The two quickly exchanged positions, and Fan Lu controlled the movement of the people in the coffin on the road of reincarnation. Lin Lang took over Fan Lu's original position and invaded the spiritual network of the people in the coffin.

The two cooperated with each other, and after several attempts, they really broke the chain.

At the moment when the chain collapsed.

The skinny monk who was half sitting in the coffin let out a low roar.

Before the two of Lin Lang could react, the person in the coffin suddenly opened his eyes, and jumped out of the coffin like a spring under his body.

"He still retains his sanity?"

The two of them looked at each other. They thought that the guy lying in the coffin had fallen in the long river of history, or he had lost his consciousness and was taken away by the later corpse emperor.

But they never expected that there was still a living person in the coffin. Even if his skin and flesh and blood are dry, his consciousness is complete.

It's just that he was sealed in the body by the chain of order before and couldn't get out of it.

Now that the two of Lin Lang had released the seal on him, naturally, his consciousness was restored again.

It's just...the latter's sanity recovery doesn't seem to be complete.

After getting out of trouble, the first thing he did was not to escape, or to explain the origin to Lin Lang and others, but to attack the two directly.

Huh huh!

He waved his hand and broke the chain of order into two pieces. Accompanied by the sound of breaking through the air, the chain of chains lashed at the position where Lin Lang stood.

Lin Lang reacted quickly, and after avoiding a few attacks, he began to counterattack.

The monk in the coffin in front of him is good, but after all, he has been sealed for too long. Even if he has certain combat power, he is unconscious and unable to display his avenue. This allowed him to be labelled "fierce", but he was unable to exert his true combat power.

Lin Lang dodged against the chain, and without a moment of effort, he got up and approached the body of the person in the coffin.

At the same time, Fan Lu also came behind the opponent, Fu Xian went out a half-foot-wide golden ring around his palm, slowly turning with his arm. Outside of the golden ring, there is a gray ring imprinted with Sanskrit.


When the voice fell, Fan Lu's palm was pressed heavily. The person in the coffin seemed to react too. He roared and turned his head abruptly, but Fan Lu's speed was faster, and the imprint of his palm was imprinted on the center of the latter's brain without any partiality.


A strong sealing force instantly escaped, and the most original force of reincarnation invaded the mind of the person in the coffin and quickly formed a seal.

In the opponent's consciousness space, the avenue of reincarnation is woven into a net, completely sealing the latter's mind and consciousness.

"Exterminate his mind, I can't control him for too long!"

Fan Lu quickly spread the voice.

The flame power was also ignited in Lin Lang's hand, and the most original power of the profound meaning was stimulated by him. The next moment, the flame power blooms, and the person in front of him will be burned to ashes.


In midair, Lin Lang's palm suddenly stopped.

He suddenly realized a problem. During the operation of the exercise, he suddenly condensed the flames. Instead, Lin Lang summoned the power of Tribulation Dao, and a light palm was printed on the top of the latter's head.


Lin Lang seemed to have countless thunders roaring in his hands. Even though he had reduced his strength, the power of the robbery still affected the movement of the surrounding space to a certain extent, transforming into numerous strange phenomena.

The robbery followed the heads of the people in the coffin, through Fan Lu's sealing network, and directly and brutally bombarded the opponent's conscious world.

boom! Boom!

The power of the Tribulation Dao ran over violently. At this moment, the world of consciousness of the people in the coffin has undergone earth-shaking changes, just like a newly opened world, accompanied by countless primitive visions, thunder rolling, and wind and fire. All burning!

"As long as the negative emotions in his consciousness are resolved, there may be a way for him to recover."

Lin Lang spoke in a deep voice. In the world of consciousness, the villain incarnate by Fan Lu and Lin Lang were fighting side by side, and they looked in front of them at the same time as if the world had opened up, a chaotic scene.

"It is indeed feasible."

Fan Lu nodded in agreement and said: "I finally understand that this guy is not an ancient monster, but a living person."

"It's just that for some reason, he was sealed in the coffin." Fan Lu said in a deep voice, "It is strange to say that after the corpse emperor walked out of this world, the world of Huangsha has changed drastically, and it is no longer suitable. The monk survives."

"Later, apart from some explorers from other planets, basically no one will come here. It's just that all the monks who have arrived here have found nothing, and there are very few people here."

Lin Lang understood what he meant, and immediately said, "This person should have been sealed after coming here from the corpse emperor."

"So, it was not the corpse emperor who finally walked out of the ruins, but the mighty figure in the prehistoric world."

"I have the same idea."

Fan Lu nodded and said, "To prove the truth of this matter, it is actually very simple. His conscious world will have an answer."

The voice fell.

In the consciousness world of the people in the coffin, the conscious villains transformed by Lin Lang and Fan Lu flew up and floated straight into the consciousness space submerged in the endless sea of ​​thunder.

