His body became a real entity again, full of power.

Garna clenched his fist, raised his hand, and called out his usual weapon.


Danick suddenly half kneeled on the ground.

He was sweating profusely and couldn't straighten his waist.

"Master? It's rude, can't you support my magic power in this world?"

Garner cast a suspicious look, seeing Danick gritted his teeth.

Just when Garna summoned the treasure, he felt as if his body's magic power was hollowed out in an instant.

Damn...How did Lin Feng manipulate three servants to fight at the same time? Is he a monster? !

Danick was supporting his body with sweat, and it took him a long time to squeeze a sentence from his throat.

"It's okay... I'm just a little bit tired."

Gritting his teeth, Danick made up his mind for the family's long-cherished wish.

You must never fail here, you must kill Lin Feng!

The back of his hand lit up, and his magic power began to soar, but it did not flow to the contract passage of the two servants.


Using a short chant as the key to start, Danike began to chant a mantra that lasted ten bars.

His magic power flows through the magic circuit to the ground below Tulifas.

"start up!"

A burst of magic light burst out of Danick's body, and the whole earth trembled!

The magic power flowing through the earth veins instantly flowed to him through the veins of the earth.

"Ah ah ah ah ah!"

Danick rolled in screams.

His body gradually became distorted, and eventually half of his body turned grayish brown.

Like the color of the earth, even the traces of cracks appeared on Danick's arm.


The two servants watched Dannick's every move in confusion.

"Successful! Let's go and let go."

Danick stood up at this moment, and he smiled against the look of human beings and ghosts.

"Soul fusion magic is my specialty. I have merged my soul into a part of the earth."

Danick stretched out his hand that had turned to earth brown, and he clenched his fist slightly.

"I am equivalent to Tulifas's earth consciousness itself, and the power of the spiritual veins is under my control!"

"Masters, for the future of Yugdomirenia's descendants, I will do everything I can. Are you willing to help me?"

"I understand, then, I will give you all my strength."

Garner accepted the change easily, and he nodded.

"It's great, for the sake of the family's long-cherished wish, are you willing to do this step! Then, for the sake of Yu's wish, I allow it."

Vlad III looked at Dannick, and he gave a gloomy smile.

"Even if Yu's body has turned into that abominable vampire, the desire to pray for the Holy Grail has never stopped!"

Vlad III hated Lin Feng for all this, he almost gritted his teeth.

"That **** Lin Feng must also pay for it."

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