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Novel Summary

One night, Li Tianyu, a ghostly messenger, downloaded a game called Infinite Two-dimensional Chaos and became a “player”.

This game allows players to travel through the two-dimensional and three-dimensional worlds, obtain the super powers of various animation characters and movie characters, and personally enter various movies and animation scenes to complete tasks, obtain ability points and game points, and purchase upgrade capabilities Props.

Through ability matching, you can not only restore the abilities of those anime characters, but also create original abilities that are completely in line with your own style by mixing and matching.

Choose your own abilities and move towards the huge final reward!

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:ITC
Alternate Title:无限二次元大乱斗
Author:Spray one by one
Weekly Rank:#1184
Monthly Rank:#1298
All Time Rank:#3266
Tags:Anti-social Protagonist, Awkward Protagonist, Character Development, Clever Protagonist, Cold Protagonist, Fan-fiction, Game Elements, Gamers, Naive Protagonist, Otaku, Strategist, System, Teamwork, Virtual Reality, World Travel,
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  1. Okay here come Chinese famous word "sword like eyebrow" just why did they always use to describe everything ? Hahahahaha just joking but seriously why?

  2. Dammit! can you please stop spamming this shit?! its toxic to my freaking eyes! Did you not see a notice above? go to discord if you want to recommend novels!

  3. Wait wut? I just comment and the guy's novel recommendation comment has been erased. Now I look like idiot doing a lone stand up comedy.

  4. What would your 3 choices be? Mine would be forest forest fruit, druidic abilities, and ent creation ability. I would be weak to hailoushi, sea water, and fire but would be great at long term fights with large amounts of enemies.

  5. bloodline will be the 4th progenitor from stike the blood since you should get the familiar who come with it as a passive like the rokushiki from the MC in the novel but even without the familiar the 4th progenitor is immortal and can mistify the only drawback is the need to suck blood unlock some ability. energy should be magic and ability ark of création from fairy tail that shit is broken as fuck if you know how to use it

  6. Yeah but the system balances everything. Even gilgamesh's key of babylon was nerfed to hell, and superman was super-nerfed.

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