Yanjia Villa.

Also located in the suburbs of Yanjing, the area is very large, not inferior to Wangjia Villa.

The younger generation of the Wang family, including the older generation, lived here and formed a huge ethnic group.

Yan Tiexi also received the news in the first time, and the whole person was furious.

"He Lin Fei is really a big courage. He has offended the Wang family and said that he is now offended by our Yan family. Does he really think that our Yan family would not dare to do it?"

For Lin Fei, this person knows a lot about Yan Xie, and the younger disciples of Yan family have suffered in his hands.

I was on the blacklist of the Yan family, but the Yan family did not do it. Now Lin Fei dared to rob the things belonging to their Yan family halfway, which cannot be easily survived.

I robbed the things and said nothing, but I also injured Yan Tiannan and Yan.

This is a step on the head of the Yan family.

If it is normal, but this time the Yan family has contacted a big man, and definitely can't make a difference.

"Homeowner, now that thing falls on Lin Fei's hand, I want to grab it back. I am afraid that the difficulty is not small. If the big man is angry, our Yan family can't stand it." Yan Tiannan's face is pale, not a trace of blood. Anxious to say.

"I can only talk to the person myself in this matter, I hope he can understand us."

Yan Xie **** stunned Yan Yan no trace, "Give me down, not allowed to go out within a month, if you dare to step out of the door half-step, directly interrupt your legs, do not have to go out for a lifetime, then reflect What did you do wrong?"

There is no trace of Yan, Yan Xie is hate iron is not steel.

In a courtyard of the Yan family, it was very quiet.

Yan iron blood pushes the door in.

The pace is a lot lighter.

"Little iron, what the old man wants, you brought it."

If someone hears this name, it will be a big surprise. Yan Xie is a man of sixty years old. He is called a small iron. It is definitely not the same.

"Luo deacon, I am really sorry, you have something unexpected, I am afraid to drag a few days later." Yan Tiexi also said with a hard scalp.

There is a man sitting in the yard, looking like a forty or fifty.

A cold eye shot over, and the void seemed to be covered with frost.

"Little iron, you are doing this for the old man!"

Not angry and self-defeating!

When I encountered a loud noise, Yan Tie had retired six steps. Every step fell to the ground with footprints and **** eyes.

"You are really useless. Letting you do something small is like this. If you let you do something big, you don't have to do it."

Yan Xie blood can't afford the anger in front of this person, but the whisper of Nono. "Luo deacon, you give me a chance, I will bring it back."

As the owner of the Yan family, in the place of Yanjing, it is a powerful figure, but who knows that the middle-aged man who looks like a 40-year-old is in front of him, that is the real horror.

Because he is from the Kunlun secret!

"I am watching you grow up. The first few things have done a good job. Only this thing is too disappointing for the old man. Fortunately, it is just a medicinal material. It is not a big deal. The old man wants to know who is intercepted." Things, Yanjing, this place should have no one dare to grab the old man's things!" The person who is called the deacon, said not lightly.

Every sentence is filled with a terrible pressure.

"It is a foreign river dragon, named Lin Fei, but it is a congenital strongman. Everything is taken away by him. The two masters of our Yan family are all injured." Yan Xie said truthfully.

"Lin Fei, is that Lin Fei who recently had the trouble of the Wang family?"

Luo’s deacon smiled. “I didn’t expect a junior to step on the head of your Yan family. It’s ridiculous.”

Yan Xie can only stand silently. "I heard that this person is quite mysterious, and maybe someone from a certain sect."

"It is normal for your Yan family's guru not to be his opponent. You are arranging people to stare at him. After the old man has solved the Lin family, he will pick up the guy."

A person who can noisy again is only a strong ant in the eyes of Luo.

For the time being, it is not worth his shot.

"This kind of small matter is actually handed over to our Yan family. Although he is a congenital strongman, our Yan family also has innateness. Now many people think that our Yan family is good at bullying. It is also time to kill chickens and monkeys once." Yan Yan said coldly.

How much grievances have been suffered here, Yan Xie will transfer these grievances to Lin Fei.

The only good news is that Luo is not really angry. Otherwise, it is not as simple as sitting here.

"You are sure that the thing is in the hands of the Lin family. There is no mistake. You must know that the old man came out of the Kunlun secret. It is not always possible to come out. If you messed up this matter, you should know what is going on. ""

Yan Xie nodded. "I know, I know that the thing is in the hands of Lin Jia, because the disciples of Lin Family have been bought by our Yan family. Soon our people will support him as the new owner of the Lin family.

I think it is best to go after 5 days, because it was just the 90-year-old birthday of Lin’s ancestors. There is no time to shoot more than that day. When the family members of Lin’s family will arrive, they will be able to kill Lin’s net. Let them get something they deserve. ”

Luo deacon laughed, "This is good!"

The movements made by the military auction site were quickly suppressed, but everyone knew Lin Fei.

Not only young, but also more arrogant than the imagination, the Yan family said that they hit the fight, but the pressure of the martial arts did not dare to say anything, such ability, appeared on an outside warrior, absolutely A very incredible thing.

The auction was carried out as scheduled.

I have to say that the things in this auction are quite good, there are exercises, there are secrets, and there are many different things.

Of course, these prices are not cheap.

It is often a few million starts, which is relatively cheap. The public needs tens of millions of prices, and there are more than three hundred and five things.

The poor and rich Wuwu experience in this moment.

Lin Fei didn't have anything to look at, and he didn't have any interest. White was happy.

Lin Fei didn't shoot things, but also let those people breathe a long sigh of relief. After all, if Lin Fei sees something good, he wants to fight for it. If this little young man relies on force, this kind of thing is also uncertain. of.

Young and frivolous, isn’t it like a person like Lin Fei?

"The last thing in the auction today is a special key. The key is called the dragon key. After our expert identification, this dragon key should be a pass to open a certain level of the secret, and according to our people After the investigation, this dragon key should be related to the legendary land of the dragon."

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