These black-headed monster fish are extremely aggressive, and can merge with water currents, and can differentiate at any time.

Even if the two of Lin Lang had great emperor-level combat power, they were still trapped in the river water and unable to move. In a short period of time, even Fan Lu suffered serious injuries.

Lin Lang's hand pinched the Yin Jue, his body ignited heavy flames, and the scorching temperature instantly steamed all the nearby water currents. Those black-headed monster fish, at this moment, seemed to have encountered natural enemies, scurrying around by the temperature of the mother fire.

"That's not enough."

Lin Lang whispered softly, and immediately after the flames around his body expanded rapidly, even the reef under his feet was melted, forming hot magma flowing everywhere in the river.


At this time, the cloud and mist in the river were evaporating, as if it had become a hot spring. And the water spirits that turned out could not stand the high temperature, one by one, they went out of the water, flew up high and then fell back into the river.

"Flame Uprising!"

A raging flame suddenly ignited in Lin Lang's pupils, and a stream of pure flame power spewed out, and then quickly spread, enclosing the entire river.

Not long.

The river water that used to be nearly ten meters deep was left with only dry riverbeds. As for the water spirit, it had already been evaporated.


Lin Lang gave a low shout, and the power of the flame quickly gathered again, gathering together the scattered water elements around, and then continuously compressed.

In the sky, the mist was originally filled with water, but with Lin Lang's movements, the mist was rapidly compressed and liquefied into water. And before long, the volume of the liquefied water continued to diminish, turning into tears and heavy water, until finally, Lin Lang clasped his hands, and in his palms was a ball of shining and trembling water.

The river in the past has now been compressed by Lin Lang into the most original water element, which has become a part of his cultivation.

"It's one step closer to awakening the profound meaning of water."

Lin Lang muttered to himself and sucked the water ball into his body.


After solving the immediate trouble, Lin Lang flew into the air again, and at this time the gravity that could pull the body also disappeared. It was also at this time that Lin Lang and the other two could see the whole picture of the river clearly.

Under their feet, it was said that it was a dry river bed, but the surrounding landscape was very neat, as if it had been peared by some kind of tool, without any traces of acquired formation.

It's not so much a river, it's better to say that this is a gap cut by a sharp weapon.

"You said, could this be the remnants of the attack left by one of the two Ancestral Realm masters when they fought." Fan Lu stared at his feet blankly.

It's so alike, the river under your feet is simply a gap opened by someone with a sword! And with the passage of time, those flowing water were also compressed to the extreme, forming this gravity river.


Lin Lang has never seen an ancestral realm master actually make a move, as to how terrifying their cultivation base can be, this is not known.

"Will you go next?"

Lin Lang looked back at Fan Lu.

Fan Lu also glanced at Lin Lang lightly and said, "Go. Of course you have to continue walking! Why, are you scared?"

Lin Lang didn't answer, just chuckled lightly, and floated forward.


Although neither of them had the meaning of stage fright, it would be strange if they said they were not worried or not careful.

They had only just entered the Demon Ruins, and they encountered such a strange place twice in succession, and even a great emperor-level expert like Fan Lu was injured. If you continue to go deeper, God knows what else will happen.

The land of the magic ruins deserves its true name!

The two went all the way, and about three days later, they descended from the sky.

In front of them, there was a cliff, and the surrounding rocks were so smooth that there was no way to settle. And below is a bottomless abyss, I don't know where it leads below.

"Have you noticed that the landforms we have traveled along the way are all the same cuts. It doesn't seem to be formed naturally, but rather like the traces left by the accident of two strong men fighting each other."

Fan Lu spoke softly. Even though he had rushed through the Demon Ruins once, he did not go too far that time, and even almost broke inside.

And that time Fan Lu was also in a hurry, all along the road like this time, he was exhausted and fled all the way in.

Fortunately for Lin Lang, he is good at various avenues, no matter what kind of danger he encounters, he won't be helpless.

The two stood on the top of the cliff and looked down. From time to time, there were bursts of howling sounds like ghosts and wolves from the cracks in the deep canyon, and they didn't know where to lead.

"The two who played against each other in the past are not simple people."

Lin Lang spoke softly and said, "However, when they were fighting, neither of them should have reached the ancestral realm. The final decision on the direction of victory or defeat may be due to the intervention of Heavenly Dao."


Fan Lu became interested, he turned his head to look at Lin Lang, and curiously said: "How can you see it?"

Lin Lang didn't say anything, he walked straight to the edge of the cliff, whirling his palms on the stone wall for a long time, as if looking for something.

Fan Lu's gaze was also fixed on Lin Lang, he knew that Lin Lang must have found something, so he said so.


Fan Lu waited for a long time, but never saw Lin Lang make any other actions. The palm of the latter was firmly against the stone wall, motionless.

