The brother and sister Qing and Huizi stared blankly at the unfolding in front of them. They were also taken aback by the appearance of the "Wild Boar Head", but now they can understand that it should be the companion of Big Brother Jingyu.

So... just let it go, does it matter?

The siblings looked at Jingyu who was silent.

Jingyu is observing the "wild boar head", "this action's not like practicing sword skills." ’

Whether it is a knife or a sword, he has already cultivated to the extreme, and he understands very well-although the guy in front of him looks like a slash while holding a knife, it looks like a vicious animal using sharp fangs and claws to attack the enemy.

With my eyes closed, this feeling is especially clear, and I can even imagine what kind of animal it is.

‘Funny guy! Like Shan Yi, if you exercise well, you can become stronger quickly. ’

He smiled slightly and faced the brother and sister.

"Don't worry, I will convince him."


The wild boar's head was blown away with a punch, and it was a little unbelievable, ‘that kind of slender body is so powerful, it really is because it is not a human but a ghost. ’

However, this is what makes him feel more excited.

The stronger the guy defeated, the stronger he will become.

He took this as a creed, and was about to attack again...shoulder, being held back by someone.

At that moment, he fought a cold war all over his body. Turning his head in surprise, he saw that the guy with his eyes closed did not know when he stood behind him.

‘Not aware of...’

If this guy wants to kill me, I'm afraid I'm already dead.

This was the first time he appeared, and he didn't know how to react for a while. In my heart, I kept thinking about how the other party did it... Qing and Teruko could see very clearly. After Jingyu said those words, he walked to a place where no one else was.

At that time, Qing Yu Huizi thought he was in the wrong direction because he couldn't see it, and planned to remind him that he was coming.

However, the head of the wild boar was hit over there.

The siblings looked at each other suspiciously, thinking: ‘Is the big brother and big sister deliberately cooperating? ’

Because it is such a coincidence!

"Brother!" You Douzi suddenly shouted, staring at the side where the two came in.

Jingyu nodded, still facing the wild boar's head, and said with a smile: "Did the feverish brain cool down? Can you hear me?"

"You, what do you want to say?" The wild boar head was still a little timid. This is instinct! Although he is not a timid person, he is very dependent on instinct. He held the knife in both hands and looked at Jingyu warily.

However, dare not move.

This is the reaction of the prey who was bullied by the hunter.

Jingyu pointed to You Douzi, "She is my sister, who came to help me fight against the ghosts who live here. I hope you can believe me. When we fight against ghosts, don't attack us behind your back. relatively……"

He "exposed" his breath.

"I will let you know where I am. In this way, you don't have to be afraid of being attacked by me."

Feeling Jingyu's breath, the tight shoulders of the wild boar's head really dropped a lot.

He turned his head and looked in the direction of Your Douzi, and suddenly ran to the side where the ghost breath appeared.

"I won't give you ghosts! The pig is advancing by leaps and bounds!"

Take down the ghost and become stronger, stronger than the guy with closed eyes.

Shouting strange slogans, when the ghost's figure appeared, he jumped up, raised the knife and slashed at that one-body, and five ghosts with drums grew on his shoulders, stomach, and on both sides of his hips.

At the same time, Qing also seemed to have instinctively, as soon as he saw the appearance of a ghost, he quickly patted the snare drum around him.

His hand was caught.

Staring blankly at the person who grabbed him... it was the older brother named Jingyu. Qing first looked at where he was standing in surprise, and then looked in front of him, ‘how did this brother come over suddenly? "Afterwards, I thought, "I've grasped my hand so accurately, this person shouldn't be invisible." ’

Jingyu said: "We want to fight that ghost, don't have to do it again..."

He didn't finish his words, but there was a drumbeat.

Following that, the room suddenly rotated.

He clearly felt that before the wild boar's head was about to hit the ghost, the ghost knocked on the drumhead of his right shoulder.

The whole room has been rotated 90 degrees to the right! What was originally a wall has now become a stepping ground. Thanks to Jingyu's help, Qing and Teruko did not fall during this rotation.

You Douzi is enough to stand firm by himself.

