Wolfwind is very speechless for his adventurous big brother. This wolflie always likes to take risks and is very dangerous every time. This time I was almost dying again!

   Actually, I don’t understand these behaviors of my eldest brother at all. It is better to say that the behavior of seeking death is more appropriate! This time it's like this again. It's thunder and lightning!

  Neither he nor his eldest brother are capable of the lightning system, what are you doing in this **** of lightning! And besides thunder and lightning, it should be thunder and lightning! How do you two go through?

   This is another act of dying! Hey! Langfeng felt that he had nothing to say! In short, no matter if I say or not, I will still pull myself to do it together! This is his big brother Langlie!

  Leo, looking at the two brothers Langlie and Langfeng angrily, at this time Leo had no abilities! Killed these two guys long ago! Do these two mice who dare to follow him think they are a good-tempered mind master?

   Do you think you, a Nianlishi, can't kill people? Although he has almost no abilities now, Leo still said: "What do you two mean! Come to this thunder and lightning hell, do you have thunder and lightning abilities? If not, are you here to seek death?"

   When Leo asked if they had the lightning ability, the brothers both shook their heads. Such behavior made Leo amused, and a psychic himself would not dare to enter the **** of thunder and lightning.

   Why are these two people going to the thunder and lightning **** side! Is it really impossible to find death? Now I can't do it if I want to go back the same way! And why are these two guys following here! Leo ignored these two guys and sat there with all his strength to restore his abilities.

   Molit, it was already possible to move at this time, although Molit didn't like the two brothers to follow, but considering that Wolf Wind is a space supernatural person. Molit dismissed the decision to pay the two.

   Anyway, I have to use two of them to drive myself out of the maze, so let's keep the two of them now! Molit stood up, recognized the direction, and moved on to a place that kept flashing!

   I still need the vow between travel and Leo, and Molit has already felt the urging sense of the vow on him. So Molitte said as he went forward: "Then, I will go to the Thunder and Lightning Hell and wait for Leo to come! I'm going to look for Nian Li Xuan Jing! The flashing place in front is the Thunder Hell! I will wait for you inside. Leo, now you can recover first!"

   After that, Molit has already gone far! Molit knew that he couldn't attack Leo right now, but Molit felt that he was still very uncomfortable facing someone who took advantage of it.

   But Molit knows that the oath is watching him. If he breaks the oath, then the oath will not let him go. In this regard, Molit dare not attack Leo before completing the oath!

   This is also one of the reasons why Leo dared to come to Thunder Hell with Molittle after Molittle took the oath. After all, the oath on this planet is very effective, and no one dares to violate the oath he made.

   Lian Ling Di Cado looked at the thunder and lightning **** in front of him, this place is almost the same as the place he once experienced in the assessment secret realm! The difference is that there are no black lightning, golden lightning, silver lightning, gray lightning and purple lightning.

   And the amount of lightning here is not large, and it is not useful for tempering one's body. Although it is also very comfortable here, but sincerely speaking, it is really nothing!

  Although it looks big here, but the place where thunder and lightning is denser is only a few kilometers in the center. There will be thunder and lightning at any time, but the obvious power of those thunder and lightning is far worse than what you experienced in the assessment secret realm? Hey!

   In addition to these, those mind power profound crystals are quite interesting, and Lian Ling Decado collected some mind power profound crystals here at will. Soon Lian Ling De Cado came to the exit of this thunder and lightning hell. When he took one step, Lian Ling De Cado felt that he had a feeling of traveling through space, as if he had stepped across the space node in one step!

   And when he wanted to look back again, Lin Ling Di Cado was surprised to find that he seemed to have come to another place. This discovery surprised Lianling Dicardo. It's hard to say that there are really small space nodes here?

   But this space node should be put there by someone! Space nodes are not, should they be constantly changing? To fix a space node, a lot of strength or a lot of mass is required.

   And I didn't feel drawn by the position just now, so what fixed a space node that should be in constant motion? This is amazing too!

  Lian Ling Dicardo started to explore the maze in front of him while thinking. Yes, this is a maze. On the network of this planet, Lin Ling Decado learned a lot about things on this planet, UU Reading www.uukanshu. One of the news from com is that when you go out at the other end of the thunder and lightning hell, you will enter a maze.

   It is said that this maze can only be entered from the thunder and lightning hell, and cannot enter the thunder **** in the reverse direction. It seems that it is because of that space node! A one-way space node is equivalent to a one-way space door. Naturally, it is impossible to enter the thunder and lightning **** from the maze!

  Molite is entering the **** of thunder and lightning. Just stepping forward with a blue thunder and lightning, he directly smashed Molite! Molit was instantly blackened and his hair stood up.

   The lightning here is too strong! As soon as he took one step, he was struck by lightning! At this moment, Molit felt a thunder and lightning entered his body, and the amount of lightning was opposed to his body.

   So Molit sat down immediately and started to run his own powers. Soon this lightning was assimilated by the lightning in Molit's body, but a large part soon left Molit's body.

   Molit stood up reluctantly and continued to move forward. As long as this thunder and lightning **** does not go in the middle, there is still very little thunder and lightning on both sides, so if the body is not afraid of thunder and lightning, a person without thunder and lightning ability.

   As long as you walk on both sides, you can still pass through this thunder and lightning hell. Even if you walk on both sides, you will be hit by lightning from time to time. But as a thunder and lightning ability, Molit is naturally going to be in the middle of the most thunder and lightning!

   At this time, Molit has entered the thunder and lightning **** for several hundred meters, and has been hit by lightning dozens of times. Naturally, every time these lightning strikes, Molit will stop and practice.

   (Beauty is a kind of thought in itself, and it can resonate with thought. It can be said that it is beautiful and conforms to the standard of law. Beauty is beauty.)


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