As a transport plane landed at the airport, the whole city seemed to be noisy.

At the airport, Lu Fei, Ye Qingyun, and thunderous eyes were all staring at the landing transport plane.

They have received the news in advance that Xiao Ming will personally come to Vienna to participate in the signing of the Vienna Treaty.

At the airport are also the princes and nobles of the Allied Powers. Now that the war is victorious, it is time to reap the fruits.

Obviously, they didn't want to miss this opportunity, they wanted to meet the mysterious Eastern emperor as soon as possible, hoping to get the most benefit in the process of signing the treaty.

The plane came to a halt on the runway of the airport. Immediately, the door of the plane opened and Xiao Ming and the officials slowly walked off the landing gear.

Lu Fei and the generals walked forward at this time and came to Xiao Ming. They gave a military salute neatly.

At the same time, the Austrian military band played cheerful vocals at this time.

The princes and nobles of the Allied nations also came forward one after another, forming two teams.

They scrambled for fear of being stolen by others.

"Thanks, commanders." Xiao Ming first greeted Lu Fei and the others.

"Your Majesty has worked hard," everyone said in unison, with smiles on their faces.

Xiao Ming nodded slightly, and then he continued to walk forward.

In the evening, he had time to learn about the situation in Europe with Lu Fei and others. Now he still needs to say hello to the members of the Allied Powers.

Tang Wenjie stepped forward to introduce Xiao Ming: "Your Majesty, this is the King of Austria, this King of Sweden..."

Every time someone was introduced, Xiao Ming stretched out his hand to shake hands with them, and he saw hundreds of people one by one.

After a brief meeting, Xiao Ming took a special car to the Austrian hotel where he was staying.

In the evening, he and Lu Fei and others had dinner at the hotel where they were staying.

"Your Majesty, in order to ensure safety, the defense of Vienna is temporarily controlled by the Imperial Army, and a large number of Imperial troops are stationed outside Vienna. It is absolutely safe here." Lu Fei said.

Ye Qingyun and Lei Ming are responsible for the security of the meeting schedule. Ye Qingyun said: "The security work during the entire meeting is carried out by Imperial soldiers to prevent accidents."

When I came to Europe this time, everyone was most worried about Xiao Ming's safety, so everyone did not dare to take it lightly.

If something goes wrong in Europe, they will really lose out.

"Yes, you are doing more well now than before. With you, I won't worry about safety." Xiao Ming said with a smile.

After a pause, he continued: "Have all the members of the St. Petersburg Entente arrived?"

"Emperor Henry of France has committed suicide. Apart from the arrival of the capitals of other countries, they are all waiting for the meeting." Tang Wenjie reported to Xiao Ming.

"Well, how are their emotions?"

"After this war, they no longer have illusions, and domestic calls for an armistice are also very high. I believe that even if the conditions are harsh, they have to accept it at this time."

Xiao Ming looked satisfied. He had many goals to achieve in Vienna this time.

After pondering for a while, he said: "The cabinet has already prepared the topic of the meeting. Take it back and take a closer look. You will start preparations based on these contents tomorrow.

Tang Wenjie took the thick documents and simply flipped through him with a relaxed expression. Obviously, the cabinet had already figured out what to talk about in Vienna, so he only needed to execute it.

Tang Wenjie was assigned a task, and Xiao Ming looked at his generals at this time: “The end of this war does not mean that the empire’s military presence in Europe is unnecessary. In fact, in order to prevent the St. Petersburg Entente from threatening the security of the world, the empire It is necessary to station troops on the territory of the St. Petersburg Entente, so your mission is not over yet, but has just begun."

The three of Lu Fei were happy when they heard this. Now the war in Europe is over, which means that there will be no more major wars in the world.

If so, they will be bored again.

If they can station troops in Europe, then they at least have things to do.

"The end general also thinks so. Although the war in Europe has ended, Europe has not yet completely calmed down. There are still some resistance forces that are always threatening the security of the Allied countries. And although the United Kingdom and other countries have been defeated, they are still unwilling. When the empire's army leaves, they will certainly secretly develop military forces to seek the future." Lu Fei said.

Ye Qingyun believed that, "Your Majesty, Commander Lu Fei is right. During this war, we have a full understanding of the St. Petersburg Entente. They are all careerists and will not be willing to stay under the people for a long time. Once they become strong again Rising up will surely bite the empire, so I don’t have to station troops on its territory to monitor what they do. Once they have dangerous actions, the empire can respond at any Ming nodded, This was one of his purposes for coming to Europe this time, and he wanted to achieve complete control over Europe through this war.

"The cabinet has considered all your ideas. In this Vienna Treaty, the Empire will make clear regulations for the defeated countries in St. Petersburg. These regulations will trap them in a cage." Xiao Ming said in a deep voice.

After a brief communication, Xiao Ming asked Lu Fei and them to go back separately.

At this time, the hotel where he stayed was already lined up with waiting politicians from the Vienna Entente.

They all wanted to meet Xiao Ming before the meeting to discuss the content of the treaty.

Xiao Ming did not want to neglect the members of these allied countries.

Because in the future, he still needs these member states to restrain these defeated countries in Europe.

So after Lu Fei and others left, he asked Tang Wenjie to arrange a meeting with these people. He also wanted to hear what these people thought, so as not to have differences in opinions when the meeting was held.

After meeting with the dignitaries of Austria, the Netherlands, Hungary, Sweden, Finland, Norway and other countries, he had a scrupulous mind.

Like every victorious country versus a defeated country in history, these countries first raised territorial issues.

Whether it is Austria or the Netherlands, they all demand a part of the territories that have been disputed with the defeated countries or territories with ties.

The second is war reparations. At the beginning of the war, the Vienna Entente was attacked by the St. Petersburg Entente. Under the disparity in power, they all suffered relatively heavy losses. Now they demand compensation.

Article 3 These countries hope that the empire can formulate a plan to contain the defeated country from becoming stronger, so as to prevent the defeated country from being able to rise again after the war to pose a threat to them. )!!