Day by day, the third fruit of refining blood exudes mysterious and attractive energy.


And when the third fruit of refining blood was mature, it was located in the Dragon Palace, and a terrifying water attribute energy flooded the surrounding area.

Over the suppressed Dragon Palace, the formation method collapsed a little bit.


"You can’t destroy the formation of suppressing the Dragon Palace outside, haha, I’m the lord of the water touch, and I have recovered to the third-order combat power of the cosmos dominator, the birdman of Bailie, you wait for the old lady, the old lady will take you out soon Bird feathers on the body."

The King of Water Touch roared with excitement, his figure moved, flickering slightly, and disappeared.

The next moment, she appeared on Wang Xian's shoulder.

Because the Water Touch King became Wang Xian's battle pet, she was able to appear directly in front of Wang Xian.

"Have you reached the third-order combat effectiveness of the universe dominator?"

When Wang Xian saw Baqi appear, he sensed the energy contained in his body, and asked with bright eyes.

"Yes, Dragon King!"

King Water Touch nodded, his eyes glowing with excitement.

"Very good, go!"

A smile appeared on Wang Xian's face, and he put away the ripe fruit of refining blood.

He took the water to touch the king's figure and immediately flew towards the outside.

"Dragon King, where are we going to go to the Hundred Cities Alliance? My current strength has broken through, and I can completely kill the opponent!"

The King of Water Touch said confidently.

Now, even if she broke into Baicheng Peak, she had the confidence to kill the opponent.

Of course, it may be difficult to kill the opponent.

After all, he is a magic wizard.

But with Wang Xian's words, they are 100% confident.

"No, get rid of the witch family!"

Wang Xian shook his head and said.

"The witch clan? It's annihilation when you hear it, but the opponent should have a dark attribute, not okay, if it has a water attribute, it will be fine."

The Water Touched King murmured.

Wang Xian quickly flew towards the witch clan.

The demon witch family is located in the land of the demon bones, not very close to the land of plasma.

Even he needs ten days of flying.

However, these ten days also happened to make the strength of the sky formation completely complete the breakthrough.

In the witch family, there are wizards in the land of the demon bones, including skeleton wizards and human wizards.

Human dark wizards occupies the majority, but according to the information on the cosmic brain, the patriarch of the witch clan is a skeleton wizard.

But Wang Xian, no matter what they are, this time they must be destroyed.

After ten days of flying, Wang Xian came to the front area of ​​the Witch Clan.

Like the genie race, they also have a city open to the outside world.

There are a large number of skeletons and strong men from other places who come to the land of the devil bones in the city.

Wang Xian entered the city and found that this city was completely different from the city of the genie race.

The city of the genie race is composed of skeletons.

And here are castles.

He raised his head to look at the sky above, and found that the skulls were glowing with blood-red luster, flying above the sky, as if they were patrolling.

There are so many skulls, and the enveloped area is beyond sight at a glance.

"The peak level of the strongest Universe Venerable, even the first-order combat effectiveness of the Universe Dominator has not reached."

Wang Xian looked at the skull patrolling the sky and muttered.

"An Lie, bring the sky array here!"

The strength of the heavenly formation has made a breakthrough, and it has broken through for five days.

Wang Xian sent a message to make Tianzhen come over.

The matter of the monster race is very strong, and now there are two Cosmos Dominators with strong fighting power of Tier 3, as well as that strange attack method.

He had to be fully prepared.

He added the Heavenly Formation Water Touching King, even if the opponent possessed the innate treasure, Wang Xian had great confidence.

"Meet the Dragon King!"

Soon, the figure of Tianzhen appeared, respectfully bowing to him.

"Be prepared, we have to attack a strong and race."

Wang Xian opened his mouth and ordered.

"It's the Dragon King!"

Tianma nodded and followed him.

With a move, Wang Xian flew towards the inside of the Witch Clan.

"Be careful, don't be found!"

As they passed through the city of the witch clan, Wang Xian reminded the sky array.

Glancing across the sky, those dark skulls did not find them.

Continuing to fly forward, Wang Xian found that the places where the strong disciples of the witch clan lived were very scattered, and it took a few minutes to encounter a castle, and each castle lived with hundreds of disciples of the witch clan. And the strong.

"This witch clan is different from other races. They mainly use the way of master and apprentice inheritance. Each castle represents a teacher series of the witch clan, and each castle has great strength."

Wang Xian muttered, thinking of information about the witch family.

The number of disciples and powerhouses of the entire witch clan is very small, only a few million, but each is an elite and a powerhouse.

It has been flying towards the center. According to some information, the patriarch of the witch clan is at the most center.

There, although it is not a treasure place, it is said that there is a source of darkness, which can help the cultivation of the dark attribute powerhouse.

Wang Xian and the others have been concealed, and their advancement speed is not very fast.

However, after a day, they also came to the center.

It was a lonely castle, which looked like a palace from a distance!

It does not look magnificent, but it is full of simplicity and mystery.

In addition, the ground here is covered with dry bones, which creates a kind of mystery and strength.

"The patriarch of the witch clan is an array wizard. There must be an array guard in his castle. The heavenly array, you fight with an array at the back."

Wang Xian ordered towards the sky formation.

"It's the Dragon King!"

Tianma nodded, and stood here without moving.

When Wang Xian moved, he flew forward instantly.

His speed is terrifying, and he hasn't concealed his figure anymore.

The opponent is a wizard with the third-order combat effectiveness of the universe, even if they hide their figures, they cannot sneak into the opponent's lair, and they will definitely be discovered!

So there is no need for him to cover up.


At this moment, in the castle, when Wang Xian came within a certain range, the patriarch of the witch clan immediately felt.


With a wave of the skeleton staff in his hand, everything outside appeared in front of him.

"It's him who dared to break into my witch clan and look for death!"

When he saw Wang Xian's figure, his face was angry, the guy he cursed, even dared to enter the old clan of his witch family.

How dare to kill him!

"Li, prepare to meet the enemy, kill this invading guy, and avenge the ghost!"

He roared, and with a wave of the skeleton staff in his palm, the entire castle burst out with terrifying energy.

Above the castle, a dark orb slowly rose.

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