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Invert Negative Attributes From Hokage

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[Causal reversal start]

[Hypnosis by illusion: Willpower +10, Spirit +8, Sleepiness -9]

[Attack: Health +12, Defense +7, Pain -11]

[Venting: qi and blood +32, health +31, energy +33, sage time -28…]

[In sloth: Chakra (Blood) +6, +5, +5]

[Open the eight armors: blood +22, stamina +20, physical strength +20, pain -29]

Watanabe said that this reversal of cause and effect is great!

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:INAFH
Alternate Title:从火影开始反转负面属性
Author:my name is 8000
Weekly Rank:#297
Monthly Rank:#238
All Time Rank:#2459
Tags:Cheats, Dense Protagonist, Devoted Love Interests, Harem, Male Mc, Male Protagonist, Naruto, Ninjas, Romance, System,
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65 Comments on “Invert Negative Attributes From Hokage
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  1. MC is scum. I made it to chapter 121, and he claims to "love" Tsunade, and that she's his most important person. Yet at the very same time of saying things like this, he's just had sex with another woman in the bathroom, while his "Beloved Tsunade" was being insulted back at the dinner table.

  2. Author membuat karakter baru hanya untuk mendukung harem, dan itu merusak cerita yang awalnya memiliki konsep yang menarik. Terlebih pada hubungan guru-murid yang biasanya banyak dijumpai pada novel-novel Cina daripada novel Jepang, membuat novel ini semakin berkembang kearah yang lebih buruk.

  3. when i first read this novel i had a feeling the mc would be super strong quickly and end up boring. but after reading to the end. I retract my words. this novel is very good. the presenter is very good and makes everything seem real. I when reading this made me feel the same feeling that the protagonist experienced.

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