And the head of the wild boar... he obviously had already left the ground because of the slash, but he also followed the room 90 degrees. The sudden situation made him stop slashing. As soon as he landed, the ghost patted the drumhead on his left shoulder again, and the room rotated again.

This time, it returned to its original state.

But this was not over yet, the ghost went on to beat the snare drum in the lower abdomen.

The wild boar head happened to stand in front of Jingyu and Nidouzi because of his adjustment. The three of them, Jingyu took Qing and Huizi and hurriedly avoided to both sides.

Three deep claw marks tore the tatami.

The attacking pace of the wild boar head was completely disrupted, and the ghost walked in at this moment. It looks taller than ordinary people, its body is almost naked, and its muscles are knotted like other ghosts. One of the red eyes, to be precise, was the right eye, with numbers engraved in it.


However, this number was crossed!

You Douzi has also heard of it, Twelve Ghost Moon, so, ‘is this the sixth ghost of the last string? In the case of Cha Cha, is it because a stronger ghost appeared and the position was replaced? ’

But even so, this ghost...has a strong blood ghost.

Nidouzi looked at Jingyu's direction, ‘there is an attack that can leave claw marks on the tatami, brother must protect Kiyota and Teruko. Then, only me and that person can attack ghosts...’

She looked in the direction of the wild boar head again, hoping to draw up a battle formation with the opponent.

What she saw made her stay... the wild boar's head had already rushed up again.

The direct consequence was that the ghost hit the drum head again.

The claw mark once, rotated both sides to the right, once to the left, the claw mark once, and then suddenly rotated back.

The wild boar's head was unprepared and fell out of the room.

Nidouzi also felt that just coping with the rotation was a little strenuous and could not attack at all. And to her great surprise, no matter how the room rotates, the point that the ghost's feet are on the tatami remains the same.

Now, from her perspective, the ghost has turned into an upside-down state.

‘Only we are moving with the room, the ghost is not moving... But even if you know this, you can’t kill the ghost. ’

In particular, she does not have the weapon to kill ghosts. She can hurt ghosts, but she can't kill dead ghosts.

Must be a swordsman!

"You beans." Jingyu called her.

She looked over and Qing and Huizi were thrown over.

Nidouzi, one in each hand, quickly caught the two of them. At the same time, he leaped backward and jumped out of the room.

This is what it means to temporarily leave the battlefield.

Jingyu said again: "What's your name for the one wearing a wild boar headgear?"

"Huh?" After regaining his footing from the fallen posture, the wild boar's head made a nasal noise in displeasedness, but, "I am called Hirasuke Inosuke, and I remembered it. Although I don't know how you suddenly approached behind me Yes, but I will definitely be better than you right away!"

"Hmph, if you want to be better than me, then you have to work hard. Next, let me watch it!"

Jingyu drew the knife from his waist.

The ghost withdrew his gaze from looking at Qing, "Bug, just break into someone else's house..."

Jingyu smiled faintly, "If you feel that others are impolite, don't just catch people here. Judging from the smell from your body, you have eaten more than a hundred people. How many times have you been impolite?"

"...Bug!" The unrebuttable ghost cursed again and slapped the drum on his stomach.

Three invisible claw marks slashed towards Jingyu, but he avoided the claw marks to the minimum extent like flowing water.

But instead of taking the opportunity to move forward, he said, "After all, it was the twelve ghost moon. Is it only this level? If you are not serious, the battle will end in an instant. Then I can't be right. Inosuke behind him has played a demonstrative effect!"

The ghost frowned greatly. Jingyu's words really had a stimulating effect.

The original Twelve Ghost Moon was expelled and wanted to return, so he needed food of rare bloodlines.

The ghost thought of more than such a sentence, but it was only a momentary matter. It opened its arms and shouted angrily, "Shang speed drums". The hands were slapped on the drum surface like raindrops, and both Nidouzi and Inosuke could barely see the movements of the hands. For Qing and Teruko, it was completely dazzling, and only the sound of drums was heard.

With the sound of this drum, the room was "chaotically" spinning around. ..

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