The Royal Palace of Austria.

There are already full of imperial soldiers with live nuclear guns.

The Vienna conference will be held here.

When the sun just rose, the members of the Vienna Entente came here early, and at the same time came the representatives of the defeated countries.

Compared to the triumphant pride of the victorious country, the representatives of the victorious country looked a little downcast.

At eight o'clock, Xiao Ming's motorcade appeared outside the Austrian palace on time.

After getting out of the car, Xiao Ming and the officials of the empire walked into the palace, and members of other countries followed to the conference room for negotiation.

At this time, the meeting room was ready, and a table more than ten meters long was filled with fruits and desserts.

Entering the room, the representatives of the various countries took their seats in order, and the defeated country and the victorious country sat on two sides.

Everyone was seated, and their eyes turned to Xiao Ming.

They all know that the protagonist of this meeting is the emperor, and the decision of this emperor will affect the direction of Europe.

Xiao Ming noticed the crowd's gaze, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly. This time, both the victorious and the defeated countries sent the country's highest leader. In this way, this meeting can solve the problem simply and neatly.

At this time he motioned to Tang Wenjie.

Tang Wenjie understood. At this moment, he stood up and sent the handpieces to the representatives of various countries one by one. The document was the main topic of the meeting.

When they got the document, the representatives of various countries couldn't wait to look at it. The members of the victorious country were naturally not happy to see the contents of the document, while the representatives of the defeated country had a heavy face.

When everyone knew about the document, Xiao Ming slowly said at this time: "You must have seen the content in the document, so I won't be verbose anymore. As a victorious country, we have the right to deal with the defeated country. As a defeated country, you need to compensate for your crimes."

Xiao Ming's voice fell, and suddenly thunderous applause broke out in the conference room.

The members of the Victorious Nation all smiled, because Xiao Ming's words were domineering enough.

In fact, for them, the slander of benevolence, justice and morality is false. Today they can sit here proudly facing the defeated country for one reason, and that is that they defeated them through war.

If the St. Petersburg Entente were to win, then today they are the subject of compensation.

The British representative who came to Vienna this time was Murphy. As he had guessed before coming, the emperor of the Eastern Empire was indeed a very tough man.

You must be careful when dealing with such a person, meaningless anger will only anger the strong, and the results will be extremely tragic.

So after Xiao Mingyan explained his thoughts concisely and concisely, he did not speak, but remained silent.

Other defeated countries have the same attitude. This time they finally learned to be smart. Through this war, they learned the gap between themselves and the empire.

They didn't want to argue about anything this time, but were ready to be tried.

The only thing they hope is that the emperor can open the door.

The expression of the representative of the defeated country was seen by Xiao Ming. As he thought, this time the St. Petersburg Entente was really defeated by the Empire.

If so, the Vienna meeting will be simple.

At this time he asked him to spread a huge map of Europe on the conference table.

The representatives of the victorious nation saw the map, and stood up one by one, staring at the land they were asking for. The location of the land was marked on this map.

The representatives of the defeated countries looked at the map at the same time, and they suddenly sighed as they looked at the enclosed land.

However, they were more in consternation, because they found that the ceded land was only a disputed land, and the traditional territory in history was not divided, which made them feel confused.

"The land above is the land you need to cede to the victorious country. Do you have any opinions now?" Xiao Ming asked.

Representatives of the defeated countries shook their heads. If they are doomed to lose a part of their territory, they would rather be this part of the disputed territory.

Xiao Ming nodded. Last night, he had communicated with the representatives of the victorious country. It was not that the victorious country only wanted this part of the disputed territory, but that he vetoed other victorious countries' demands for more territory.

The reason is simple. He doesn't want to weaken the traditional powers such as Britain and Europe will rise again from other great powers. This is the balance policy of the empire in Europe.

If the European members of the Vienna Entente no longer needed the protection of the empire, then the Vienna Convention would have no reason to exist.

So he can't kill all the defeated countries with a single stick. He wants them to keep a breath, and they can save them whenever they want to.

And when he persuaded the victory over the country, the reason was that he did not want the contradictions in Europe to continue to intensify.

The war has been fought so far, Austria and other countries do not want to continue fighting. After all, most of the supplies of the imperial team during the war were borne by and the war also destroyed many of their cities.

For this reason, they decided to stop.

The defeated country has no opinion, and the victorious country is naturally overjoyed.

They have signed the documents to confirm the cession of land.

The empire also has its own requirements for the land. They formally recognize the occupation of the colonies of the world by the empire.

And asked Spain to cede Gibraltar as the empire's military port in Europe.

Let France, Britain, Prussia, and Tsarist Russia cede a port city as the seat of the imperial garrison.

After the territorial negotiations ended, Xiao Ming immediately raised the issue of war compensation.

He demanded that the defeated country pay a total of 8 billion golden dragons to the empire and repay them in installments within ten years.

In addition to the demands of other victorious countries, the total amount of compensation for the defeated countries reached 9.6 billion golden dragons.

When this amount came out, the defeated country was shocked. A golden dragon is 1.5 grams, and 100 million golden dragons are equivalent to 150 tons of gold.

The 9.6 billion golden dragon is equivalent to more than 10,000 tons of gold. Even if this amount is shared among the five countries, it is a heavy burden, and they even doubt whether it can be repaid.

But the verdict is ruthless, and they must implement this resolution whether they want it or not.

After the compensation issue, Xiao Ming elaborated on the rest. He asked the defeated country not to produce and develop destructive offensive weapons, including tanks, aircraft, and warships.

Only self-defense forces can be kept in the country, and offensive troops are not allowed.

In terms of economy, he asked the defeated country to open its market to the empire, allow the empire to open banks in its territory, and recognize the circulation role of the Imperial Dragon coin and recognize it as a world currency. In the future, all international trade will use the Imperial Dragon coin as the settlement currency. )!!

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