"Lin Lang, what have you been hiding in the toilet for twenty minutes? Isn't it just a broken heart, as far as fighting yourself?"

The hilarious music in the night scene was sometimes mixed with a soft call, coming from outside the door.

Gollum. Gollum.

Hear the sound. Then the boy turned his head stiffly a few times, slowly raised the head buried in the pool, and in a dull look, he became angry again in vain.

"It's the prison of the gods! I've been trapped for five hundred years. I really thought the king couldn't help you?" Lin Lang's face was a bit ugly, and he fisted subconsciously.

Seeing this modern toilet, he instinctively thought that this was the illusion of the gods' prison.


The bust in front of Lin Lang shattered in response, looking at the **** fists, he could not help frowning.

Who would have thought that the night fairy king, who crosses the earth and breaks through the immortal world with a famous name, whose body is said to be indestructible, would be hurt by a small mirror?

But next moment.

There was a sting in Lin Lang's mind, and he looked up again, he already remembered everything.

He remembered everything in the past!

On this blue star, he was gloomy for the first half of his life. Nearly half a hundred years old, he was an ordinary employee of a small company. Like many people, he was also full of white eyes and hardships in the light wood oil and salt.

He was treated as shame by his kin, and abandoned like an abandoned son. After seven years of itching girlfriend, he couldn't beat the family after all.

He had no time to learn, but he didn't know anything about it.

He is probably the most failed man in the world.

Until one day, a strange astronomical phenomenon on the earth involved him in another world where opportunity and danger coexisted, which began the second half of his amazing life!

Perhaps he was fed up with his grievances when he was young. He in the immortal world practiced harder than anyone else, bolder than anyone else. Heaven is fair, and gave him a low-quality mortal body, but gave him amazing understanding.

He rises against the world and is known as the most outstanding cultivator of immortals in thousands of years. He created the Immortal Sect, Sanli Mantra, rushed through the holy land of Buddhism, and defeated the lords of other countries. At the age of 100, she was placed in the immortal class, and the summit of the immortal world was only 500 years away.

He is the night fairy king.

God is not out, the first strong in the fairyland.

It was this talent that dreaded the gods of the immortal world and caused fear in their hearts, so they joined hands to trap him in the prisons of the gods in an attempt to completely kill him.

"My memory is really ... since that day the gods have collapsed in my hands, there will be no gods imprisoned in this world." Lin Lang dumbfounded.

Only then did he remember that the so-called prisons of the gods had been broken by him, which only angered the gods and was besieged.

The battle that really took place in that battle fell, and even the powerful kings were killed and injured, let alone the ordinary gods below the king, and finally an ancient **** emperor was born, so he barely beheaded him.

But ... the price is the death of the emperor, and the gods are going to destruction!

"God war is over, the gods are evading the world, so where am I now? Look at the layout of this place ... Is it the earth ?!"

"Did I fall from Fairyland and I am back?"

Lin Lang stared at the familiar and unfamiliar surroundings confused.

"Lin Lang, don't do anything stupid. Think about the parents who raised you hard. Are you doing the right thing?"

"You are only eighteen years old this time. Who died to feed your parents?"

The loud shouts from outside the door kept Lin Lang feeling inexplicably familiar.

"Eighteen years old?" Lin Lang looked at the time on the phone in surprise.


This time Lin Lang thoroughly verified the speculation in his heart. He did not fall from the fairyland, but crossed the dimension of time and lived again!

Everything is back to the origin, that one, when all the stories begin!

"That's the case. When I returned to the age of eighteen, the soul returned to the boy, this is the soul returned to the boy!" Lin Lang laughed excitedly, and unconsciously a tear appeared in the corner of his eyes.

Who would have thought that he, a dead man, could be born again in reincarnation, that is, seeing him in a strange fairyland, his mood could not help but make waves.

"Since I have been born again, I should regroup, and one day I will return to the fairyland and destroy the Protoss!"

