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Sweet pet Xiao Baiwen, the author’s release ^_^

When the eldest prince Luo Fei was 18 years old, the database screened the Omega genes of the entire empire. The genes of Mo Lin, the only son of a wealthy businessman, matched the eldest prince more than 90%. However, Luo Fei only knew that this Omega was the moment he met Mo Lin. Is he a sick child with paralyzed legs, hemiplegia, and a serious mental illness? ? ?
After school started, Luo Fei met a familiar opponent in a mecha contest, who looked exactly like a certain Omega, was slender and had a handsome smile, and almost scrapped his mecha.
——What about paralysis? ? ?

1. Pretend to be sick and weak, but the sharp queen is attacked by the gentle and loyal dog prince, attacking pet and favoring heaven;
2. AO pairing, this is a story about both the attacker and the receiver picking each other’s vests. It’s easy and sweet, not torturing;
3. Regarding the perspective, the beginning of this article is described from the offensive (Luo Fei) perspective, but the full story revolves around receiving. In the later period, there are a large number of receiving perspectives, so the main receiving is selected. In fact, the attacking and receiving scenes are divided into half, and it is good to read the text, so you don’t have to worry about the perspective.

Content Tags: Science Fiction Mecha Future Overhead
Search keywords: Protagonist: Luo Fei, Mo Lin/Mo Han ┃ Supporting Actors: Luo Ning, Iman, Ludwig ┃ Others: ABO, Interstellar, Butterfly Spirit

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Short Title:IMG
Alternate Title:星际结婚指南
Author:Butterfly Spirit
Weekly Rank:#5427
Monthly Rank:#4564
All Time Rank:#6877
Tags:Futuristic Setting, Hackers, Handsome Male Lead, Hiding True Identity, Omegaverse, Seme Protagonist,
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