Although the corpse emperor in this world is terrifying, it is far from reaching the point where it can't compete.

After all, he never reached the ancestral realm in his heyday. He was reborn in this life, and it would be nice to be able to restore more than half of his cultivation base. And his cultivation time in this life is also short, not much longer than other great emperors.

It's just that, it doesn't seem to have much to do with Lin Lang and the others.

They only discovered this secret unintentionally, and they didn't have to split up with the corpse emperor.

The two stayed in the ancient palace of Huangsha for a while, and then left soon.

On the way, the corpse emperor also told Lin Lang a lot of anecdotes about this world.

If you talk about Yuanyuan, the world in front of you is far older than other universes. It was the central area at the beginning of the universe. Those who were born in prehistoric times and possessed cultivation against the sky are mostly gathered in this world of the past. .

Even though the Great Destruction Tribulation has experienced countless times, the traces of these existences have been almost wiped out. However, there are still many relics that have not completely disappeared in the catastrophe of destruction.

"The most famous one is the Demon Ruins. It is said that there was a place where two prehistoric powers fought, and the aftermath of the fight has not dissipated until today, ten thousand years later."

Fan Lu said in a deep voice, "Some people speculate that the people who fought in the Devil Ruins in the past were not idlers, but two prehistoric ancestors. But in this battle, there have been shocking variables. From then on, Heaven is pregnant. Life, humanity prosper."

"The impact it left behind has not been completely dissipated until now. Even if the catastrophe can't erase this trace."

Hearing this, Lin Lang frowned.

Things that can't be destroyed by the Great Destruction Tribulation are very rare. Logically speaking, the great catastrophe is the ultimate catastrophe of the universe. It can clear everything in the world, and all materials will be marked into the most primitive state.

Anything that is material cannot fully experience the catastrophe.

As for the prehistoric relics that people say, in the final analysis, they are only the thoughts left by the ancient powerful people. They control the world with their thoughts. After the universe is cleared, the most original moments of all things plunder resources and condense the relics that belong to them. .

In other words, all the relics that exist in the world today were formed at the beginning of this universe and cannot be traced back to prehistoric times.

Those prehistoric powers are nothing more than constructing relics to attract future generations of monks, selecting suitable heirs from them, or achieving a certain goal!

"If it is really a relic from prehistory to the present, then it will be interesting."

Lin Lang smiled at the corner of his mouth, and soon followed Fan Lu on the journey again.


The so-called Demon Ruins is actually a very dangerous battlefield, where not only endless ferocious beasts have been born, but also horrible cataclysms that are often accompanied by terrifying cataclysms, and even the emperor-level masters are extremely likely to fall.

It can be said that when the immortal emperor realm enters the threshold of the magic ruins, the only real emperor who really wants to save his life in the magic ruins and safely get out of the ruins.

The silhouettes of Lin Lang quickly passed the starry sky. About half a month later, the two finally came to the edge of the magic ruins.

Here is a distorted void, and the speed of time and space has become extremely rapid. If you step on it, you will be teleported to another location almost the next moment, and the accelerated flow of time will only make it impossible to find the corresponding cracking method.

Lin Lang is also considered to be some time and space avenues all night, but this is the case, when he crosses the border of the Demon Ruins, the twisted void around him almost teleports him out.

Lin Lang's footsteps flashed, cutting off the power of the Demon Ruins on his body, and descending on other spatial locations the next moment.

But that's the case, the power of that weird space hasn't weakened too much, and it has been opposed to the time and space experience he controls, so that he has not been exiled to other dimensions.

"If the Demon Ruins is a different place that covers more than a star field, then the follow-up path may not be easy." Lin Lang said in a deep voice, he turned around, and was about to talk with Fan Lu in detail.

Only when he turned his head, he was shocked to find that Fan Lu, who had been standing next to him, had disappeared.

Lin Lang: "..."

Feelings are worse than him, and at this time they have been sent away by space forces.

Lin Lang shook his head, while expressing helplessness, he was about to take a step toward the depths of the magic ruins.

It was at this time.

Then suddenly there was a violent sonic boom, and he turned his head and suddenly froze.

At this time, Fan Lu was driving a divine light, flying quickly from behind them.


Lin Lang took action to block the space-distorting power for Fan Lu. With a loud noise, the sky filled the sand and dust rose, and Fan Lu slammed into the mainland under their feet.

Not long after, Fan Lu rushed out of the ground shamelessly, unlucky.

"It's really bad luck. Just entering the Devil Ruins, I encountered the distortion space, and the victim was teleported to dozens of star fields, and it took a full half a month for him to come back!"

Lin Lang was stunned.

