A situation like the corpse emperor has appeared many times in this universe. It can be said that the few remaining emperors who have achieved fruitful results are basically born on the basis of ancient opportunities.

This world does not have the nutrients that monks need to grow. They only have two ways to rise.

One is to leave here and go to other universes where they can follow-up practice.

The other is to bow to the mighty ones who existed before the cosmic age and seek the opportunities they left behind.


Epochs change, the center of the universe is constantly changing, and powerful monks may be born from every realm. It's just that the cycle is longer, and it's impossible for monks in other universes to cross the Great Destruction Tribulation and wait for their hometown to become the center of the universe.

"However, I can see the past glory of this universe."

Lin Lang couldn't help sighing.

From the beginning of this universe, the future generations have experienced how many cosmic epochs, how many times the baptism of the great annihilation. But this universe can still keep the birth of great monks in succession.

This is enough to prove from the side the most glorious moment in the universe.

"It is said that this was the central universe when the universe first opened, and a lot of powerful monks were born." Fan Lu slowly said, "The most prosperous time in this universe were those born from the universe. The existing powers and creatures are still alive."

"You have such a strong flame power in your body, and it must have something to do with the source of fire."

Lin Lang's eyes flashed, and he said in amazement: "You actually know the source of all fire?"

Although the source of all fires is widely circulated in the central universe, it is only because the source of all fires once appeared in the center of the universe.

The outside monks were able to understand the source of fire, but it made him a little surprised.

"That's natural."

Fan Lu smiled, and said: "In the past, Master once sat with senior Zu Hao to discuss the Tao. Zu Hao once told Master the history of this universe, including the beginning of the universe, which is known as the strongest cosmic period in history."

"Later, the master recorded the conversation that day and sealed it in the deepest part of the palace." Fan Lu said as he stepped into the ancient palace of Huangsha.

"The first chronicle of ancient and modern, not many people have read it. I also learned about this universe, so I went to the depths of the underworld to look up relevant classics."

Fan Lu said so.

Lin Lang was even more surprised.

Zu Qi can tell the history from ancient times to the present for the Palace Lord, doesn't it prove that Zu Qi either has the ability to calculate all the major events in ancient and modern times.

Either that, Zu Qi himself experienced that period himself.

"You guessed it right." Fan Luhan smiled and said, "Zu Hao is an ancient person, as old as you think. Zu Hao has existed since the birth of the universe, and those who have existed since the birth of the universe. The strong are the same generation."

"Successfully promoted to the fairyland in that era when evildoers appeared in large numbers and outstanding people were like rain."

Lin Lang seemed to understand something.

"In that case, Zu Hao was not enlightened in modern times." Lin Lang's eyes flickered and said: "Then why did Zu Hao fall, and who can kill him?"

Lin Lang was very curious about this matter. As far as he knew, Zu Hao should have fallen, otherwise it would not have changed the owner of the huge fairy palace.

"Could it be that the legendary Yuanshi Devil Emperor killed him?"

If so inferred, the strength of that Demon Race ancestor-Yuanshi Demon Emperor would be difficult to measure. Can kill an immortal, doesn't it mean that the strength of the Yuanshi Demon Emperor is also infinitely close to the fairyland, or is stronger than the fairyland?

If this is the case, then when the fairy palace is opened, who will be able to defeat these later creatures against the terrifying Yuanshi Devil Emperor?

It's scary to think about it!

"Emperor Yuanshi Demon?" Fan Lu couldn't help laughing, and said, "You look at him too highly."

"The demon clan is only a creature that has only appeared in the last few cosmic epochs, and it is said to be related to the loopholes of the heavenly path. Although the Yuanshi Demon Emperor is noble and powerful as the ancestor of the clan, his cultivation can only be counted as the ancestral realm."

"Compared to the predecessors of Zu Hao, Yuan Shi Demon Emperor is not even worse. At most, he is just like Master, or even inferior. As for Zu Hao's death."

Fan Lu shook his head and said, "No one can kill an immortal unless..."

Speaking of which.

The coffin in front of the two suddenly shook slightly, and the eyes of the two moved quickly. But when he saw the yellow sand coffin in front of him, there was a big shock at this moment.


The coffin shook violently from the left and right, and the ash that covered the surface shook off. It felt like a giant trapped in it, about to wake up.

"Could it be that this yellow sand forbidden land, there are other ancient creatures that fail?"

Fan Lu's face gradually became serious.

Although he was also a genuine monk, he was extremely careful in the face of the old monsters that existed in ancient times.

Even if he knew in his heart, apart from the immortal, no one could have experienced so many great destructions without death. What stays in the coffin is either a creature in this life or a thought left by a strong man in the prehistoric universe.

