"Hmph, of course I want to sever your hope. Haven't you thought about it? It is impossible for you to realize your wish, because you have long been rejected by your god!"

"Hahahahaha, so I only come here when I pass through the door!"

Avenger laughed wildly and shattered the last line of defense in Shiro Amakusa with the last words.

"By the way, your god, he was called Lin Feng in the world, right? I heard his voice when I passed through the door."

Amakusa Shiro's body was blasted all over by the huge explosion. At the moment of confusion, he could no longer maintain the art of trying to control the Great Holy Grail. He was shot out of the Great Holy Grail.


Amakusa Shiro smashed his whole body on the ground. He was dizzy and struggling to get up.

The whole thing developed, Amakusa Shiro's heart was filled with despair.

"Obviously one step away...!"

"Well, that's a pity, you beat me just one step away, even I feel sorry."

Lin Feng smiled and answered while licking melon seeds.

He was also deeply moved, but he didn't expect to see such a wonderful scene after he used his strength to help the flames.

Tsk tsk, the fight between two Amakusa Shiro, this can be called the best scene he has seen in this holy grail battle.

"Umm, it's really a great will to support this. I didn't expect you to even be able to do it yourself."

Nero was still immersed in the atmosphere of the drama just now, and she looked at Shiro Amakusa with interest.

To be honest, she was a little surprised when the other Avenger played.

"Is that the real you?"

Amakusa Shiro listened to the harmony beside him, and subconsciously looked up.

Looking at it, Amakusa Shiro felt black in front of him and almost fainted.

"This is, why are you here?!"

How did things turn out to be like this? When did Lin Feng arrive here?

Amakusa Shiro's shock almost made his eyes tremble.

"Huh? Of course I came to see the good show you played in person. It looks better than I thought."

As if to express his respect for Shiro Amakusa's acting skills, Lin Feng applauded.

Such applause is what Amakusa Shiro does not need now.

Amakusa Shiro's gaze fell on the soft sofa where Lin Feng was sitting again, and his expression was distorted. After finally calming down, he couldn't help but pull a bitter arc of his mouth.

Even the sofa is well matched, and the viewing direction is facing the Great Holy Grail.

It is clear what the situation is on Lin Feng's side. Obviously, he has watched his entire experience inside the Great Holy Grail from outside, otherwise the servant beside him would not be able to comment on it.

"Lin Feng, you really know everything, and what can you do."

Amakusa Shiro sighed lowly. This was something he had felt before.

Because the opponent's situation is too weird! Now, as long as he thinks carefully, he will find the clues.

Lin Feng knows everything too well.

In the legend, the gods know all things and are omnipotent, and it is enough to show it now.

Amakusa Shiro's gaze was so enthusiastic that Lin Feng couldn't help but raised his eyebrows, he squatted down and raised the opponent's chin.

"I said, it's useless for you to look at me so passionately. You can't just look at me, right?"

Shiro Amakusa choked and was about to say something when he thought of the last words Avenger said.

——Avenger heard Lin Feng's voice when he walked through the door to the inside of the Great Holy Grail.

Indeed, in retrospect, if Avenger is not an illusion.

Only the power of the gods can assist the wandering people who travel through the world to reach themselves.

The rider and archer, who were their subordinates, betrayed themselves. Assassin, who was closest to him, retired, and then another himself, Avenger, came to face him.

Everything that I saw in the original enchantment Shimabara **** picture scroll seems to be still in sight.

Amakusa Shiro took a deep breath, and he realized that all the things he had experienced before were indeed fine punishments.

He betrayed the **** first, and he knew what was going on and chose to face his **** with the blade.

Amakusa Shiro's heart is infinitely sad, and he found that his own experience really confirmed the experience of King David in the Bible.

——The sword will never leave your home.

That was the divine punishment prophecy that the **** warned King David through the mouth of the prophet, and his situation is probably the same.

Amakusa Shiro knew he had violated the Ten Commandments, and he now recalled the sentence Shakespeare recorded in the file.

He only felt very regretful, so he immediately looked away.

"God, I'm sorry for the offense I made to you before, but now I don't ask for your forgiveness."

Amakusa Shiro's spiritual core had been shattered in the previous battle with Avenger, and he held on with only the last breath.

But he can't support it for long.

Looking at the great holy grail close at hand, Amakusa Shiro suddenly realized how stupid he was to grab the holy grail with Lin Feng.

"I should have listened to ruler's advice and surrendered to you. This is my duty as a servant of God."

The guilty confession made Lin Feng slap his lips uninterestingly, and he let go of his hand.

Amakusa Shiro suddenly shrank his hand because of Lin Feng, and after losing his strength, he slammed to the ground.


"Why should I blame you? The play you acted in is very good, very good, I am more happy than ever."

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