"Brother Lin Feng, can you teach me the art of shuriken?"

A young voice said coquettishly, and Lin Feng blankly pushed away the owner of the voice: "Go and play with your Brother Ferret!"

"Hey, but Brother Ferret always lie to me that next time, Brother Lin Feng will treat me best!"

Sasuke slandered Itachi without changing his face, and Lin Feng couldn't help looking at Sasuke: "Well, that fellow Itachi is indeed like this, but it just so happens that I don't have time today... Then you go find your brother Shishui!"

However, Uchiha Shisui has always been busier than Itachi. Obviously this proposal is impossible.

"Brother Lin Feng, you feel so indifferent today," Sasuke curled his lips, "And you even called your brother ‘that guy’ directly, I’m going to tell Brother Itachi!"

"Whatever you want, go and go."

Lin Feng blasted Sasuke out impatiently, then closed the door, and gazed at the box in front of him intently.

His attitude was a bit different today, all because of the sudden appearance of the box and the voice in his heart.

"The player information has been bound and the conditions for awakening are reached!"

"It is detected that the player has landed in Naruto World for the first time, and a newbie gift pack is included!"

"It has been six years since I crossed over, and I have slowly stopped worrying about the reason for crossing over." Lin Feng thought, "It seems that this cheating daddy got me over."

The newbie gift package of course refers to this box, but after opening the box, something like a pineapple appears.

"What is this strange fruit?"

Lin Feng squinted his eyes, and a little bit wanted to call Sasuke back to try the poison.

However, after thinking about it, Lin Feng decided to take a bite first.

After all, it shows that it is a big gift package for novices, it is impossible to give a starter to kill the novice.

As a result, Lin Feng regretted immediately after taking the first bite.

"Fuck! It's so terrible! I knew that Sasuke should be kept and let him eat first!"

Lin Feng retched on the ground for a while, but vomited nothing.

After a while, Lin Feng rinsed his mouth with water, got up decisively and threw the remaining fruits into the trash can.

"Ding! System information update!"

The reminder sounded suddenly, and Lin Feng was shocked.

"Huh? What has changed in such a short time?"

Lin Feng opened the properties panel curiously, and was surprised by the new line of words, and then he jumped up with surprise!

"The player gets the talent ability: Dark Fruit."

"The current level of the dark fruit is D level."

"Detected the dark fruit with skills."

"A ban on skills: Ninjutsu, physique, and illusion that can instantly seal the touch, and immediately unblock it after contact."

"Skill Two Deprivation: Can deprive the enemy of a certain designated skill, but at the same time can only hold one deprived skill."

After reading it, Lin Feng was overjoyed: "This ability is simply against the sky! It turns out that the novice gift package is the devil fruit!"

Now Lin Feng is extremely thankful that he didn't let Sasuke come to taste the first bite, otherwise this devil fruit ability would be his.

Lin Feng, who was thinking about this, suddenly noticed the D-class.

"Huh? What does D-class mean?"

Lin Feng took a closer look and found a line of small characters at the end of each skill: "The effective limit of this skill is a D-level trick, please pay attention to the players!"

"Ciao, it turned out to be only D grade..."

Lin Feng seemed to have been splashed with cold water, and his mind immediately understood what this prompt meant.

In other words, the limit of the banning ability is to ban all D-level ninjutsu, physique, and illusion of the touched person.

And depriving skills can only deprive opponents of D-level skills.

"Don't be discouraged, if there is a level indication, then it means that it can definitely be upgraded!"

Lin Feng immediately realized this and began to study the system panel carefully.

Sure enough, he found the experience value label under his character information.

The current experience value is still "0", but Lin Feng's strange thing is that there is an experience value indicator, but his character level does not exist.

"Could this experience have other uses?"

Lin Feng frowned, but he still chose to let go of this question first, anyway, no matter how much he thinks now, he can't get an accurate answer without sufficient information.

"Let's go for a walk..."

Lin Feng sighed, walked out of the room, and suddenly received another prompt: "The player has been detected to leave Novice Village."

"The King of Gods game is officially opened, the first level, Naruto."

"In the random allocation of decent/villains, the player's Uchiha lineage is detected and assigned to the villain camp!"

"Is the room where I feel feeling is the Novice Village!" Lin Feng twitched his lips, "there is also the villain... Well, Uchiha's blood is really true."

In the original Naruto book, if you ignore the last Kaguya, then the villain of the biggest scene is Uchiha's three-piece suit-Uchiha Sasuke, Uchiha Daido, Uchiha Madara.

Sasuke is the main enemy in the early stage of Shippuden, and the back is getting darker and darker. Although he was finally washed out, his performance towards the front can be regarded as one of the villains.

Daito is the villain throughout the book, and Madara is the man behind the scenes who instigated Daito. It can be said that so many things in the Ninja world are caused by this Uchiha family member!

"Really, all members of this family are so talented. Wouldn't they want to annihilate the world without being annihilated?"

Lin Feng sighed. With that said, he remembered the imminent extermination, less than three years now.

Before discovering this system, Lin Feng had been working hard to cultivate and establish a good relationship with his brother Uchiha Itachi, preparing for future survival.

The collateral consequence of this is that Sasuke and him have a very good relationship, but apart from that, Lin Feng's practice is also very effective.

Climbing the tree, treading the water, writing the wheel, playing the windmill...These basics and the three-body technique, Lin Feng, are all well-versed. After all, he has a mature and intelligent consciousness compared with his peers, and he has too many advantages.

As for why Lin Feng could practice the skill of manipulating windmills, it was because Lin Feng directly opened the single hooking windmill as soon as he was able to open his eyes.

Lin Feng estimated that it was because he found that he was too shocked after crossing, so the intense emotion triggered the awakening of Shao Lun Yan, but until now, Lin Feng has not been able to successfully start the second hook.

In the Uchiha clan, the sooner you turn on the talent of writing round eyes, the better, but Lin Feng understands that being too showy will only cause him to kill himself, and the time he opens his eyes is indeed too early, so Lin Feng has always been taking color Covered by contact lenses.

The system was still processing. After a while, a task prompt popped up:

"Novice Task 1: Maintain the dignity of the Patriarch!"

"Many Uchiha people are already dissatisfied with the power of Uchiha Tomitake's Patriarch, and Uchiha Itachi's talent has been jealous of most young people."

"Therefore, there are currently a group of young Uchiha tribes who have formed a group. Choose the weakest Uchiha in the Patriarch's line to help him. Please go to'coordinate 235,565' to deter Xiaoxiao and maintain the dignity of the Patriarch's line!"

"As an evil villain who oppresses others, how can you allow others to oppress!"

"Reward: 500 experience points, novice special bonus reward: 500 experience points!"

PS: I see that book friends often complain about Ninja's instantaneous technique. Zhe Yu has also replied many times in the book review area. This time I will explain it directly in Chapter 1.

In Hokage, as long as the method can move the body quickly, it is collectively called the instantaneous technique.

Including escape, high-speed physique and even time and space ninjutsu, all-encompassing.

The high-level has representatives such as the technique of flying thunder god, the technique of water instantaneous, and the low-level also has the instantaneous technique of Konoha and Shadow Dance, which can be used even by Shinnin!

So please don't repeat this _(:зゝ∠)_..

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