A boring starry sky journey lasted for tens of thousands of years. During this period, the two of them spanned dozens of stars in the universe over tens of millions of star fields.

Practice and hurrying have become commonplace.

Only for a very small amount of time, when the two saw some interesting cosmic space, they stopped and wandered about.

As for Lin Lang's cultivation, apart from Xiaocheng on the Road of Reincarnation, he didn't have much to gain. On the contrary, his avenues of light and darkness have gradually reached perfection.

of course.

This is also perfect in a broad sense.

No practitioner can be sure whether the Dao he understands is correct, he just strives for perfection within the scope of his own understanding.

However, at this time Lin Lang's combat power was no less inferior than his ability to survive the catastrophe of the Eleventh Yuanhui, and he was even particularly victorious.

In this world, those who can fight Lin Lang one-on-one, basically count them with one hand. The big disciple of the underground palace, the big brother of the immortal palace, the Emperor Slaughter of the gods, the great protector of the demons, and so on.

As for the palace lord of the underground palace, theoretically speaking, it should be a lot higher than Lin Lang's cultivation base, but to what extent the latter has reached, no one can be sure before they fight against each other.

In addition, some strange people are not ruled out in the world. For example, the ancient human emperor who condensed more than 90 reincarnation marks, the crazy reincarnation empress, and other powerful people in the universe who do not show mountains and water.

Lin Lang has never seen them actually make a move, so it is difficult to judge the combat power of these people.

And among these people.

It is Pluto who has a direct threat to Lin Lang.

The current Lin Lang really can't beat the Pluto. The latter, to a certain extent, already has a cultivation base comparable to that of the palace lord of the underground palace, and the Pluto's philosophy happens to conflict with Lin Lang.

Lin Lang wants to protect the seeds of the great universe in the disaster, but Pluto wants to use the hands of the demons to set off the monstrous cholera in the future.

When the future fairy palace opens, there will be a battle between him and the palace lord of the underground palace!

Before the opening of the fairy palace, the only way for Lin Lang to have the capital to fight against Pluto was to continue to accumulate fate in the process of drifting away from all sides of the universe.

At the right opportunity to trigger the robbery, to experience the first immortal emperor robbery in his life. That will be the only way for him to cultivate and integrate as one, and to walk out of the correct path of cultivation.

It is also the only way to defeat Hades!


Nearly ten thousand years have passed.

Lin Lang finally stopped, Fan Lu drove the Styx, and suddenly stopped in an unfamiliar starry sky.

Lin Lang was awakened and retreated from the state of enlightenment. He slowly stood up, flew down and landed on the heights of the Styx, looking down at the billions of stars in front of him.

The stars are dazzling, and the stars are moving slowly, shining with a faint light. Meteor stars pass by in the Milky Way, which is extremely gorgeous. Vaguely, the starry sky seemed to be shrouded in a layer of mist, misty clouds.

"What a prosperous universe."

Lin Lang opened his mouth in surprise.

"That's nature, this is the most prosperous Eastern Universe, and this is one of the best places in the universe, large and small in this world." Fan Lu smiled.

"This is the place you said, the birthplace of the immortal."

Lin Lang smiled.

"There is no complete reincarnation in this universe, just like a cursed place. There is no complete Styx here. It's not that you didn't arrange it, but were blocked by other forces."

Lin Lang closed his eyes, experienced it carefully, and said: "And the only thing that can do this and drive Styx away is the coercion left by the immortal and his faint breath."


In this ancient starry sky, endless galaxies flickered, and Lin Lang could still perceive part of the imperial pressure.

"More than one emperor has been born here."

Lin Lang closed his eyes and carefully felt the light pressure lingering in the surrounding starry sky.

That is the wave that once dissipated in the long river of history, probably as many as six or seven. This also means that in the history of this cosmic world, there have been six or seven great masters.

It's just that some of the breath has been very weak, almost insignificant. Most of the powerhouses who condensed these Dao Yun have fallen into the long river of history.

"A world that can give birth to six or seven great masters is very rare in the universe."

Lin Lang nodded gently.

The universe he is in is at the very center of the universe and is blessed by all paths, but this is the case. Since the beginning of this cosmic era, only about twenty great emperors have been born.

Not to mention those worlds that have crossed the borders of the universe, it is already a miracle to be able to give birth to a master master.

"Six or seven?"

Fan Lu couldn't help but smile, and said: "Six or seven are just this cosmic era. In the longer cosmic era, there are at least a hundred emperor-level masters born in this universe. Just say that the last cosmic era was born here. There are more than thirty great emperor-level masters."

Lin Lang's eyes flickered: "So, this universe is far older than I know?"

