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In the Tenth Year After the Natural Disaster, Follow me to Farm

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After surviving the tenth year of natural disasters after the nuclear-contaminated water was discharged into the sea, the All-Blue Star volcano erupted, and the gamma ray burst, Xia Qing walked out of the safe zone with her head held high.

Don’t let anyone stop me. I’m going to farm!

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Short Title:TYAND
Alternate Title:天灾第十年跟我去种田
Author:Antarctic Blue
Weekly Rank:#595
Monthly Rank:#247
All Time Rank:#8579
Tags:Farming, Female Protagonist, Mutated Creatures, Mutations, Post-apocalyptic, Slow Romance,
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9 Comments on “In the Tenth Year After the Natural Disaster, Follow me to Farm
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  1. First Impressions: Only 25 chapters in but so far the only interesting thing in this is her (the FL's) relationship with the sheep. She has no other meaningful relationship, though you do have the start of a pseudo-harem with every male introduced constantly looking out for her. Whilst the only other two women introduced so far have been set up to be antagonists.

  2. The reason was bad and I sort of regret why I searched it up, Nanjing rape I think it's called sounded horrific and I had a friend who told me they tricked korean girls to Japan to then sent to them to brothels. Rape and ntr are taboo to me, and on the top of the list for crimes a human can do, torture too, but rape is pretty much that. So... yeah, I try not to, but I'm looking at Japanese with slightly tinted glasses, have to try not to though, wrong to judge a forest by a relatively few disgusting trees.

  3. Agua con contaminación nuclear fue tirada al mar? No tengo que leer esta historia para saber que será china numbwa desde que Japón descargo el agua que se uso en el reactor ham salido varias novelas de desastres que comienzan con esa premisa y son todas iguales supongo que las hacen para sumar créditos sociale.

  4. Help! China. Apocalypse, the girl died in a game. No betrayal, she was killed by a natural disaster. She is going through the beta version of a survival game again. Gets the best score, then sells everything she has in the game. The prize for the best rating is a villa with very fertile land. For the worst, a small house with a barren land. Items, seeds and food can be obtained by hunting monsters.

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