the servers achieved by thousands of continents are open.

Qin Muye looked at his own panel like a cannon fodder, with a broken suffix, and he was rather weeping without tears.

There is no god-level talent, no hidden hints, and no anti-sky career.

“If that’s the case, then there is only one way to live.”

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:ITSWYL
Alternate Title:你这领主有问题吧
Author:Taibai Shuijun
Weekly Rank:#3505
Monthly Rank:#1676
All Time Rank:#5103
Tags:Aliens, Alternate World, Antihero Protagonist, Army Building, Bloodlines, Cosmic Wars, Crafting, Creatures, Demons, Dragons, Emotionally Weak Protagonist, Fantasy Creatures, Fantasy World, Game Ranking System, Genetic Modifications, Gods, Immortals, Industrialization, Kingdom Building, Magic, Male Protagonist, Modern World, Multiple Identities, Multiple Transported Individuals, Mutated Creatures, Scientists, Skill Assimilation, Skill Creation, System, Wars, Weak Protagonist, Weak to Strong,
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  1. That's what you get qin muye after Betraying the tradition of your predecessor(the tradition consist of:being an single dog,and Unfathomable outer God),even You Soggoth can't help you with the Four Outer God

  2. Note:all of the novel of this author is Interrelated,The first novel of series is free on Qidian(the first novel is about an MC that Bring all the Lovecraftian Unfathomable horror to every world incluiding cultivation world,also there's no cultivation BS about how the cultivator is as strong as outer God,They only can became more stronger by doing a ritual to became Unfathomable)

  3. The first one of the series that is free on Qidian starring Zhao wugao that at first has nothing to do with the Elder God,but his fate is almost entirely written by Yog Soggoth,remove the (): https://m(.)qidian.com/book/1016621356.html

  4. Reading the book and enjoying it so far but I'm just checking if you know roughly what chapter Cthulhu style is introduced

  5. Roughly the arc at the world that their power system is based around reputation.at the end of the arc,He doing the ritual and Corrupt the entire world

  6. it started very good and would be even better without obsessed mc with self study & low iq mc and ofc the pathetic minded mc he keeps reminding us every chapter in multiple paragraphs how pathetically weak he is how cowardly he is and how he will remain that ofc went downhill going to china and helping them enslave the other nations indirectly

  7. i forgot to say because he went different route and helped the rise of chinese instead of actually doing the plot he got the lowest score and got only 2 rewards when he could've gotten rewards that could've helped him rise a lot faster

  8. and ofc chinese show their true face once again by giving him the minimum to obtain the benefits but not give up more knowledge than enough said they will at most give him the knowledge that can also be found on the internet and wont really touch their core secrets but he gave them something as precious as making the chinese as intelligent as the rest of the world(wont say smarter cuz obviously their intelligence is much lower than the rest of the world so at most it levels the field)

  9. although he still gets more knowledge but the greedy chinese true face is shown and they squeezed him by trading more knowledge he could've easily found by himself by spending more time for precious occupations like knight archer even the death occupation imagine trading all kinds of open knowledge for precious stuff even after the person gives you something already worth more than their whole trash country

  10. Gotta have some treat to the Qidian,or the author Will get banned(all previous four novel from this author contain Close to Zero nationalism)he almost reach the limit of ban

  11. Also,the previous novel of this almost pushed the limit of the ban,Cause the MC devour any world that even included the 'great' China itself or accidentally corrupt the entire world with his Unfathomable Eldritch power(With only some exception for world that gave him Useful material)

  12. Is in the novel there is phrase or word that the MC can get information from internet in outside of china? If so doesnt it author actually try to "rebell" to his country, i mean he make story about china numbawan but its just cover and the essence is critic's from author to china and how they extract their civilian into trash and give them nothing than free information they can get if they use VPN.

  13. Too be fair he was on a time limit and what he needed were only the basic technologies not the advanced stuff he didn't have time or resources to build in lord's era and the whole deal was more about using the country's resources to study out stuff like the magic weave and artificial elements with the traded technologies being the equivalent of basics for basics the fighter and mage professions aren't even rare professions anyway basically the whole thing was a rush job to earn enough benefits to survive the monster siege and he neither had the skills for doing a plot with designated settings and no personal combat skills at all plus he's chinese the author put him in otherworld china so why's he going to run to other countries to do the exact same thing

  14. okay slight mistake just reread first 40ish chapters already dealt with the monster siege still on time limit due to future activities and the red wind calamity though so not wrong just different target

  15. MC goes to magic world and gets magic tower, he is almost last most of the time in start . he start with learning about magic and modify his arms than goes to 'non magical world as MC but team with other to research about magic and tech and teach that to china of that world . returns and start research about radiation magic element. there is no clear world view ,MC goes from scholar to mad scientist that perform experiment on living subjects very fast. create Mass radiation bomb that he use on cities that kill half and mutate other people .sell that to many people. no female lead or romance just typical power fest

  16. The Novel of this author ussually start weak and gathering Knowledge,after some arc,he Will doing an ritual to became Elder God like his predecessor and end with ascension as outer God.then the cycle Will repeat

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