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Yu Jinsheng's strength is not bad, plus the life-saving fuzhuan left by the Yu family's predecessors, he finally stopped him.

Lin Lang's blow came down, but Yu Jinsheng suffered only a few injuries, not to the point.

Even so, it was enough to shock all the sons present for a while.

You should know that Yu Jinsheng is the leader of the younger generation in the fairy world. His strength has already surpassed that of ordinary people, and he has walked a long way on his invincible road.

Even a strong man like him can't support it in the hands of this man with a broken arm. To what extent should he be strong?

"What's this guy's identity!" Lin Tian's eyebrows converged, and Lin Lang's cultivation behavior was nothing more than heaven's state of mind, but the true combat power was far behind even the Son.

Where did this come from?

Yu Jinsheng was also full of shock in his heart. As the leader of the younger generation, he only felt that the previous three views had been refreshed.

The same idea is with Xu Fei and others, whose jaws are about to fall to the ground.

"Let's go together."

Lin Lang looked as usual, glancing indifferently over the previous sons who had stood openly on the opposite side of him.

His combat power has exceeded this level, no matter how many Sons, he is not worthy of his opponent.

"Suzi arrogant!"

Yu Jinsheng couldn't help but feel angry, he snorted and rose again, the child's fighting power was undoubtedly displayed.

The rest of the people, including Qingyou, the demon clan Yunteng, and the nine clan sons, including the **** clan **** son, also shot.

As the Son, each of them is a dragon and a phoenix with a high level of enthusiasm. It is already a very rare thing to work together against one person.

Unfortunately, their opponent is Lin Lang.

"Do you need help?"

The Hundred Wars Fairy King smiled slightly and looked at Han Zilong. Now that he has decided to help, he will help in the end.

If Han Zhao and his wife choose to shoot, he does not intend to stand by.

Han Zilong was about to jump into the battle circle, Zhao Zilong's gentle palm fell gently on his shoulder, leisurely said: "Don't worry, cultivate to the realm of the patriarch, the sons are Mao children in front of him, we help or not, in fact It is not meaningful."

As he said, several sons jumped up and all kinds of magical powers arrived. Lin Lang on the other side just stood on the spot without any extra movement.

"Windsand Thousand Palms!"

A holy son snorted, flying sand and stones around him, and a pair of cuffs burst into a wild storm.

In the cold wind, mixed with countless palm prints, crashed down.

"The supernatural interval is too long, even if it's the Emperor's art, it doesn't help, you are not wronged." Lin Lang said lightly.

At the same time as his voice fell, Lin Lang also dropped his palm lightly, clearly not carrying any spiritual breath, but exuding the momentum of mountains and seas.


The Holy Son flew out immediately, palm power through the layers of body protection magic weapon, Lin Lin's palm shattered the soul.

the other side.

The remaining few sons also killed one after another, and each of them used the strongest magical power he had learned in his life.

For a time, Dao Yun circulated, and the mighty supernatural power rose from the ground, rising to the depths of Jiuxiao.

There are many visions and thousands of floating shadows, which show the arrogant posture. The palace could not bear such pressure, and the ceiling was lifted out.

Lin Lang was still that indifferent face, the divine son, still too weak in front of him.

Bang Bang Bang!

At this time, a magical scene occurred, and the magical powers of many sons fell, and that terrible power was enough to crush any fairy king, even low-level fairy emperor.

However, at this time Lin Lang was not injured for half a point. Instead, Lin Lang put out his palms one after another.

Bang Bang Bang!

A saint son was wrapped in a force of supernatural power, but it looked like he was leaning in front of Lin Lang. Everyone died after being slapped by Lin Lang.

It's like deliberate death.

Lin Lang stood alone in the wind and rain, stable and stable. The palm prints frequently fell, exploding a saint in the air, layers of blood rain fell, and all were stained with dust.

At this time, many monks were also inevitably contaminated with the blood of the Son and the blood feast of the Son.

I have the palm of my hand, all kinds of magic, magical powers can be broken.


Lin Lang struck out from a distance, Yu Jinsheng was far away, but was also hit by Lin Lang's palm. After spitting out a few sips of blood, his expression also dimmed.

This is the last person.

With the fall of Yu Jinsheng, the unilateral slaughter came to an end. At his feet, seven or eight sons were lying on their sides or lying on their sides.

Even the soul was shattered by the air.

But Yu Jinsheng did have some strength. He was seriously injured but had not yet died. Before the war, he had a magic pill in his mouth and always had a life.

To some extent, Yu Jinsheng is the only one who can bear Lin Lang’s palm without dying.

"Let's say, how do you want to die?" Lin Lang walked slowly to Yu Jinsheng, his fingertips had a pale blue sword gas.

The first person in the contemporary era, Yu Jinsheng has no resistance.

Until this time.

All the talents noticed that Lin Lang had not moved half a step from beginning to end. He met the enemy with only one arm, but no one could force him to actually shoot.

What a terrible strength this is!

All the sons who did not participate in the war did not dare to breathe, but felt that a sword was hanging above their heads, but when Lin Linlang's eyes fell on them, the sword would fall and cut off their heads.