The surrounding thunder continued, but there were still many light clusters floating in the air.

It was a fragment of the memory of the person in the coffin, retaining part of his memory during his lifetime.

Before that, Lin Lang did intend to borrow the power of Jiedao to help the latter recover his sanity. But now, Lin Lang did not intend to do so.

Because he discovered that what is stored in these memory light clusters are not precious memories. On the contrary, it should be a period of very dirty experience of the corpse emperor.

If you have to describe it, it is probably that the corpse emperor is despicable and shameless, and he does almost everything, but he hides it better, and he looks like a humble gentleman to the outside world.

In fact, secretly, this guy didn't know how many evil things he had done and killed countless creatures.

Lin Lang didn't want to save such a person.

On the other hand.

The corpse emperor's consciousness world is already in chaos. Even if Lin Lang and the other two rescue them, they will end up with a semi-mad fool.

A fool is not terrible. What is terrible is a guy who behaves badly and changes his emotions at any time.

God knows how many innocent people will be injured after the latter is rescued.

Lin Lang walked in the conscious world of the people in the coffin, constantly piercing the light clusters of memories, and the movie-like experiences continued to repeat themselves.

Although most of the memories in this conscious world are very shattered, as the two of Lin Lang continued to deepen, they still learned some internal information.

For example, in the final battle, the corpse emperor broke into the forbidden area, but was accidentally parasitized by the consciousness of a prehistoric man.

The prehistoric strong man managed the latter's body and successfully escaped from trouble, while the original soul of the corpse emperor was forcibly dragged by the latter into the decayed body.

As for the prehistoric strong man who clearly possessed the strength to crush the corpse emperor, but he refused to kill, but sealed the latter in the coffin.

There is only one truth.

That person wants to refine the corpse emperor into a puppet of the emperor level, and preserve his original body by refining the corpse.

One is the body that has experienced an unknown number of times of great destruction, and the other is the most vivid and spiritual soul of this era.

If the two were fused together, although it would not directly revive the body, it would at least slow down the decay speed of the body of the prehistoric strong man.

"Proficient in corpse refining, this person should not be underestimated."

Lin Lang's face also became heavy.

Since the corpse emperor who went out had the ability to refine the corpse of the emperor, his true cultivation level should be even more terrifying. If it hadn't been for the two of Lin Lang to discover it early, I am afraid that a real bone of the great emperor would have already taken shape.

At that time, the prehistoric powerhouse relied on the cultivation base of the great emperor's realm, as well as a great emperor's bones. Not to mention the horizontal and vertical world, at least the world in front of him is basically not a problem.



Lin Lang arrived earlier, and the precious corpse of the great emperor did not fall into the hands of the prehistoric strong man, but was wiped out by Lin Lang and became his own puppet of the great emperor.

It's just that Lin Lang didn't intend to use this great emperor's corpse lightly, at least in this world he wouldn't use it at all. After all, there is a corpse refining power here, even though he has been refined in advance, but with his three-legged cat refining corpse, he will definitely be regained by the corpse king.

Instead of doing this, it's better to put it away first.

"You said that the corpse emperor in this world, how far will the cultivation level be now?" Lin Lang put away the corpse of the emperor and asked back.

Fan Lu pondered for a moment before he said: "I don't think it should be too strong. After all, he is limited to this dead world. Even if he was once a world-class cultivation base, he can't escape the imprisonment of heaven."

"In terms of combat power, the corpse emperor should not be stronger than you and me."


The rules of this world are not comparable to those of the central universe, and it is impossible to cultivate to the realm after the emperor by himself.

Therefore, even if the method is against the sky, as long as he is still in this world, his cultivation level will not rise too much.

"But he didn't dare to leave easily. This place was incomplete by the Dao rules and abandoned by the Heavenly Dao. Therefore, the Tian Dao would not pay too much attention to the situation here, and the prehistoric power would also avoid a lot of trouble caused by the Heavenly Dao."

But if the prehistoric great can leave this world, Heaven will strictly supervise the monks in the realm of the great emperor.

A great emperor-level monk who suddenly appeared will definitely be recorded by Heaven. Once it is discovered that the latter is a remnant of the prehistoric era, it will definitely be punishable at all costs.

Fan Lu spoke very clearly.

This involves a mysterious and mysterious way of heaven.

It can be said that the catastrophe is not a natural phenomenon in the universe, but a resetting method finally developed by the heavens in order to balance sentient beings.

So as long as you are under the Heavenly Dao, no matter what cultivation level you are, you will not be able to escape the Heavenly Dao's liquidation in the end.

In this case, if you want to break free from the realm of heaven, you can only become immortal.

Either it is the achievement of the ancestral realm!

Like the lord of the underground palace.

But this is not simple. If the ancient power had this ability, he wouldn't have to live in the coffin, waiting for the next generation to come!

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