Wu Yukun played this game.

Many people think that there is a good play to be staged. It is necessary to know that Wu Junkun belongs to the kind of old-fashioned, traditional thoughts. On his territory, people are never allowed to make troubles. Even other family members do not give face.

For a long time, few people dared to make troubles in the military auction venue. Once they were eye-catching by Wu Yikun, there was never a good end.

If you are lying down for a few months, you will have to pay a price if you are a family.

This kind of thing has not happened rarely.

I thought that Wu Xiaokun would suddenly have a hard time after seeing each other. If it is better than strength, Wu Qiankun’s strength will be higher than Yan Tiannan’s.

But the next scene made everyone secretly shocked.

Wu Haokun actually said a good word!


"Is it a Lin family? It’s not right. If Lin Jiazhen has such a powerful person, Lin’s family will not be as low-key as it is now."

"Wait, Lin, I think of a person coming. Do you still remember the movement of the Wang family in the past few days? It is said that it is a forest named after the visit to the Wang family. It seems that the younger ones are also used. It is invisible."

"I remembered it, it seems to be called Lin Fei."

Reminisced with the help of some people.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath.

"He is Lin Fei."

Everyone has heard the name of Lin Fei, and there are only a handful of people who have seen it.

Yan Tiannan also has a shock!

To say that in recent days, the name of anyone who passed the most is this Lin Fei.

Unclely and empty-handedly went to the Wang family to meet, and finally came out innocently, but it was the Wang family. There was no sound at all. There was even more rumor that the Wang family’s innate masters were injured.

The news has not been confirmed, but within their respective top families, no one else's spies are undercover, and more or less can still know some news.

If this person is Lin Fei, then everything is very normal.

People dare to call on the Wang family. It seems that people who have played Yan family now are also very reasonable.

Lin Fei has strength, and there is still a huge backing.

Lin Fei is not surprised at all being recognized by himself.

As one of the great forces, Wumen, if this is not recognized, then this power can really be jokes.

"You are right, I am Lin Fei, is there any advice? Or do you think you can make a few moves with me? If you want to, then I don't mind to fulfill you."

A slamming sound, I saw an invisible sword, and turned into a streamer from the side of Wu Yukun, a statue not far from the waist, leaving a sharp cross section, that sharp Breath, once again makes everyone feel shocked.

At the first sight, everyone did not notice that this time everyone really felt the horror of this invisible sword, even if it is a reinforced iron plate, it may not be able to withstand the cutting of this invisible sword.

Wu Yukun knows that Lin Fei's strength is not weak, but when he is invisible, he knows that he is not an opponent of others. This is a congenital master who has a deep grasp on the kendo.

Invisible swords must be congenital in order to display.

"Lin Shao, you are laughing, like your arrogance, how can I be your opponent? This self-knowledge, I still have it." Wu Yikun still dare to do it, unless he wants to experience the invisible sword.

The bottom of my heart is also very wrong.

"If there is no opinion, then it is best. I am very good at speaking. But once I am angry, it will be different." Lin Fei glanced at Yan Tiannan in the distance.

Yan Tiannan was cold and sweaty by this eye. He finally knew why he was not an opponent of the family. This is the Lord who even dared to challenge the king. His strength is strong, and he is not an opponent at all. The worst of the other is also innate. The masters of the realm, although only one step away from the two, are not what Yan Tiannan can catch up with.

Now Yan Tiannan only has the bitterness of his face.

Originally, it was easy to solve things, and finally became such a change. Yan Tiannan really wanted to slap a slap in the face of Yan, let you mess around, now it’s alright!

Yan has no trace of nature and has heard the name Lin Fei, because many of them have suffered from Lin Fei’s hands. Long before, Yan did not boast of Haikou, if it was hit by him one day. Flying, it is bound to let Lin Fei eat a bitter and say.

But now the invisible sword directly left an indelible mark on his heart, giving him a hundred courage to dare to start again.

He is a patriot.

Lin Fei is the arrogance of Tianjiao, and the enchanting enchanting is completely incomparable.

"Lin Shao, we are wrong in this matter. We don't want that plant. This is a little compensation for our Yan family. Please ask Lin Shaoneng to accept it." Yan Tiannan will also do things, with Yan no traces. On one foot, Yan fell to the ground without a trace, and handed a gift.

A cash check with a billion.

With one billion to resolve this contradiction, Yan Tiannan is also the next step.

"Lin Shao, I am wrong, I will not dare anymore." Yan has no traces.

The masters around the masters, while still breathing cold air, also secretly remembered this young face, and vowed to go back to the family disciples, must remember this person, never be offended.

The old masters of Yan Tiannan are not their opponents. What is even more frightening is that the young people have reached the innate level. This is the most terrible.

Lin Fei did not continue to find Yan Tiannan's troubles.

"I have accepted the gift, you can go."

"Thank you Lin Shao."

Yan Tiannan took Yan Yan and turned away.

"Yu Kun brother, this time, Yan family will give you an account."

Yan Tiannan also felt embarrassed when he made such a thing at the military auction site.

Wu Yukun also secretly rejoiced that he had a good temper in the past few years. If he changed it before, he would do it without saying anything. Once it is really hands-on, Wumen said that he must not have a big bleeding.

"Lin Shao, if you want to sit in a different place, you rarely come to marry us. This is our honour for Wumen. The president knows, I will be very happy."

Lin Fei refused with a smile. "Forget it, I am coming to the auction today. Don't let me run for a while."

Wu Yukun showed a smile. "You can rest assured that today's auction will definitely satisfy you."

Wu Yukun is also watching Lin Fei, but Lin Fei is not angry.

"Lin Shao, what is the command, even if you open your mouth, don't be polite."

Wu Haokun left after a few words, and he must tell the president about the news of Lin Fei’s military auction.

Lin Fei is now a river dragon, not everyone likes it.

"Boss, you are still very powerful, this Yan Tiannan and Yan no traces are not a nameless generation, I did not expect to plant a big heel in your hand, think about it all."

In front of the scene, the most happy thing is Lin Ziqing.

There was no contradiction between the Yan family and the Lin family. They could see that the two masters had suffered a big loss. Lin Ziqing could not wait to tell the family immediately, so that everyone would be happy.

You also have a day to eat!

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