The two of them were also brave, even if the coffin in front of them vibrated strongly, they didn't feel much panic. After all, both are monks in the realm of the Great Emperor, there are not many things in this world that can put them in danger!

The two looked at each other and understood each other's meaning.

They walked to the two corners of the coffin of Huangsha respectively, and with their palms, they directly pushed the lid of the coffin above the coffin.


A ray of sunlight shone into the yellow sand coffin, and they saw an incredible sight.

I saw that what appeared in the coffin in front of him was not the phantom of some ancient power, nor was it their thinking.

But it is a living person!

It’s just that he seems to have been trapped in the coffin for too long. There is only one skinny underneath his body. Two eye sockets are sunken, exposing hollow eye pupils. There is only a layer on the bones covered with mold, and accompanying With a stench.


Lin Lang glanced at each other, and at the same time increased their vigilance and made a fighting posture.

They can feel that the people in the coffin in front of them are not simple.

As for the fact that they didn't take the shot directly, the reason was that the person lying in the coffin was trapped by several chains at the moment. It was clearly only a chain of iron rings with the thickness of a thumb, but it was like a chain of order with its own rules, unable to break free.

Even if the people in the coffin tried their best to resist, they still couldn't break free.

"It doesn't look like a strong prehistoric man."

Lin Lang said in a deep voice, "If they are prehistoric strong people, it is impossible for them to cross the long river of time and space and live in the modern world."

Fan Lu also nodded.

It is impossible to be immortal, not in the ancestral realm, and it is impossible to survive so many catastrophes, until the present life still preserves a relatively complete devotion.

Then there is only one possibility...

The man in the coffin is a modern monk!

"I think if you release him, you will get the answer we want." Lin Lang nodded gently.

Fan Lu thought for a while, and agreed with Lin Lang's decision. For them, it was impossible for any monks to be born in this Huangsha grave that should have been hollowed out, and it was even more unlikely that any prehistoric strongman would survive to this world.

The easiest way to figure out the mystery of the latter's identity is to release the guy in the coffin.

As long as the other party is willing to speak, it is no problem to know the secret of this person.

As he spoke, Lin Lang had already taken action. His fingertips sprayed out light rays that were as thin as hairsprings. They fell on the person in the coffin. Lin Lang seemed to be holding a puppet from the bottom of the coffin. Up.

At the same time, Fan Lu also formed a neural net, which lightly fell on the person in the coffin, and began to invade the latter's consciousness.

Soon, under Lin Lang's simultaneous efforts, one controlled the latter's body, while the other invaded the latter's spiritual world and controlled his actions.

"Get up!"

The two mobilized the avenue at the same time, and the rushing avenue energy instantly poured into the human body in the coffin. The latter's body began to slowly recover as if it had encountered the most original vitality.

This person's body is plumping up at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Lin Lang's eyes flickered as he continued to increase his power output, and his magical powers passed through the control line, constantly bombarding the chain.

Why Lin Lang's Xiu waited vigorously, it was natural to solve the chain of order in front of him.

However, to his surprise, when his power touched the chain, it was as if a drop of water bounced on the surface of the glass, and most of the power was bounced back.


Rao Lin Lang had prepared for a long time, but he was still shocked by the power he released, and a bloodshot overflowed from the corner of his mouth.

And this seems to be just the beginning. When his power rebounded, the power that originally existed in the human body in the coffin was fully recovered at this moment and began to counterattack Lin Lang.

The air in the main hall suddenly became a bit cold, and a thick layer of frost had formed around it. The first moment was a land of yellow sand, the next moment it became a world of Northland that had been frozen for thousands of years, covered with snow and ice.


Lin Lang subconsciously urged the source of fire in his body. In an instant, he turned into a fire man, trying to repel the cold with the power of the flames.

However, this is not cold in the natural sense, but a kind of yin to evil power, even Lin Lang's cultivation base is somewhat unbearable. The flame he ignited, not only could not dissolve the coldness, but it was more like adding fuel to the fire, directly making this gloomy cold air a hundred times worse.

The two emperor-level monks instantly froze into ice sculptures.


Lin Lang also suddenly realized that the power in his body might have become the nourishment for the stranger in the coffin, which could encourage the latter's cultivation.

To truly release and suppress the opponent, it is not feasible to rely on substantive power. As for Lin Lang's robbery, although it can break the game, it will definitely damage the body of the person in the coffin.

If you want to get rid of the predicament, using Fan Lu's invisible road of reincarnation is the simplest and feasible way!

The cooperation between the two is very tacit. It seems that they have rehearsed thousands of times. They instantly switched positions to catch the endgame left by each other.

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