Lin Feng smiled and bends his eyes, he only helped to wake up the Saint of Winter and gave her a little magical power.

Unexpectedly, she was able to directly bring in Avenger Amakusa Shiro who was immersed in revenge.

This play was unexpectedly wonderful, and the applause he gave before was from the heart.

"On the contrary, I still want to reward you. How? Just touch this light, I can make you heal."

As he said, Lin Feng raised his hand, holding a faint golden light between his fingers.

Lin Feng put the light closer in the direction of Shiro Amakusa, as if to confirm his words.

Amakusa Shiro's body, which was originally painful, felt much better after getting close to the light.

"Never! Lord... All of this is my sin, and if it weren't for my insistence on facing you, I wouldn't end up like this."

Amakusa Shiro almost realized that his body had rejected the light at the moment he was healed, and he scrambled back.

"Please let me keep this pain and return to my seat to repent forever."

"Really? That's a pity, then I will grant you the right to die happily."

Lin Feng raised his hand and flew out a silver sword light, and the blade condensed from supernatural power penetrated Amakusa Shiro's heart once again with great precision.

This time, Amakusa Shiro's spiritual core was completely destroyed.

A relieved smile appeared at the corner of Amakusa Shiro's mouth. He covered his heart and looked up at Lin Feng with difficulty.

"God, I only have the last question, why did you choose a human body in the present world and named Lin Feng."

This was a question that Amakusa Shiro had been struggling with for a long time. Before returning, he couldn't help asking the last question.

Unexpectedly, Lin Feng just glanced at it lightly, his tone showing a puzzled mood.

"Speaking of this, it is me who is more troubled. I never said that I am the one you believe in, right?"


Shiro Amakusa's expression instantly distorted.

As a Japanese whose native religion is not Catholic, Amakusa Shiro clearly realized what this meant.

Lin Feng is not the **** he believes in, but another **** with powerful power.

Either he or Joan will be wrong.

There was resentment in Amakusa Shiro's chest. He actually misidentified a pagan **** for so long? !

He wanted to say something, but his magic power could not be sustained.

Amakusa Shiro's body turned into a shining golden light and instantly turned into nothingness.

He returned to the Heroic Seat, and the first thing he noticed was his servant.


Garner, who was still in the confrontation with Vlad III, shook his body, and he was able to open the opponent's attack with a gun.

He took a step back, and the flames of the sun that entangled him instantly extinguished.

Garna was half arched, his breath was weaker than before.

Danick saw Garner's violent storm's offensive stop, and he knew what had happened at a glance.

The corners of his mouth raised slightly, and he smiled softly.

"It seems that your master status is not very good... No, or he is dead."


Garner clenched his fists, unsure of what was going on.

Obviously the master was still holding the winning ticket when he contacted him before, why did it suddenly disappear?

Garna was very confused.

In theory, there should be no obstacles in front of the Great Holy Grail. What happened to him? !

"It's so pitiful, you must be surprised at the sudden death of the master."

Danick looked at Garner with an extremely weak aura, the abacus in his heart cracking.

The black camp lacks combat effectiveness, but in the end it has to face Lin Feng and his three servants.

There is only Vlad III alone, I am afraid there is no way to get the Holy Grail!

But if you add the servant in front of you, it's different.

Sure enough, under Dannick's deliberate questioning, Garna looked over.

"you know?"

"It's just a guess. Apart from you and me, there is only one opponent left."

Garna was shocked, but he had forgotten this.

Lin Feng!

That man who is uncertain and extremely powerful.

Even Amakusa Shiro was extremely jealous of this man.

If it is the other party's tricks, his master is really difficult to resist.

If it is a head-on fight, according to Amakusa Shiro's level of caution, it is impossible for him not to recall himself.

Seeing Garner fell silent, Vlad III also chuckled lightly.

"It seems that you have also thought about it, that is our common enemy, are you willing? Just exit here."

"If you still have unfinished wishes, maybe we still have the ability to fight."

Dannick followed suit, and he stretched out an inviting hand towards Garna.

"Even if it is for the revenge of the master who was secretly calculated, don't you want to see that Lin Feng fails and ends up disastrously?"

At this time, Garna's body had begun to gradually glow with a faint golden light.

Within a few minutes, he will retreat from this war and eventually become a loser.

"I have no wish."

Garna responded coldly, but he reached out to Dannick.

"But you are right, the despicable villain should pay the corresponding price. I will never let Lin Feng go."

Dannick's fingertips and Garna's fingertips touched each other, and there was an extremely dazzling light.

"Acknowledge, Danike is my master!"

At the moment when the magic power was connected between contacts, Garna's body was rolled up with a gust of magic power.

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