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Insectoids: The Job of the Males

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After three days of working nonstop, Cheng Zhaoci has transmigrated (read: had a stroke) as is everyone’s wish.

What does it feel like to transmigrate into a male, the rarer s*x of the insectoid race?

Cheng Zhaoci would reply, ‘yeah never mind that, there is still work that is my job to do.’

One day, the internet of the insectoids that had a sore lack of entertainment media suddenly featured a new account that had short serial comics. The comics had sweet love, passionate fighting, and all sorts of imaginative stories. Many fans flock to follow this account. Of course, many shemales were sceptical of the 1-to-1 monogamous love depicted in those comics.

Later, when Wing Commander Wei Zhuo was deep behind enemy lines, his xiongzhu, the Wing Commander Cheng Zhaoci came to rescue him without hesitation. That is when the shemales realised – there certainly can be sweet, sweet, love. It just doesn’t belong to them.

The shemales only want to smile and wave them away.

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Short Title:JOTM
Alternate Title:虫族之雄子的工作
Weekly Rank:#6073
Monthly Rank:#4776
All Time Rank:#8395
Tags:First Love, Handsome Male Lead, Heartwarming, Humanoid Protagonist, Mangaka, Military, Older Love Interests, Pirates, Seme Protagonist, Sentimental Protagonist, Strong Love Interests, Transmigration, Wars,
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  1. this is only the second or third Zerg novel I tried reading, but uhhh, it's pretty good. Although the Zerg setting is there, both Male and Female Zergs are treated as people in narrative, not as their social roles. Sometimes I didn't know if I should laugh or cry for the MC being so unpromising, but he was a very successful protagonist. I cried when the antagonist died, too... it was really sad. Although the antagonist are basically anti-male extremist, they also know they're extremist, and the narrative is very fair about the situation. The MC isn't the One Good Male, either. The world building was reasonable, and I was very happy that the MC worked to improve things. The romance was kind of shallow, but the MC and ML spent a lot of it reasonably separated, and the friendships were fairly good.

  2. Did chinese authors started all this gay alien zerg genre?, theyre worms?! but looks exactly like human males.. the terms are weird as well, female father, male father.

  3. Who remembers the title of the novel similar to this one? A writer transmigrated to a Zerg Empire, and started writing romance novels.

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