I found that Yu Le's eyes had been fixed on his sword.

Hua Ruoli looked down at this side.

She then smiled.

It seems to understand something.

"Oh, you said my sword, haha... Actually it's okay, it's nothing, it's just too much, so my sword has these gaps."

"Even though I am, I really don't want this, because my sword is still meaningful to me."

"It was given to me by a very important friend of mine at the beginning, but it has become like this now. In fact, I am also sad in my heart, but because I have to fight, I can only do that."

"Now, even though this sword has become like this, I think it can still be used."

Hua Ruoli also smiled faintly.

After hearing what Hua Ruoli said, Yu Le really didn't know what to say.

Now his mood suddenly became even more uncomfortable.

Looking at the sword of Hua Ruoli, people who don’t understand may not be able to see anything, but people who understand a little bit know how many cruel battles it has gone through before using the weapon in this way. what?

"Sister Hua Ruoli, during the time I was away, did you have a hard time alone? Those guys must be embarrassing for you."

Yu Le said so.

Now Yu Le's voice is full of choking.

It can be seen that Yu Le's mood now is really super bad.

Think about it, no matter what, from today's perspective, if this kind of thing happened to Yu Le, he felt that he could stick to it.

The sword spirit behind Yu Le and the Nine Tailed Demon Race looked at each other.

The two people met by chance, with a hint of surprise in their eyes.

Obviously, even with these two powerful beings, they were really shocked by the situation of Hua Ruo Li.

"I said... old fox, what's the situation? If this Hua is separated from his sword, if this is the case, then the battle will be very tragic."

Sword Spirit asked.

"This kind of thing, you ask me, how did I know."

"I think you should ask our little master who is right," said the Nine-Tailed Demon Race.

For the Nine-Tailed Demon Race, as a veteran powerhouse, how could it be impossible for the Nine-Tailed Demon Race to see anything, it's just that it's the situation now, it's really not just nonsense.

The Nine-Tailed Demon Race knew this very well, so he didn't speak randomly.

For the Nine-Tailed Monster Race, he knew that all the answers, only Yu Le understood.

Sword Spirit nodded, hearing the answer from the Nine Tailed Demon Race, Sword Spirit walked over and asked in Yu Le's ear.

"Master, I want to ask you something."

Sword Spirit said.

"Oh, Jian Ling, what do you want to say, just ask, I will definitely answer you if I know." Yu Le said with a smile.

"Well, I just want to ask, is this your friend's sword, when you left before, is it like this, or is it slightly damaged?" Jian Ling said.

Upon hearing this, Yu Le's eyes became a little blurred.

"Yes, it's intact..." Yu Le replied.

"What?" Jian Ling couldn't believe his ears.

"Know that Sister Hua Ruoli cherishes his weapons very much, so for Sister Hua Ruoli, he usually maintains his sword regularly, and he also takes good care of his sword."

"When I left, Hua Ruoli's weapon on my sister's side was very good, and there was no damage. It can be said that it is new and not an exaggeration."

"But what I didn't expect was that after I came back, Hua Ruoli's sister's sword became like this. In the past half month, what kind of battle he has experienced."

"But Sister Hua Ruoli is reluctant to say that, it is impossible for him to tell me."

"As long as it's something she doesn't want to say, then no matter how I ask here, it is useless." Yu Le sighed.

"okay, I get it……"

Regardless of the fact that the sword spirit's answer was calm on the surface, but the sword spirit's heart was already overwhelmed.

To be honest, facing such a situation, the sword spirit at this moment really felt a lot of emotion in his heart.

Back at the side of the Nine-Tailed Demon Race, the Nine-Tailed Demon Race also couldn't wait to ask.

"How do you say, how did the master answer you just now?" Nine-tailed Demon Race asked.

"Master said, Hua Ruoli's sword was good before." Sword Spirit said dejectedly.

"What? So in other words, at this time when the master is away, Hua Ruoli has experienced a lot of extreme battles. If he is not wrong, maybe many of his battles are on the edge of life and death."

"That said, it's too surprising."

"From her body, I can't feel those irritable breaths at all," said the Nine-Tailed Demon Race.

"Yes, if it's people who have experienced these battles, they will feel a little bit different from their breath."

"But this friend of the master is still very calm, and he hasn't mentioned anything before."

"Really a good friend, it's so enviable." Jian Ling said.

"Yes, to be honest, I am somewhat envious now."

"In the beginning, I really didn't think that Hua Ruoli would be so good."

At this moment, the Nine Tailed Demon Race also had to admire it.

The eyes of the Nine-Tailed Demon Clan looked at Hua Ruoli with a trace of awe.


"How nice Hua Ruo is from this person, we already know it, but for us, I never thought that he could go through these battles."

"Originally, it seems that this guy's strength is also particularly powerful, but he can chase so many kills at the moment, and he can still be intact, which is what he excels." Jian Ling praised.

"It's true. It seems that the owner is special, but his baby room is really extraordinary."

"It's getting more and more interesting. It seems that this friend of the master is no longer an idle thing." The Nine Tailed Demon Race replied.

Yu Le at this moment had no time to think about why Jian Ling asked himself this question.

She just stared at the sword in Hua Ruoli's hand blankly, her mind was chaotic now.

"There is no good place for this sword. Sister Hua Ruoli, you still have to fight until now, and you didn't choose to escape." Yu Le said.

"Why are you running? Why are you running? I've said that I won't leave you behind, so I am fighting here to wait for you."

"I know you will come to me."

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