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Invincible, Starts from Immortal Venerable Father

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Xue An had gone three thousand years to cultivate into the Supreme Immortal Venerable, but when he returned to the earth, he found that he had two more twin daughters.

“Baba, this dragon doesn’t taste good!”

“Oh, this ancestral dragon has been alive for too long. The meat is a bit firewood. Next time we will eat a dragon that is less than 10,000 years old.”

A certain dragon that had existed since the beginning of the universe was lying on the ground trembling.

“Baba, you and other immortal grandpas, who is great?”

Xue An smiled, and no one can resist Xue An’s punch.

If there is!

Then two punches!

“Daughter, I will make you the happiest princess in the world, no, the happiest princess in the universe! And two!”

- Description from MTL


Short Title:ISIVF
Alternate Title:无敌,从仙尊奶爸开始
Author:Come one dollar sunshine
Weekly Rank:#762
Monthly Rank:#1203
All Time Rank:#598
Tags:Adapted to Manga, Adapted to Manhwa, Childcare, Immortals, Nationalism, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Racism, Strong to Stronger, Urban,
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28 Comments on “Invincible, Starts from Immortal Venerable Father
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  1. I don't get why the mc of novels like these won't tell the truth. I mean the mc shouldn't be blamed. In this story, he got in an accident that leads him to another world but that doesn't mean it is his fault so why should he feel really guilty? i mean i understand if he is partially guilty but the mc would always get blamed for such stuff even if he has no control whatsoever. Its like getting blamed that you were in a coma for four years. The mc would have to feel really guilty then apoligize even if there is nothing to apoligize. If i were in that position, i would've told everything, and if they still didn't get it then i would ignore it. I didn't even get to chapter 3 before i dropped it. I mean if you can't disclose all your secrets to someone that truly loves you or even your daughter, then wouldn't that mean you didn't trust them enough? I personally think that people who keeps secret from someone they say they trust means that they don't fully trust them. If the mc doesn't tell their secret to those they trust (i.e. their daughter) then i would think he is a bad person, a really bad person. If he doesn't share his secrets then it is like he doesn't trust them.

  2. I mean, thinking about it from a logical perspective, he is an immortal, and the fact that he is willing to lower his status to treat 'mortals' the same as him must be quite big. Or maybe he is used to not explaining his decisions to others that leads to him not clearing up the misunderstanding?

  3. i am not religionist or racist or nationalist or sexist . i read alot of chinese novels . i like chinese novels . But this novel is really Piece of SHIT ... WHY ? Because : in this novel "chinese people" are "Superior race" , others are "inferior race" ...but novel auth. make a breakthrough in this concept to his predecessors ("Nazism") :D ... novel auth. tell us "chinese people" are "Superior race" in "All races in Universe" , Not just in human race :D ............... point : 1/100 is too much for this shit ...

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