Hua Ruoli smiled.

Then he looked at Yu Le and said, "Look, isn't this just making me wait."

"I know, no matter how long it is, if you are happy, you will definitely not let me down, and you will definitely keep your promise. I am waiting for you here, and there is no waste of it."

With that said, Hua Ruoli also walked to Yu Le's side, and then gently patted Yu Le.

"Just come back. No matter how many troubles and difficulties I have experienced, it is best to wait for Sister Yu Le back."

"In the future, we won't have to separate again." Hua Ruoli said.

"But I... Sister Hua Ruoli, at least here I abandoned you." Tears in Yu Le's eyes rolled.

"How can you say that, this can't be regarded as your abandonment of me, I know you suddenly left, there must be your own reasons."

"You are also very anxious about me, I know, did you tell me too, these days you miss me very much, when you think about me and I go through trouble, sister Yu Le will not have a good life. "

"It can be seen that the breath on your body tells me that you have also experienced a lot of cruel things before you will become stronger, not for no reason."

Hua Ruoli's smile is still bright.

"Sister Hua Ruoli, you are really empathetic, you still know me about these things."

Yu Le didn't say anything more about this, he knew that now it was all in vain if he said more.

As far as the current situation is concerned, at this moment, Yu Le looked at Hua Ruoli and told himself in his heart that no matter what, he must do his best to absolutely not make Hua Ruoli sad anymore.

"Absolutely, absolutely, it must be done well, it must be done."

"Hua Ruo's elder sister's affairs are mine."

After nodding, Yu Le at the moment also stabilized his mentality.

"Come on, Hua Ruoli sister, let's fight." Yu Le said.

"Wait! Look at your sword. The weapon is broken like this. If you go to fight, you will easily have problems in the battle."

"It's better to use mine." The speaker was the Nine-Tailed Demon Race.

At this moment, the Nine-Tailed Demon Race handed over a sword of its own.

"No, thank you, I want to fight with my sword, because to me, this sword is of great significance."

"I won't abandon him until the last moment. What's more, now that this sword is like this, it is also caused by this time."

"So I feel here that if I can fight to the last minute with this sword, then it is really a perfect thing for me."

Hua Ruoli also kindly refused.


The Nine-Tailed Demon Race didn't know what to say, but just looked at Yu Le aside.

In response, Yu Le nodded and agreed.

"Just listen to Sister Hua Ruoli, he has his own ideas, and he is right, this sword has a deep relationship with Sister Hua Ruoli, and it has been with her sister Hua Ruoli for two years. Around."

"This may also be the last battle for this sword. Sister Hua Ruoli wants to take this sword to fight with me. I think this is a kind of respect for my Yu Le."

"Sister Hua Ruoli ended up with his past."

Yu Le said.

Others don't know, but the sword of Yu Le's situation has much meaning to Hua Ruoli.

This sword was a gift given to her by one of his best friends when Hua Ruoli chose to run away from home.

I hope that when I can see this sword, this friend of hers can be heard.

Hua Ruoli also said to Yu Le at that time.

Her friend was thin and weak, and finally changed to this sword, holding it in front of Hua Ruoli with great difficulty, and handing it to her.

Let Hua Ruoli take care of herself.

Thinking about the scenes at that time, Yu Le at this moment also smiled suddenly.

This is friendship! !

Then Yu Le looked aside.

At this moment Hua Ruoli was a little distracted.

I am afraid that Hua Ruoli at this time is also thinking about that friend at the time.

Hua Ruoli's mouth has a faint smile.

She held the sword in her hand tightly.

I remembered what I looked like the day before I left.

Under a tree, Hua Ruoli waited there impatiently.

Her best playmate at the time, best friend, came to her awkwardly with her thin body and holding this sword.

"No! Huahua, this is a gift for you, I got this sword with great effort, I hope you like it!!"

Thinking of this, Hua Ruoli's eyes turned red.

Think about it at that time, Hua Ruoli really felt that he was stupid, and his good friend did not say a word to him like this.

Just looked at the sword and then took it.

"Huahua, I won't be able to give you any more gifts for your birthday in the future."

"Now that you are gone, I'm afraid we won't meet again in our lifetime. I really feel sad to think about it."

"But I know your dream is outside, and I also know you won't stay, you are my best friend."

"I can't bear you, but I am willing to support you."

"Huahua, take care of yourself. If you miss me, just look at this sword. The hilt of this sword has my name!"

"See you again in the future!"

These voices seemed to be vivid in the eyes, and Hua Ruoli at this moment raised his head.

Looking at the sky, Hua Ruoli muttered to herself.

"Now I regret it. It would be nice if I could say a word to you."

"But this world is so big, I am afraid we will never have the fate to see you again."

"And the sword you gave me, now I don't have a good protection, it has become like this now." Hua Ruoli didn't know how to describe her feelings.

She felt her good mood was destroyed.

And the destruction was fragmented, but he couldn't help it.

"Sister Hua Ruoli is so sad. I have never seen sister Hua Ruoli be so unhappy before."

"It's been the first time since so many years, I saw Hua Ruoli's sister like this."

"Hey... this sword is really too special for him. If Hua Ruoli's sister can have such an expression, I will understand it."

"After all, no matter how you say it, like Hua Ruoli's sister, this sword is broken, which means that the friendship between himself and his friend is over."

"I still remember that at the very beginning, when Hua Ruoli introduced this sword to me, she proudly told me that this is her best partner and a birthday present for him."

"He still needs to hold this sword, and he will go back to the other side after many years."

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