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Inexorably in Love

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A well-designed conspiracy, she accidentally ran into his arms and hurt her since then.

It is said that the sixth young master of Beiming’s family is a man raised by a wolf, fierce and cruel.

She nodded tearfully, “Too fierce and cruel.”

“Do you know what one of the most important attributes of a wolf is?”


“Confirming a partner will love her forever!”

Bei Minghan, a well-known wealthy young man in Mingcheng, an ancient and mysterious descendant of the Beiming family, is rumored to be cruel and cruel, but he is alone in favoring her…


- Description from MTL


Short Title:IIL
Alternate Title:冥冥之中喜欢你
Author:Ni Chengcheng
Weekly Rank:#7729
Monthly Rank:#16088
All Time Rank:#2799
Tags:Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead,
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  1. Hi can one tell me the title of story I was reading. It was about girl who got reborn with space and lots of stuff inside and she wants to raise her boyfriend but her boyfriend also got reborn and pamper her.

  2. Hey can you tell me the name of the story I was reading in which the FL is orphan and lived with her uncles family her uncle ask her to marry this man of the rich family who is burnt beyond recognition on her cousin behalf while the ML pretends to be the elder brother who is burnt beyond recognition and marry the FL on his brother's wish to see him get married ofcourse the FL doesn't know that

  3. Hey, can anyone tell me name of the story I was reading the ML pretends to be his elder brother who was burnt ugly and marry the FL

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