He inspected his body, the once-destroyed **** body, the horror cultivation that was once magnificent enough to destroy a starry sky, and it was long gone.

He is just a mortal now, and even the ordinary jackal and wolf can tear him to pieces.

But what's wrong with that?

He has invincible insight! There is also the supreme fairy code dreamed of by the Emperor! He has thousands of precious memories!

Revenge Xue hate, not far away.

"Of course the Protoss is about to die, but it is not something that can be done overnight. It can be repaired slowly to improve it, but it is a blood curse in my blood. Related to this. "

The blood curse is the first sorcery of the Immortal Realm. The curse can be traced from any blood vein, and all those involved in the blood vein can be destroyed in one thought.

One thought of destroying God comes from this. As long as the curse is enough to cultivate, one thought of destroying the emperor is not a problem!

"And this curse, I am definitely 100% brought from the earth, and I can do it without interruption when I was young."

Lin Lang's eyes were slightly cold. For this man of curse, he was even more hateful than the protoss. He must find out!

His family did die at the hands of the Protoss at the time, but the main characters, such as his immediate family members such as his children, died of the **** curse instead of the Protoss war!

This person is an accomplice of the Protoss, and it is the culprit that directly caused Lin's blood to be cut off here!

"In this life, I must find the man who casts the curse, uproot his power, and let him taste the flesh and bones."

"I was just an insignificant mortal on the earth. Now that I have cultivated for thousands of years, and I have not been able to recover the debts in the past, it is also time for them to pay the debts.

Lin Lang's heart gradually became cold.

Even though he is already the immortal king above him, his state of mind is as stable as a rock, but remembering the past, remembering those who had hurt him, he still made him unhappy.

"Kyoto Lin family, when you deported my family as a mourning dog, you thought I was back!"

"The Kyoto Lin family in the previous life was our family, so it is my family's convenience in this life!"

The Kyoto Lin family is exactly the family he was born in. Their family was supposed to be a lineage, but they were occupied by others, occupying their original assets. He was supposed to receive the best education in the world, but he was swept out of the house, destitute for half his life.

"There is also Miao Xuan. At the beginning, Chen's family was so powerful that I couldn't breathe. I couldn't fight a sudden marriage contract even if I fell in love."

The Chen family in the previous life before Lin Lang was definitely a behemoth. They are Chen Miaoxuan's family, but they do not consider her happiness, they only use it as a tool for wealthy marriage.

The Chen family even looked down on the poor boy. In front of the Chen family, Lin Lang did not have any equal opportunity to talk.

"In this life, I must step on the Chen family and let everyone see how the door is right!"

"And my parents, in this life, no one can make my loved ones feel wronged!"


"Lin Lang, quickly open the door for me!"

The shaking of the door handle was getting more and more fierce, and it clicked, and finally couldn't endure the mad destruction outside the door, even being pulled down with the door lock.

A playful figure broke into the door and dragged Lin Lang to his front.

Lin Lang was thinking, being so suddenly pulled, had no time to resist, and hit the young girl full of arms.

Lin Lang's "salty pig hand" was also forced to be placed where it should not be.

The young girl froze, her face fluttered with a touch of red glow, and it quickly spread to the roots of her ears. This kind of picture was never expected, and she forgot to push away the other side for a while.

At this time, the **** music outside the door sounded in time: "Sugar is sweet, salt is salty, and **** are soft cotton!"

Lin Lang's face was a little weird, and he coughed before he reluctantly moved away from the softness.

"Should you be ... Su Shilan?" Lin Lang was surprised.

Looking at the familiar face in front of me, the memories that had been sealed for hundreds of years were turned over again.

I remember that Su Shilan of the last life always maintained an unclear relationship with him, but he did nothing to make a difference, but in the end the two failed to come together.

What's more, this night market is a place of Lin Lang's deep memory.

