The land of the dragon? ”

"Wait, isn't it the birthplace of the legendary Chinese summer?"

"Do you really have this place?"

The people present were a little stunned and excited.

Whether it is true or not, it can be auctioned at the military auction, there is still some authenticity.

"As far as I know, as long as the collection of 10 dragon keys can open the dragon's land, and the specific location of the dragon's land, the ten dragon keys come together. As for the true and false, I don't know, the dragon key is in the end. I don't know where it is scattered, but it is an opportunity for everyone. It is rare. If you miss it, you may regret it for the rest of your life."

The eloquence of the auctioneer is very good, and the emotions of all people are raised in a few words.

The cheongsam woman came up with a red cloth covered box.

After the red cloth is opened, a dragon-shaped key is presented to everyone.

This dragon key is black, with teeth and tiger claws. It is a dragon's key. Even if it is just a key, everyone can see unusual from this dragon, as if it really faces a real dragon.

This is a very incredible feeling.

"This is the **** atmosphere left by Qinglong." Lin Fei, who had already lost interest, suddenly came to the spirit.

From this key, he felt the familiar atmosphere, which is the Qinglong breath of one of the four holy beasts.

"We said that China and the land of the dragons?" Lin Fei said Lin Ziqing.

Lin Ziqing learned a lot of talents, and learned to be rich for five years. At this time, he frowned. "The land of the dragon is like there is existence. I remember that I have seen it in which ancient books, but the above information is not much, a few words, if It’s not the auction. I’ve forgotten that there is such a place in China, but no one knows where the dragon’s land is.”

Lin Ziqing took a deep breath. "I think this key of the dragon is out, I am afraid that the entire Huaxia warrior will be crazy. It is of great significance. I finally understand why the people of the five major families will come here."

"Anyone who is interested can come and watch it for themselves. This is the real thing under the dragon."

The people who sat in the top of the top family couldn't sit still one after another, and they all started to look at the dragon key.

After they came down, their looks were very excited and they looked down and seemed to be discussing something.

Lin Fei’s knowledge has been shrouded in the key of the dragon. He found a gap in the key of the dragon, and this gap should be combined with another dragon key.

In this dragon key, it hides the power of a seal. The power is very strong, but it perfectly converges within the key of this dragon.

Under the seal power, there is a small part of the map.

This map is left with the supreme power, and it will not be affected by any long time, and it will be vivid.

Lin Fei is not very familiar with world geography, but at first glance, he can still see it.

This dragon's land should be in the north, specifically in the north, which needs to be carefully searched.

Of course, if you want to find it out, it is not very difficult.

The real difficulty is the dragon key, it seems that this entrance can only be opened by the dragon key.

"We still have a lot of good things in China."

Lin Ziqing said earnestly, "I also heard from my father that we were very brilliant in China, but I didn't know what was wrong, which led to the disappearance of masters overnight. Many exercises have become stunts."

"Because the key of the dragon is not normal, the auction will not compete with the price of money. We will exchange things and the value of the ones will be the highest. We will exchange this key to the other party. I hope everyone will consider it when bidding. The auctioneer announced the rules for the auction.

When the rules came out, it made a lot of people change.

The forces that can come to the auction at the scene are all rich owners, who can easily get hundreds of billions of dollars and still get it.

But if it is used to change things, it is totally different.

Money is good, but these things are not comparable to money.

The scene fell into a short silence.

Soon there was a force to speak.

"We have an innate skill in Tianyunlou."

On behalf of Tianyun Building is a middle-aged fat man with a big belly and a thick smile on his face.

Tianyun Building is also a small force in China, and there is still some distance from the top, but it is also a first-class force.

"Fat, what is a congenital exercise? We have two innate exercises in the four squares, pressing you." Another force stood up and said.

To the military, there are congenital exercises, as long as the talent is available, and if there are resources, you can hit the innate realm. If there is no innate skill, even if there is talent, it is bound to be stuck there.

That is, you have no way to practice.

The resources in China are the most important, and the most important thing for everyone is the resources such as Gongfa.

China's power resources are very limited. Basically, every innate skill is controlled by the major families and will never flow into the outside.

Even if there is, there will be recovery from the family power.

On the black market, many people buy congenital exercises at a high price, but there is always no market for them. No one dares to sell the congenital exercises.

So how important is a congenital exercise, it goes without saying.

The competition is very intense.

First, the congenital exercises, supplemented by the secret law and so on, plus weapons, each opening is a big hand.

"Is he not tempted?" Wu Yukun has been paying attention to the situation.

The only thing he was concerned about in the field was that Lin Fei, the key to the dragon was expensive, and it was a chicken-ribbed thing for Wumen, so he took the chicken ribs out and caused everyone’s interest, maybe Maybe another key of the dragon will not appear.

If it is not because of the emergence of Lin Fei, then Wu Haokun will not pay so much attention to this auction, but Lin Fei is not the same on the scene, he is afraid that this person will make a big noise.

The price of competition is also getting higher and higher, the high is called, but more is excitement and ecstasy.

The five major families have also been engaged in the competition, and finally the highest bid for Yejia.

Three innate techniques, plus one secret method, plus the three requirements of Ye Jia.

This made the other families have nothing to lose.

The top five families, Ye Family ranked first, and Ye Jia’s three requirements can definitely make everyone excited.

In the opinion of the auctioneer, if there is no accident, then the key of the dragon will fall in the Ye family, and the auction of their warriors can also be mad.

"It is the key to be able to come up with the congenital exercises. It is the key to being able to cultivate to the innate powers, and Lin Fei is different." Lin Fei smiled and stood up.

"Wu brother, what do you think? I believe no one can be higher than the price I have."

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