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Is President Lu Bankrupt Today?

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Cen Xi as a god of poverty, her performance had always been very good, until…

One day, Cen Xi woke up and found herself in another parallel time and space, turned into an unlucky eighteen-tier actress and having a hidden big boss.

Cen Xi, who was born in the divine realm moved to stay in the big boss’s house. Since then, the big boss began to fall in love…

But Cen Xi found that her sealed divine powers were slowly coming back.

Was it that the way to go back was to lose and spend the boss’ properties?

So Cen Xi started spending the big boss’ money and swiping the big boss’ cards, hoping to return to the divine realm as soon as possible.

But why did the money of the big boss keep increasing? And it was increasing faster and faster?

Her powers as a god of poverty was almost overwhelmed by the speed of the big boss’ wealth!

This was too unscientific!


Lu Jingcheng: ? ? ?

The wives that others married are getting richer. The wife that I married is trying to make me go bankrupt?

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:IPLBT
Alternate Title:陆总今天破产了吗
Weekly Rank:#2320
Monthly Rank:#1797
All Time Rank:#2581
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  1. In the starting it was very interesting but after that it was too boring too read But the first 500 chapters are intresting

  2. Done reading. I think the author forgot the identity of the FL. She didn't mention it again if she still can recover her divine power.

  3. Me gusto mucho, es divertido. Pero muchas de las historias secundaria quedaron sin final.me hubiera gustado más capítulos extras

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