It's over. When I finished writing these three words, the snail's heart was mixed.

It was at the beginning of this book that the snail's wife became pregnant. By the end of this book, the snail's child has been six months old.

Readers who have followed all the way know how the snail came over these days.

I took care of my wife when I was pregnant, the child was born with a child, the child ran and broke his leg when he was ill, and his heart was broken.

It can be said that this period is the hardest time for snails. Many times, snails almost have a nervous breakdown, but no matter how hard the days are, they survived, and this book has come to an end.

There is nothing to write about the end of the European plot. The snail's plan also ends in Europe, and the world ends in harmony.

As for the internal fighting, there is no need to write, after all, I have written too much before, and there is no point in repeating it.

There are also readers who hope to have a universe chapter, but if this book is written in this way, it will change its flavor and change from history to science fiction.

But the snail also left his thoughts, maybe one day writing a science fiction question will involve it.

As for the new book, Snail will take a long break to sort out the housework, and it will take more than a month at the earliest. I hope everyone can support it.

In addition, I sincerely thank you all for your persistence over the past year. It is your company that allowed the snail to pass this hard time. For the snail, you are the loveliest people. Thank you here.

I would also like to thank the editor-in-chief of the snail sharp and lovely Huya Meizi. They have been supporting the snail and giving encouragement and comfort to the snail during the slow days of the snail suffering.

Thank you everyone, thank you for meeting so loving you in the most difficult days of snail!