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In the Extraordinary Era, My Career Can Be Upgraded Infinitely

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Novel Summary

Secret realms appear frequently and planes are projected.

Gods wander at night, mechas in the sky.

Qi Sui traveled to a parallel world of high martial arts similar to Blue Star in his previous life.

Human warriors use their strength to enter the Tao, unearth physical treasures, transcend limits, break through shackles, break genetic shackles, and demand extraordinary power from their destiny.

One day, Qi Sui accidentally discovered that he had a career panel that could evolve infinitely.

[Student] lv10 evolves [Scholar] lv1, [Scholar] lv10 evolves [Apocalypse Master] lv1…

[Martial Arts Student] lv10 evolution [Crazy Fighting Tyrant] lv1…

[Farmer] lv10 evolution [Spirit of Plants and Trees] lv1…

Demons are rampant in the secret realm, and ferocious exotic beasts are raging.

In the old days, the gods were ignorant of all living beings, and the mechas and armors roamed the starry sky.

Danger and opportunity coexist.

Qi Sui slowly tore off the damaged arm, and then quickly grew another one. The pores on his body opened and spurted out waves of hot air, like a walking cauldron of flesh.

The palm of his hand stabbed into his chest and he held his heart tightly. Super metabolism was like a burning pleasure.

“Well, the purpose of my coming here is to beat you all to death!”

He said this as he looked at the remains of the mecha and the corpses of gods shrouded in the shadow of his body.

- Description from MTLNovel


Alternate Title:超凡纪元,我的职业能无限升级
Author:Eat a carrot
Weekly Rank:#683
Monthly Rank:#381
All Time Rank:#6198
Tags:Different Social Status, eastern fantasy, Evil Gods, Evil Religions, Game Elements, Level System, Male Protagonist, Martial arts, Martialarts, Outer Space, Religions, System, System Administrator,
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  1. Konsep cukup bagus dan cerita mudah di mengerti 👍 tapi di chapter 120 ke atas keliatannya ada masalah dengan tata bahasanya 😭 bahasanya acak dan sulit di mengerti 😑 oke aku skip😎

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