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Invincible Summoning of Tang Dynasty

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“Come on, prepare for war!”

“Your Majesty, why?”

“Nothing, slaughter the city, destroy the country!”

Li Chengqian looked cold, but his heart was as hot as fire. Looking at this boundless world of gods and demons, he held the most invincible summoning system, and made a secret decision.

I am! Definitely conquer all enemies!

I die! It must also be remembered forever!

White Horse Silver Spear Zhao Zilong, Dahan Champion Hou Huo Qubing,

Wu Mourning Heavenly King Ran Min, Feihu General Li Cunxiao,

Western Chu Overlord Xiang Yu…

A arrogant Hua Tiantian has been born one after another,

From this, the Tang Dynasty has also taken the road to dominate the heavens…

- Description from MTL


Short Title:ISTD
Alternate Title:神魔大唐之无敌召唤
Author:Light thinking
Weekly Rank:#34
Monthly Rank:#291
All Time Rank:#2715
Tags:Army Building, Devoted Love Interests, Early Romance, Empires, Generals, Harem, Imperial Harem, Inheritance, Kingdom Building, Loyal Subordinates, Male Protagonist, Military, Polygamy, Summoned Hero, System, Time Skip, Wars Weak to Strong,
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8 Comments on “Invincible Summoning of Tang Dynasty
  1. Just the repeat version , i am disappointed to most for cultivation novel. Why strong rule weak word ok i can accept that part but why most of the chinese mc are start from weak but when they encounter oppuntunity. They behave like their enemy. They say yes mc is the author creation so he will be son of destiny. But why most of the character were lifeless. Even female character can only be control by mc.like some bullshit word they are in awe, so mighty, majestic, so handsome, impossible my technique ias so powerful. And all of the vilian are always understimated the lower rank. Are most chinese only fancy the outer appearance even in their kind. They are like a program which repeat it action after certain condition is meet.

  2. Hi, there is a problem with the current raw source. We want to change the raw source of this novel. So, we have to delete the chapters first. Please be patient.. Thanks...

  3. So far no harem, only 1 love interest has been shown Mc enemy is too strong, and lottery was really shit there is time lottery which is blank. Also I dont know why the world only focus on mc, I mean big of world all the strong is rushing to mc territory and it kind a force lol. Hate the part of suicide of his army, I feel like I was reading a good demon lord who is enemy of the whole world since mc palace was always beseige by the strong. Also the title is a lie. Neither mc nor his system and generals are invincible. After he annihilate the enemy, a new one will appear but just stronger enemy and mc will summon stronger generals and repeated cycle. Cant feel the joy of success nor the story of mc is growing since he is always suppress as if nothing change, only the realm and grade of an empire. In short, I damn dont enjoy the story So many mysterious enemy that comes out for nothing and that shitty inheritance is just an excuse to make an enemy of mc. Boring

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