At a child banquet, a human race cultivator actually killed nearly ten child sons one after another.

It is conceivable that if this matter is passed back to the fairy world, it will inevitably cause a major earthquake. The forces behind these sons will never let go!

Fairy Lingbo also widened her eyes, her eyes filled with shock and fear.

With Jiang Xinyue, when is there such a terrifying power! In contrast, the dying grief of the cousin of the same family is far less than this fear.

Heaven's state of mind, beheading the nine Saints, how could the world have such a horrible evil?

It's no exaggeration for this person to call him a Son of the Son!

Talent near demon, strength near demon!

But then again, is there really such a powerful state of mind in the world?

"Can it be that he conceals his true cultivation behavior, and that he is the power of a fairy emperor?"

The saints said in their hearts. There can never be such a fierce state of mind in the world. If Lin Lang is ninety-nine perfect, there is still some credibility.

The only possibility is the old monster in the realm of fairy emperor. However, the rules of the Fengxian War do not allow contestants in the Realm of Immortals to be right.

All the sons fell into contemplation.

"Don't look at him for a while, but I'm afraid it will be robbed soon." A quiet voice came out.

The speaker is the son of this generation of Daomen. Beside him, the Son of Buddhism turned back in doubt.

I saw that Daomen Son pointed to the sky, and Buddhism Son understood instantly.

"Amitabha, the little monk realized it."

This person acted in this way, I am afraid that it has been a group of immortal emperors who have secretly followed Feng Xianzhan.

Immortal Emperor Realm is not allowed to participate in the Fengxian War. If it is concealed and not reported, once it is discovered by a group of immortal emperors, it will face joint killing.

as predicted.

As his voice fell, the dark clouds in the sky began to condense. Between heaven and earth, a layer of faint pressure came, and there was an imperial breath of impermanence in the air.

Unconsciously, it makes you feel difficult to breathe and it is difficult to control yourself.

Emperor Realm Strong!

The Shengzi Banquet gathers Shengzi Tianjiao from various forces. Such a banquet can easily attract the attention of the immortal emperors stationed at the border.

The actions of Lin Lang forced them to come forward.

Lin Lang raised his head slightly, and there was still no slight fluctuation in his face. He raised his hand straight, the sword gas accumulated in his hand swallowed the cold, and he was about to bloom.

"Be forgiving and forgiving."

With a clear voice, a palm tears the space, and a palm grips Lin Lang's wrist in the void,

Seemingly oppressed by Diwei, the pale green sword gas dissipated into the invisible.

"The person I want to kill, the emperor can't stop, I said." Lin Lang said indifferently, actually did not care about the advent of the immortal emperor.

Between the speeches, the palm holding Lin Lang's wrist was covered with a layer of gray-brown rock. Within half a breath, it had completely transformed into a stone figure.

Lin Lang's arm shook slightly, and the arm that turned into a stone statue split instantly.

at the same time.

The blue sword energy of his fingertips once again condenses, turning into a small sword, penetrating the space and piercing Yu Jinsheng.

next moment.

The cyan sleeve sword power exploded, and the violent energy directly burst into Yu Jinsheng's body unscrupulously.


Even a son like Yu Jinsheng could not bear such a terrible attack at all, the flesh was shattered, and the connection between the Soul of Soul and the Soul Soul Planet was completely cut off.

A son, fell.

After doing this, Lin Lang looked at Lingbo Fairy not far away with aggressive eyes.

Now that the killing ring has been opened, let's take the opportunity to eliminate this Jiang Xinyue competitor.

Fairy Lingbo was watched by Lin Lang's eyes, only to feel that a wave of corpse-like pressure rolled over, and Jiao body shook unconsciously.

On the other side, the immortal emperor who had not arrived in the sky finally tore the restraint of the space, and a few thunders broke out in the dark clouds.

Following this, a young man descended in the palace. This man has a crown like jade, a strong figure, and has an excellent skin.

However, Diwei, who was lingering around, revealed his identity undoubtedly.

The inspector of Fengxian battlefield, the real monk of immortal emperor!

When Lin Lang first saw this person, there was a hint of playfulness in the corner of his mouth. This is an old acquaintance, and he had some intersection with him for three hundred years.

It is the previous generation of Son of Jiaoyuezong, Sihe.

"I can't imagine you are still alive." Si He didn't continue to shoot, only a bit of a wry smile.

Lin Lang did not speak.

Immediately afterwards, Si He continued to say, "Fairy Lingbo is a disciple of Jiaoyuezong. Give me a face and let her go."

Si He is very clear about Lin Lang's strength. Lin Lang's cultivation ability was far superior to him 300 years ago, and waiting for the Second Emperor Xianxie was not an opponent.

Now three hundred years later, he has completely lost the opportunity to compete with Lin Lang. He also knows Lin Lang's character very well. This is a character who dares to kill even the Protoss Son, and can even cause the Holy Land to fight with the Protoss.

Not a good talker.

Unexpectedly, Lin Lang nodded at this time: "Yes."

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