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After Su Jiuli traveled to the interstellar world from the end of the world, he discovered that there was actually a world in a book, and he became a victim of a special frame of Vicious cannon fodder.

This cannon fodder is not only waste material, but also various scandals. Everyone is waiting to see his jokes every day.

When Su Jiuli came through, the original owner had done all the bad things and failed to awaken his ability.

Su Jiuli: It’s not impossible to divorce. As long as you become a beast, it makes me happy.

The protagonist attack & the protagonist suffer: You are dreaming.

Everyone: Shameless, that’s an intimate thing that can only be done between partners.

Su Jiuli was rejected, pointing to the majestic big white tiger on the poster next to him, his eyes flashed: This is my favorite plush, I Want to slap him!

The protagonist: You are crazy, that’s my uncle.

The protagonist: You are crazy, that is my white moonlight.

Everyone: You are crazy, that is our male god, the future emperor of the empire, are you, worthy,?


Su Jiuli is not crazy, all the people in StarCraft are crazy.

Content label: StarCraft Sweet Wen Chuan Shu Shuang Wen
Search keywords: Protagonist: Su Jiuli, Bai Yuting ┃Supporting role: Pre-collection “Guide to Raising Cubs of the Bull Demon King” “Guide to Interstellar Hatching Eggs” Ball Collection O(∩_∩)O┃ Others: cats, big cats, meows, foxes, Daji , Wear the book, counterattack
One-sentence brief: Long tail fluffy fluffy!

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Short Title:IMDB
Alternate Title:星际男妲己[穿书]
Author:Si Xiaole
Weekly Rank:#3954
Monthly Rank:#5555
All Time Rank:#5161
Tags:Animal Characteristics, Beastkin, Fox Spirits, Future Civilization, Futuristic Setting, Transmigration,
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4 Comments on “Interstellar Male Daji [Wearing Book]
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  1. The good side is there's a lot of fluffy scenes but the plot was dragged. The bad side is the MC keeps on molesting the ML and all the fluffy creatures he sees disregarding the culture of the world there. Eventhough he knows that it was an orc and is making advances to him, he keeps entertaining them, though he feels guilty but he keeps on giving himself excuses to indulge himself.

  2. A summary for early chap when the mc is undergoing a lightning tribulation for his ninth tail (he is about to become a nine tailed fox), those hunters tried to kill him when he is in a weakened state. he is about to succeed but due to interruption, he failed (but not totally failed😅). he ded. one of his tail was dropped and someone manage to picked it up. many years later he was reborn into a waste boy. their clan is the legendary fox clan. the main ancestor here is probably the one who picked up the tail but he only managed to upgrade it on 8 tails. until later, the bloodline is getting thinner and thinner- from 8 tails to no tail. that no tail beast is the mc. but the mc managed to grow up a tail. he also has that bone tail that I suspects his ninth tail that is about to form in his last life. later the mc realized that he is in a book. there are so many misunderstanding here. but the most thing I loved the most is the interaction of mc and ml🤣. well that's it. I'm still on early chaps so that's it

  3. just read this, chinese nationalism to the next level lol "After the World War 30 years ago, China rebuilt the national order and took the lead in targeting the entertainment industry. This was the first country to taste the benefits. Since then, countries around the world have followed suit. With the development of the world. Time changed a little bit. At present, China's status as the world's number one cultural and entertainment power is unshakable. Leading the world's cultural and entertainment trends, most of the popular indicators need to be in line with China. the film. literature. music. Animation... Ninety-five percent of the top leaders in the major entertainment industries are from China. When going out, as long as you mention the name of the Chinese country behind it, not to mention too much, you can at least harvest a wave of worship value, that ancient and full of mystery country, in the direction of culture and entertainment, it is a first-class existence. Every year, there are countless foreign friends who break their heads in order to enter the Huaxia Cultural and Recreation School. Such a prosperous scene has been accumulated little by little by the efforts of the ancestors. At present, China’s entertainment industry is thriving and flourishing. There is no foundation left by the ancestors. Those who want to get in and get a share of the pie have almost all ended up losing their wives."

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