Fan Lu smiled and nodded, and slowly said, "Yes. The world you are in is the center of the universe, but it is limited to this cosmic era."

"For example, in the last cosmic era, the central universe was located in the distant mountains, seas and stars, and it was like this until seven cosmic epochs."

"In the more distant ancient times, this place was also used as the center of the universe, and people worshipped it." Fan Lu looked at Lin Lang meaningfully and said: "This star field is far more ancient and mysterious than you think."

Lin Lang seemed to understand something, and slowly said, "So, it was the later changes in the avenue that led to the drastic changes in the practice environment that was once the center of the universe, and the number of masters became less and less?"


Fan Lu nodded and stepped forward: "The secrets in this universe are more than you think." He landed on a star, surrounded by an invisible yellow sand and few green plants.

On this star, only a few creatures thrive here. As for the aura, it was rare and pitiful, not much different from the unrecovered Emperor Linxing.

"You can imagine that before a dozen Yuanhui, this place was once a rich star, with countless immortal cultivators, and the number of immortal emperors and masters surpassed the sum of hundreds of nearby star regions."

Fan Lu led Lin Lang forward while speaking. The feet of the two are extremely fast, almost three or two hours, they have crossed most of the planet.

At this time, Fan Lu stopped in front of a Huangsha Mausoleum. He looked up at the tall, majestic tomb in front of him, and couldn't help sighing.

"This place was once the star, even this dangerous place in the universe. It is said that it was once the tomb where a certain ancient powerful man rested. It was a strong man before a certain cosmic age."

Lin Lang's gaze gradually became serious, and he also stepped forward, passing through the tall portal of the tomb, palms on the dry rock walls on both sides.

Although the surrounding walls have been weathered and covered by large yellow sands, he can still vaguely feel the materials on both sides of the rock walls from under the yellow sand.

This is a very rare ore. In the extremely gloomy land, it can be bred into materials that can only emerge from thousands of Yuanhui, and the influx of corpses and spirits are all very good choices.

A large area of ​​rare ores can be used as the main body of the tomb, and the identity of the owner of the tomb is by no means simple.

"In this universe, there is a great emperor named Corpse Emperor who has a great relationship with this tomb." Fan Lu began to speak slowly.

Once, this place was also a planet with a prosperous cultivation civilization, and countless powerful men were born.

Of course, this is only relative.

Even though the immortal cultivation civilization here is prosperous and full of spiritual energy, it is much worse than the cultivation environment of the Central Universe.

After all, the Central Universe is the place where Zhong Wandao's aura was born, so the cultivation environment is naturally not there. And here is not the central universe, it can even be called a cursed place, it is very rare to be able to give birth to master level masters.

As for the half emperor, that is even rarer!

As for the emperor, I'm sorry, it was not that there was no genius, nor was it that there was no outstanding talent. Only limited by the mutilated avenue, it is almost impossible for them to become enlightened.

Unless, they leave this universe and go to a world beyond the edge of the universe.

"So, in this case, those who can cultivate to the realm of the emperor are all talented and have chances against the sky. Of course, these factors are not enough."

Fan Lu spoke lightly.

It is indeed difficult for this universe to cultivate to the realm after the half-emperor. The reason for the emergence of great emperor masters is actually inseparable from the remnants of the cosmic era.

For example, the corpse emperor was a former genius boy who accidentally broke into the desert tomb.

For other cultivators, this is tantamount to a place where death is forbidden, but for this genius young man, it is like a fish in water. He seems to be clocked by the owner of this mausoleum, or in other words, he is regarded as a substitute for death.

In short, no one can verify the specific origin of the corpse emperor.

The only certainty is that at the moment when the former corpse emperor walked out of the Huangsha Mausoleum, his temperament changed drastically thereafter, and his cultivation level also rose.

When he walked out of the Huangsha Mausoleum, he almost had few opponents. Soon after, the reputation of the corpse emperor spread throughout the universe. At that time, the half-emperor who was blindly more powerful in the universe eventually fell at the feet of the corpse emperor and was refined into a post-war servant by him.

"The Emperor Shi Huang is the most recently born emperor, and before that, there were a total of seven emperor-level masters." Fan Lu led Lin Lang into the main hall of the tomb and looked at the empty coffin in the center. : "Looking ahead, the enlightenment of the seven great masters is all dependent on the treasures left over from this universe many times before."

Lin Lang fell into deep thought and said, "Isn't it said that the Great Destruction Tribulation can destroy everything and clear everything that exists in the universe?"

Fan Lu nodded, then shook his head, and said, "But there are some things that can't be erased, such as the memories of ancient powerful people or their thinking. Some people are willing to give up the physical body and the results of lifelong practice. ."

"When they find a puppet that can die, it is their rebirth."

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