So, from sunrise to sunset.

"What the **** are you guys doing? If it weren't for your breath, I thought your soul was eaten by Shibi." Fan Lu yawned, feeling a little bored.

Just at this time.

Lin Lang's palm seemed to have touched some kind of mechanism, and the stone wall in front of him suddenly burst into a dazzling divine light, and a dazzling beam of light rose into the sky. It contained a strong heavenly power, as if to crush all the will of the world. .

"this is……"

Fan Lu was stunned, and soon after, the light of the stone wall suddenly converged, and the power of the heavens began to gradually dissipate. This is the aftermath of the battle in the prehistoric era, and being extremely compressed by this space is equivalent to imposing a seal.

Until Lin Lang arrived, the energy in the rocks was touched.

"It is not one of the two of them that determines the direction of the victory or defeat of this battle." Lin Lang slowly said, and said his own inference: "It is the will of Heaven that really interferes with this battle!"

"You mean..."

Fan Lu is not a fool either. After Lin Lang said so, he also understood the whole story. Probably two masters who had almost reached the ancestral realm fought each other, and eventually both suffered. Under the intervention of Heavenly Dao, the dust settled.

There are nothing more than two situations that caused this situation.

"One is the intervention of Heaven to suppress the two monks at the same time. The other is that one of them broke through during the battle and successfully promoted to the ancestral realm." Fan Lu said softly.

"Yes it is."

Lin Lang nodded lightly and said: "I still felt the breath of Zu Ha nearby. I have seen him once and I am no stranger to his breath."

Since Zu Hao participated, the other one would not be a simple one. And this battle is also very likely to be the first battle for Zu Qi to achieve the ancestral realm.

"Here, it has been the end of the Demon Ruins for almost a long time."

Lin Lang shook his head and said: "The Devil Ruins is just a battle between Zu Qi and another master to advance to the ancestral realm, not his final battle for enlightenment."

Although it is not clear what happened in the prehistoric era, it is also a good association. This battle ended with Zu Hao's successful promotion to the ancestral realm. Although the opposing master was not easy, facing an ancestral master, no matter how strong he was, it was useless.

The prehistoric war came to an end here, and it is naturally unlikely that there will be any peculiarities behind it. Lin Lang did not have any desire to explore, and each moved forward, planning to go straight through this prehistoric battlefield.

"and so on!"

Lin Lang just moved away, and Fan Lu's voice followed.

He stopped Lin Lang and pointed his finger in the other direction. Lin Lang frowned, but still followed his gaze.

"Have you noticed any difference?"

Fan Lu pointed to the abyss at his feet.

Lin Lang still frowned. He observed carefully for a long time, but he didn't find anything strange.

"What do you mean?" Lin Lang frowned, "If you say it is different, it is probably that the stone wall in front of you has been severely weathered by history, and this abyss will be a little bit worse."

As he spoke, Lin Lang was also stunned, his gaze was at each other with Fan Lu, and at the same time he thought of a possibility.

"So, under the abyss is the real battlefield!"

Lin Lang's spirit was shocked.

Yes, if the abyss under their feet was also split in that battle, the degree of weathering should be as different as the rock wall above. Moreover, the abyss is located at the location of the tuyere, so logically speaking, it should be older than the rock wall.

How could it happen that the year the abyss was formed is shorter than the rock wall?

"So, this abyss under our feet is the real battlefield!" Fan Lu said with great certainty.

"It seems that our exploration has just begun, and the follow-up of that battle, and the truth that even we have not been able to detect." Lin Lang nodded solemnly.

The two did not hesitate anymore, and jumped straight down the abyss, sinking to the bottom of the abyss at a very slow speed.

It probably dropped for about half a day, and Lin Lang saw the clues.

This abyss was not split by any sharp weapon, but a battlefield channel opened up by a certain mighty person with great magical powers. The real battlefield was still at the bottom of the abyss.

And this speculation was confirmed as they continued to dive.

After a day, the surrounding rock walls were no longer smooth, but were covered with sword marks in vertical and horizontal directions, and the rock walls were also destroyed severely. The further down, the more serious this situation becomes.

"It seems that they have not yet reached the real battlefield, and the two of them can't help but start their hands."

Lin Lang smiled, and said: "These two people are really natural enemies. The last battle ended, and with the participation of Heaven's Dao, they had no choice but to give up."

"But a few years later, the two men met again to end the unfinished battle that year."

Fan Lu also nodded immediately, and the two sank to the bottom of the abyss. At this time, an inexplicable force suddenly enveloped Lin Lang's bodies, and then the void was twisted, and the overlapping spatial forces bloomed.

Can not tolerate the resistance of the two Lin Lang, that force directly and rudely pulled them into a brand new world.

The two of them flashed, then appeared in a gloomy world in the next moment.

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