It was here that Lin Lang was betrayed by his girlfriend, Yu Xiaoxiao, and brought his new rich second-generation boyfriend to him. He even lay in the hospital for months.

"Crap! Who else can control you as a drunk!"

Su Shilan Mei's eyes glared, and she immediately thought of something, and said, "You are also stupid enough. What good is that Yu Xiaoxiao, it is worth crying and crying, and you come to the toilet to find a short sight."

Looking for a shortsighted relationship?

Lin Lang laughed and laughed. He was shocked and astounded. The night fairy king, admired by countless fairy maidens, would find short-sightedness because of falling in love?

But if you think about it, when he had nothing, there was such a thing. After betrayed by Yu Xiaoxiao, he did have the idea of ​​suicide, it was just an attempted suicide.

But mentioning Yu Xiaoxiao, Lin Lang's eyes appeared cold.

After breaking up with Yu Xiaoxiao in the previous life, the matter was not resolved as a result. Instead, the other party intensified, and regarded it as a shame to fall in love with him.

The lovers of the dusk of the past, after climbing high branches, have become today's enemies!

When the real **** is ruthless, the show is meaningless!

"Rest assured, I have a sound mind, so I can't think of it because of this little thing." Lin Lang laughed.

"Huh, who knows what your brain circuit looks like. Occasionally a few severances can cause you to become mentally disabled." Su Shilan glanced at him blankly.

However, she remembered that Lin Lang had been shaking the dagger just now, and now the dagger is next to the sink, and what fools are going to see it.

It's just that this kind of thing can't be explained.

"Well? Are you hurt?"

Su Shilan found Lin Lang's palm that had been bleeding, and quickly grabbed Lin Lang's arm. She was relieved after confirming that it was only a skin trauma, not a cut of her wrist.

"Small injury doesn't matter." Lin Lang smiled, stretched out his left hand and clicked twice casually on his arm.

"It's a minor injury, if I didn't come in time ..."

Su Shilan was about to blame each other, but then something magic happened.

I saw that in Su Shilan's shocked expression, Lin Lang's palm no longer bleeds, and even slowly crusted.

"You are a little acupuncture point?" Su Shilan was stunned, her family opened an old Chinese medicine store, and naturally heard about traditional healing methods.

"Forget it, as long as you don't do strenuous activity for a day or two," Lin Lang said vaguely.

"Healed in two days? Really, you are Huaying alive!" Su Shilan pursed her lips and did not want to seriously consider such a trivial matter.

Turning around, Su Shilan continued.

"Since you're okay, let's go back. Don't wait too long for everyone."

"Just go back?"

Lin Lang pointed to Su Shilan's chest somewhat in distress.

"Look what, you are sick!" Su Shilan gave a glance and looked in the direction of her fingers, her face suddenly changed.

I saw a red and fist stamp imprinted on her chest, four fingers, one does not fall!

"Look at what you did!"

Su Shilan gritted her silver teeth and stared at Lin Lang resentfully, trying to eat his expression.

"It's not just being attacked on the chest. I don't know how many fairies lined up for me to attack at that time." Lin Lang muttered in his heart.

"Unexpectedly, if Miss Su arrived in time, I'm afraid I won't see me again in this life."

"I will listen to you in the future, let me go east and never go west, and let me fight dogs without chickens."


Su Shilan couldn't hold back anymore, the laughing flower branch trembled, and her anger disappeared without a trace.

"It's fair to say you have a conscience, but poor language is ineffective here."

After Su Shilan glared at the other side, she took off her **** coat and threw it into the trash.

The only camisole left on her body could not conceal the proud body, and with the movement, spring appeared from time to time.

Looking at Su Shilan's sturdy move, Lin Lang stunned, and the legendary female man really existed.

At this time Lin Lang only remembered that Su Shilan in the previous life was not only a female man, but also a master of Taekwondo!

It seems that this sturdy thing has not happened for the first time.

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