"Now the sword is broken like this."

"Everything is over."

"Sister Hua Ruo Li..."

Yu Le felt very guilty.

He knew that if it wasn't for himself, Huaruo would not be so embarrassed.

Not really, let his most important sword be destroyed.

"But what has happened, and now even if I think about it a lot, I know I can't save it."

"Unless time can pass."

"But this is impossible."

Yu Le held the sword and whispered.

"Sister Hua Ruoli, let us use our faith to defeat all our opponents!" Yu Le said.

"Okay, it's so decided!!"

Hua Ruoli also recovered, saying so.

The two laughed, and then rushed to the ruins.

At this moment, a large number of people in black guarded from the ruins.

"These two guys who didn't know how to live or die, they actually came back."

"Didn't you run away before? Why come back at this time? Is it because you think you have lived too long."

"It just so happens that they can get revenge when they come back."

"Those who violate our secret realm must be eliminated."

A crowd of people in black rushed out.

Because of Yu Le's order, neither the sword spirit nor the nine-tailed monster race could do it.

They just stood behind and watched quietly.

At this moment, Yu Le and Hua Ruoli are fighting side by side.

Familiar cooperation, familiar ideas.

This time, Hua Ruoli and Yu Le are no longer like the first time. When facing these black-clothed guards, they can't completely beat them and can't cope with them.

For them, at this time, they don't have any fear.

"Hua Ruo Li Sister, profile!"

"Be careful behind, sister Yu Le."

Two people come and go, and defeat these black guards one by one.

"how is this possible?"

"How could the two of them become so powerful?"

"No, this is a dream, I don't believe it, I really don't believe it."

"Absolutely not, these two guys are weird."

The screams of the guards in black continued to sound.

Soon, these guys were defeated.

The remaining black guards ran away.

"Hoo... happy!!"

Hua Ruoli smiled heartily.

"Yeah, Sister Hua Ruoli, it's really fun. We seem to have known each other for a long time. It's the first time we have fought like this."

"I used to drag you back. You have to fight alone, so you still have to protect me."

"Now finally, I don't need you to protect me, I'm here to help you." Yu Le said.

"That's right, now Sister Yu Le has really become a super wolf. To cooperate with you, I don't need much effort anymore. Your strength is already enough to crush them."

"Time flies so fast, two years later, your growth is really in my eyes."

"I'm watching you get stronger and better step by step."

Hua Ruoli sighed suddenly, looked at the sword in his hand, and looked at the guards in black on the ground, with some emotion.

"Whether it is painful or happy, Sister Yu Le always talks to me, and I know that you need my protection and also my encouragement and company."

"I also watched you slowly, never knowing anything, knowing nothing, improving myself a little bit, and then becoming stronger."

"Looking at your constant efforts, you were bullied at first, but no one bullied you again."

"As of now, no one dares to provoke you with Sister Yu Le's strength, and your strength has improved a lot."

"I can see this process with my own eyes. I really feel that Sansheng is lucky."

"My efforts were not in vain. You have become stronger, and I am very pleased."

Hua Ruoli laughed.

It's just that this smile, in Yu Le's eyes, is somewhat of a trace of vicissitudes.

"Hua Ruo seems to be tired after leaving her sister over the years."

Yu Le thought to himself.

Give so much, don't ask for anything in return, just hope that Yu Le is good.

In fact, thinking about it now, Yu Le feels pressure from such things.

If you haven't made any progress, if you're still the same, even if you don't want to make progress, wouldn't you be disappointed with Hua Ruoli's intentions?

Fortunately, I did not do these hurtful things.

"Hey...When I first started in the field, I once fantasized that I was strong in my sister Hua Ruoli, and then I was complacent."

"Looking at it now, the thoughts at those times are really ridiculous. Now that this is the case, I really can't laugh at all now."

"I don't know why, I don't have any happy thoughts at all."

"On the contrary, I feel that if I can, I'm still willing to go back to the little Yu Le before."

"Perhaps this is the most correct approach."

Yu Le shook his head, but there are many things, and now I really can't look back, just like now, now Yu Le himself, his strength has been seen by Hua Ruoli.

Thinking about this, this is no longer necessary.

"Sister Hua Ruoli, let's go, if I remember correctly, there is a powerful guy inside, and his strength is really strong."

"In the beginning, the two of us really worked hard to deal with this person. We almost lost our lives, but we never played."

"Fortunately, we ran away two by one," Yu Le said.

Mentioning this matter, Hua Ruoli also laughed at once.

"Don't say it, Sister Yu Le reminded me of your reminder."

"There is indeed such a thing, and it is quite embarrassing to think about it."

"At that time, the two of us were very embarrassed, and because that guy was limited by his strength, he was not crushed by fighting the two of us."

"This hatred, the two of us really have to get back!!"

Yu Le also mentioned this matter, expressing his unhappiness.

"Hahaha, of course, this kind of thing is definitely going for revenge, anyway, we have to get back the face we lost at the time."

"At that time, this guy made us so embarrassed, we have to let him taste this taste."

"After all, we are not what we used to be. For the two of us, this is an excellent opportunity. I don't want to miss it."

Hua Ruoli said.

"Yes, Sister Hua Ruoli is right, and we still have a lot of accounts to be settled, so no matter what, we must do it."

Yu Le nodded.

Then he looked back and said to the sword spirit and the Nine-Tailed Demon Race behind him: "We just need to go in, you don't need to follow up. Now with my strength, I want to deal with these things more than enough. "