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On the night when the savior of the wizarding world should have been born, Harry Potter died under the unforgivable curse.

The man who made almost all British wizards dare not call him by name, regained the wisdom and ambition that belonged to him from the Horcrux.

Darkness has completely enveloped the island of Great Britain.

Wizards are divided into high and low according to their bloodlines. Pure blood firmly holds the authority that belongs to the superior, and people called mudbloods can only be as humble as mud and trampled on throughout their lives.

The Ministry of Magic, which is supposed to enforce justice, is full of villains, and the castle, which is supposed to impart knowledge, is full of oppression.

In these dark times.

Jon Green, who came from across time, was brought into the exiled carriage that truly inherited the title of “Hogwarts”…


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Short Title:ITHWS
Alternate Title:在这个没有救世主的霍格沃茨
Author:Sea boat
Weekly Rank:#1926
Monthly Rank:#1868
All Time Rank:#4455
Tags:Academy, Cautious Protagonist, Charismatic Protagonist, Dark, Fan-fiction, Harry Potter, Male Protagonist, Romantic Subplot, Slow Growth at Start,
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  1. Jon, who was thinking hard, of course didn't notice the apple flying towards him, and the apple hit him on the head without any accident. (Neville became apple tree)

  2. 204 Chapter 203 Next Stop Hanging people on the bow of the ship is indeed something that's in line with Fred's style. They still remained more cautious, even if the Scabior and Macnair's whole bodies are tied up, but they have not forgotten to maintain the Stunning Spell on them at all times. Just one after every few hours is enough to keep them unconscious, the physical quality of the wizard is stronger than the muggle, but it is not to the point of inhumanity. Not to mention the ability to maintain clear consciousness after a prolonged period of time without eating or drinking, just hanging like this for a long time will definitely cause complications. Of course, Jon is not some kind of guy who can't bear to kill people or anything else. They used the truth serum on the island to interrogate these two Aurors, of which Scabior alone killed three Order of the Phoenix members at minimum gruesomely to show his attitude towards the bloodline policy. Maybe the previous owner of the wand that one of the students on board is holding right now, was killed by him. Not to mention Macnair, a purely brainless murderer, the typical wicked person. If they both died, Jon would not even frown a bit, maybe there will be a celebratory dinner at night. It's just that these two people are obviously more useful alive than dead, so Jon can only find a way to preserve their lives. Bringing them on board is certainly not doable, so he added some remedial measures to Fred's program of hanging them. Simply changing the direct hanging method into a hanging cage, and then locking Scabior and Macnair together in it. Macnair would be willing to eat some food and water, as he feared death and would not dare to resist as long as he could live, but Scabior obviously knew that for him now, death would be a pretty good ending. So, the job of feeding Scabior was simply handed over to Macnair, it is not as if people can't eat when they are unconscious, it's just they can only have some liquid food. After making sure that the two Aurors couldn't die, Jon joined the other students to eat a meal that they didn't know whether to count as a midnight snack or breakfast. Then he went back to his dorm room to relax and take a solid nap and only woke up at noon when the sun went up. The Hogwarts has already gone far from Azkaban Island, and travelling out of that layer of grey haze gave them a feeling of a sudden transition to a different world. Jon called Nick over as he ate his lunch. "Did Fred have a chance to talk to you about what we got on this trip?" "He told me when he brought those two Aurors aboard with me." Nick sighed as he nodded with a thoughtful look laced in his gaze. "If that diary was really left behind by the Dark Lord personally, then the purpose of his trip to the sea was actually to strengthen his soul?" "And to recover the fragmented souls from the Horcruxes. I believe he took this diary out to sea with him, and then chose to recover the soul fragment in it in Azkaban." Jon analysed. "Then he left his diary behind, which had lost the ability of the Horcrux, perhaps out of nostalgia, or perhaps because of something else, he did not destroy the diary, but sealed it up." Nick replied. "This is something we need to report to Dumbledore as soon as possible, he should know more hidden secrets than we do." Jon wondered how he could do that, he hadn't forgotten the promise Dumbledore had made before they went to sea, he promised he would have Fawkes find them once they were settled. Now they have basically lost the communication channel with the magical world, and have no idea how the situation in Britain and France turned out to be. If we calculate the time, and if everything is going well on Dumbledore's side, it's about time for them to contact Hogwarts. The communication link between the professor and them is one-sided, Jon could do nothing but wait, but at present, they have to face the next main issue. "Where are we heading next?" He took out a map of Europe and marked the current location of Hogwarts on it. They are currently at the northernmost end of the North Sea, and the sailing direction is still heading further north, if they keep going without turning, then according to the current position, they should end up going somewhere at the North Pole. Hearing Jon's question, Nick's face showed a serious expression. He stared at the chart and used his transparent finger to trace a route around the North Sea in a curved pattern. "Well, you know, the space where ghosts can travel is by the traces they left behind in their lifetime. Although I did not have this part of the restriction after I left Hogwarts, following that ghost ship, together with the others I could only follow the area where they sailed. They have been wandering around this sea near Azkaban to Britain, because they have only travelled this area while they were alive, so with them, I was mainly doing reconnaissance around Azkaban Island, and only knew in advance that this was the first stop of the Dark Lord out at sea. As for after he departed from Azkaban, Dumbledore only told me about the ship's preset destination path, we would keep heading north, out of the North Sea and into the Norwegian sea. I've never been to that place, but our next target won't be an island, I believe, it will be a tall tower located in the middle of the ocean." "A tower?" Jon looked at Nick with some surprise. "Is it a building built by a wizard as well?" Nick spread his hands. "What exactly is that tower, I've never been there, so I'm not sure, maybe Dumbledore should know something about it, after all, the route of this ship was set by him together with another person. But I suppose he should know just a little more than we do, and certainly, it will be very limited. Otherwise, he would not let you guys use the opportunity to come to sea to look for this issue, the dark lord has always been watching him, and the secret activities he can do is very limited, so he always kept a restraint, or once the fact that we discovered the clues is exposed, it will certainly cause the dark lord to be alerted." Jon's eyes looked at the Norwegian Sea, which was near the North Pole; now it is already the end of November there is less than a month left before Christmas. The closer they got to the north, especially still on the sea, the colder and damper the atmosphere had become. But fortunately for the wizards, keeping warm would not be a problem, and the ship carried plenty of supplies to keep them out of trouble on top of that. After sailing away from Azkaban, the life of the students on board returned to their daily routines. Except, in addition to the usual study, they now also have an extra fishing hobby. Maybe it has something to do with the identity of the wizard, they can always find some strange fish out of the sea. Just four days after leaving Azkaban Island, a dazzling golden-red light suddenly lit up in the great hall during a quiet lunch hour. At last, Dumbledore got in touch with them! ---- Thanks for all your love and support. Read advance chapters on P@treon. If you have some extra pocket money, Support me at P@treon: www.p@treon.com/Crazy_Cat. Happy Reading!!!

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