For him, Fan Lu's departure was nothing more than a front-to-back effort. How could it take half a month to get Fan Lu here?

"The Devil Ruins, it's amazing."

Lin Lang smiled. Fan Lu thought that Lin Lang was laughing at him, blushed, and did not speak for a long time.

The two looked at each other speechlessly, and Lin Lang took the lead to dissolve the power of time and space, while Fan Lu followed him with a calm face and without saying a word.

In short time, an oasis appeared between the two of them. The calm stream was flowing slowly, the river was clear, and Shi Ran's school of fish could even be seen below.

They were flying in mid-air, just about to fly over this oasis.

However, the next moment, something happened suddenly!

Over the river and water, an invisible force grabbed Lin Lang, like a powerful hand, directly dragging Lin Lang two from the sky.

Even if Lin Lang reacted quickly, this invisible force still dragged them into the river.

The school of fish in the pond, at this time, is more like being poured into a large pot of fish food, swimming quickly. The river was tumbling violently. With the movement of the fish, it was more like an underwater earthquake. The turbulent river water slammed everywhere, twisting and twisting Lin Lang's body.

Lin Lang tried to struggle, but was soon pulled down by the river again, unable to get out of the trap in a short time.

The fish below the school originally had only the finger length in the visual effect, but the reminder at this moment has directly increased by hundreds of thousands of times.

It's not that their bodies have grown bigger, but that these fish schools live in the deepest part of the river, so that they give people a very small visual perception. But in fact, each of them is the size of a whale.

And Lin Lang and the others are the food that the fish vying for!

"Similar to heavy water, but different in nature, like combining elemental power with the ethereal avenue." Lin Lang frowned slightly, but probably figured out the reason for the formation of the river in front of him.

The combination of the gravity avenue and the elemental power will produce the peculiar sight of this entity accompanied by the avenue.


Lin Langzheng thought secretly, but listened to Fan Lu's slightly manic voice on the other side: "It's just that you are a big head, these sounds will eat the two of us!"

Fan Lu said angrily, but the magical power in his hand was not weak at all. He directly smashed a big fish in front of him, and the scarlet blood instantly covered the entire lake.

Lin Lang also came back to his senses, slapped a palm on the big fish that was about to swallow him.


The river trembles, and circles of ripples follow the surface of the river and quickly spread to the surroundings.

"It's a solid body structure." Lin Lang tut was amazed. It stands to reason that with his current cultivation base, he has the ability to kill the master even with the palm of his hand.

Even a demigod would be seriously injured directly under Lin Lang's palm.

"This strange fish... amazing!"

At this moment, two big fish outflanked from the front and back. Lin Lang jumped up and slipped along the gap between the two strange fishes, and the two fish heads hit each other hard.

Lin Lang just glanced, the road roared in his hand, and slapped one of the strange fish directly with a palm.


The avenue was shot out along Lin Lang's palm, and at this moment, the monster fish suddenly bounced back with a huge amount of energy, which was somewhat similar to Lin Lang's practice, covering many kinds of avenues.

But there are also subtle differences.

such as……

Although the number of avenues in that strange fish's body was large, it was not a system, and the power that could really be transmitted to Lin Lang's body was almost negligible.


One of the strange fish exploded, and the avenue returned to silence. Lin Lang turned his head, more big fish rushed towards the direction where he was standing.

At this time, Lin Lang also began to use his true style, every move contained great power. With the joint blessing of his own power and the great avenue, almost few strange fish could withstand his blow.

What made him a little strange was that after these strange fishes died, new schools of fish were replenished in the distance soon.

"These strange fishes are not creatures, but water spirits. The water elements here combine with the water spirits of the avenue." Lin Lang saw through the origins of the water spirits.

The latter is not that they cannot be killed, nor are they huge in number, but that these strange fish are the products of the materialization of the river. It is not the strange fish that really threaten the forest, but the river pool where they are inserted half of their bodies.

"So to say……"

Lin Lang seemed to understand something, and saw that Lin Lang made up a series of flower-shaped gestures in his hand at this time, and the abnormalities around the flower body were colorful, accompanied by many peculiar avenues.

Lin Lang condensed a avenue flower, waving his arms, and saw that the avenue flower was like a piece of fluorescent pollen floating down, and it scattered the surrounding river water.

"Just expand the scope a little bit, you and I can get out of trouble!"

Fan Lu saw hope and hurriedly urged. At this moment, a strange fish the size of a palm had already lurked to Fan Lu's side, and rushed up when he was distracted.


Fan Lu shouted angrily, but was too late to dodge, and his shoulder was severely torn apart by a strange fish.

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